A recap of my 2008, part two.

01 Jan

February, March, and April went by quietly–and quickly– without a fuss. I was in the doctor’s office a lot, like every other day for some “treatment” that went on until I said enough in October.  Needless to say, I was thankful for having a good medical plan and enough sick days to cover these doctor’s visits without getting my pay docked.

In April, I went to dinner with some people I have not seen in ages, my high school bff and my high school English teacher.  That was something else.  Up to now, there is no sequel to that eyeball event. Soon I hope.

This month too my niece had a second baby and we welcomed a new addition to the family, Audrey Elizabeth, a real cutie.

More medic appointments in the month of May.  I did have a bit of fun when my other niece tied the knot this month.  She did the city hall wedding, but threw the family a “little party”, which was really very very nice.  I have met a little niece Gabby for the first time too.  Don’t ask me why that is so.

By the time Memorial Day came, I was only too ready to head out the door and take to the road.  Roadtrip that is.  We went on a Highway 395 road trip.  From the bay area, we took I-80 to Reno where we stayed our first night.  On our first day, we hit Carson City, the state capital, and Virginia City, both are close to Reno.  We opted to stay in Reno for the following reasons: 1) there was a deal for hotel room that I could not resist, 2) those free cocktails at the casino, 3) yah, them buffets 🙂

Our second day was a long drive from Reno to Mammoth Lakes where we would stay the night.  We planned a brief detour to Bodie because I had been dying to go to that famous ghost town.  We got there, entered the park, but could not really go downhill to the town itself as snow started to come down and the drive downhill was tricky, road was not paved and we did not have a 4WD.  We decided to let that dream go and left Bodie and returned to 395.  Of course this was a rainy road trip from the time we left Reno rain did not let up at all.  We passed by Bishop and spotted Erick Schatt’s Bakery and made a mental note to stop by on the way back from visiting Methuselah.  We managed to enter the park and drive up to the again tricky uphill climb.  The clouds have turned dark and we did not know the exact location of this oldest tree.  But we continued to climb up and up and we saw another winter wonderland scene up there with all the bristlecones in all white and what do you know we werent there a minute when the white stuff started to come down again.  I got panicky as I knew we did not have enough gas to linger here and further investigate as to the location of the said tree.  In addition, the whole place is deserted, if we ever get stranded there, we wont be found soon as we did not pass anyone on the drive up and saw not one car driving down.  Plus, I knew up there, cell phones wont work.  And to add to that fact, we were starving having only eaten a scone (hubs and I split one) and a venti Americano with a banana for breakfast.  And lunch on the move was OJ and coffee.  I really hated to give up the search for the tree, but I had to. (I later found out that the exact location of the tree is being kept secret by the US Forest Service). 

So off we went to Bishop on the way to Mammoth Lakes and stop by Erick’s for a taste of the original sheepherder bread.  This place is a famous stop on this stretch of highway.  They have a good selection of baked goods and breads.  We took home a pull-away bread and a sheepherder bread and went straight to our accomodations for the night.

I made the reservations for our accomodations for this trip.  Being a frugal traveler, hubs and I always go for the cheapest choice that gets the good reviews from fellow travellers.  And for this second and last night of our three-day road trip, I chose Austria Hof Lodge, which happened to be next to the ski resort.  Now if I were a skier, this would really be the place to stay.  It was not snowing after we came down from Bristlecone Pines, but once we entered Mammoth village it started to snow again.  Our car has a coat of snow in a matter of minutes, from the time we left our car to the time we climbed the stairs to the lodge, we looked down at the car and lo, our blue car was turning white 🙂

Now I liked this lodge, it was clean and was designed for skiers.  The house restaurant was close, due to the off season and the fact that this was now the day after Memorial Day.  The room was comfy and warm and from the window we watch the snow fall for a bit until it got a bit heavy.  We went to inspect those magazines for ads on where to eat.  We were starving.  We ended up doing the pub grub at a local Irish pub in the village.  It was empty sans for two other people. 

The following day was the last leg of the road trip.  We first went to Mono Lake where we snapped some pics of the lake and spent time enjoying the view.  It is scenic here.  In here too I found the cheapest souvenirs in all of CA so far.  Funny how when I showed my ID card for the credit card purchase the guy in the counter did not knew my town existed.  This is why I always say we live close to Berkeley, people know Berkeley.

Our trip continued as we took the very scenic Tioga Pass to Yosemite NP.  I dont need to tell you that I had a ball with a few hours of driving around Yosemite in snowy landscape.  I totally loved it.  If getting around is not a problem, I would be here when the park is knee deep in snow.


to be continued…..


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4 responses to “A recap of my 2008, part two.

  1. seniorhiker

    January 1, 2009 at 4:48 am

    It sounds as if you had a very interesting (not to say exciting) trip. I know I wouldn’t enjoy driving through the mountains in the snow. Glad you had a safe trip and I look forward to hearing more!

  2. panaderos

    January 2, 2009 at 2:03 am

    Wow. I’m jealous! 😀 I’d love to see the northern part of Nevada someday. I have a cousin who lives in Sacramento and has invited me to come over so that we could take a quick trip to Reno. I’ll probably take him up on his offer one of these days.

    I love driving in the snow as long as the temperature remains above freezing and the roads haven’t turned icy.

  3. indicainq8

    January 2, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Have a lovely time, and a happy and healthy 2009.
    Best wishes,

    – celine

  4. bw

    January 6, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    I’ve been to Reno/ Lake Tahoe area and it’s really lovely. Carson City is very interesting coz it’s flat, with no large buildings except for the state legislature building. Reminds me a lot of the western movies 🙂


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