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Guess Who Just Had a Birthday?

Cute boy, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Happy belated birthday sweetie. You’re a big boy now.

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I do…

I really do want to update/write  a post, but my head hurts like hell and my mocha freeze needs attention.   Not to mention I have a ton of work to do.  I am at work right now.  In the meantime, let me bloghop some more to make my day.

Hope you all have a good work week.  Can’t believe it’s the end of September already!!!!!

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Chow Fun Monday

I have not yet seen a meme that I did not like.  But I have just seen a meme that I truly loved. It’s about food. Yummy, isn’t it?  What a way to start a new week and a new season.  I swiped this from MamaBig Dog who found this from a British food blog. 

Here is the concept of this meme:  “Below is a list of 100 things that I think every good omnivore should have tried at least once in their life.  The list includes fine food, strange food, every day food and even some pretty bad food- but a good omnivore should really try it all. ”

The ones I have eaten are in bold print, and I am not going to cross out things I will never try because I want to try ’em all.

Here goes:

1. Venison

2. Nettle tea

3. Huevos rancheros

4. Steak tartare

5. Crocodile

6. Black pudding

7. Cheese fondue

8. Carp

9. Borscht

10. Baba ghanoush

11. Calamari

12. Pho

13. PB&J sandwich

14. Aloo gobi

15. Hot dog from a street cart

16. Epoisses

17. Black truffle

18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes

19. Steamed pork buns

20. Pistachio ice cream

21. Heirloom tomatoes

22. Fresh wild berries

23. Foie gras

24. Rice and beans

25. Brawn, or head cheese

26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper

27. Dulce de leche

28. Oysters

29. Baklava

30. Bagna cauda

31. Wasabi peas

32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl

33. Salted lassi

34. Sauerkraut

35. Root beer float

36. Cognac with a fat cigar (mostly because of the cigar)

37. Clotted cream tea

38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O

39. Gumbo

40. Oxtail

41. Curried goat

42.  Whole insects

43. Phaal

44. Goat’s milk

45. Malt whiskey from a bottle worth L60/$120 or more.

46. Fugu

47. Chicken tikka masala

48. Eel

49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut

50. Sea urchin

51. Prickly pear

52. Umeboshi

53. Abalone

54. Paneer

55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal

56. Spaetzle

57.  Dirty gin martini

58. Beer above 8% ABV

59. Poutine

60. Carob chips

61. S’mores

62. Sweetbreads

63. Kaolin

64. Currywurst

65. Durian

66. Frog’s legs

67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears, or funnel cake

68. Haggis

69. Fried plantain

70. Chitterlings, or andouillette

71. Gazpacho

72. Caviar and blini

73. Louche absinthe

74. Gjetost, or brunost

75. Roadkill

76. Baijiu

77. Hostess fruit pie

78. Snail

79. Lapsang souchong

80. Bellini

81. Tom yum

82. Eggs Benedict

83. Pocky

84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant

85. Kobe beef

86. Hare

87. Goulash

88. Flowers

89. Horse

90. Criollo chocolate

91. Spam

92. Soft shell crab

93. Rose harissa

94. Catfish

95. Mole poblano

96. Bagel and lox

97. Lobster thermidor

98. Polenta

99. Jamaican blue mountain coffee

100. snake

My score is 59.  Should have been 60 had it not for #72, where it asked for caviar and blini. I have had caviar but not blini, so I am not counting that score.  But 59 is not bad, I thought.  Anyone wants to try out this meme, it’s fun.


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Home remedies.

I was feeling lousy @ bedtime last night.  Sore muscles and achy joints and coughing could only mean one thing.  I was getting sick.  Hubby who happens to be my personal private practitioner prescribed two aspirins and some sleep.

I woke up sore, but unwilling to call sick.  So I got ready and left for work.  Everyday I leave the house before hubby gets up.  He called me from work to check up on moi.  I sounded more worse than I actually felt, which also garnered stay-away-from-me looks from co-workers.  After hearing my froggy voice, hubby advised me to take cough and flu medication from our pharmacy [I work in a hospital] or go home and lie in bed.  I was already here at work so I said I’ll go to the pharmacy.

I left my office to get my cure-all remedy.  I went to the cafeteria and go me some sugar free brownies.

I feel so much better now!

Actually, my attitude is so much better, but the voice still croaks, and the muscles still sore, and the joints are all achy still.  Oh well.  Any reason to get a dosage of brownies I will gladly do.


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100 bullet points for 100th post: part 2

The second part of this rambling thoughts for the 100th post has been delayed, partly due to lack of time and lack of inspiration.  But let me tackle this tast right now so I can finally get this post behind me and move on to more exciting topics, hopefully.

  • Fringe does satisfy the needs of former X-files fanatics.  Don’t love the female lead though.  While every one knew the male lead as Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, I associate him more with his Mighty Ducks character.
  • How long does a last-song syndrome last?  My head is still humming with the titanic tune after watching Charice on O. 
  • Tina Fey rocked Sarah Palin impersonation.  She’s the best.
  • Halfway thru’ September already?  Time to plan for the Holidays then.
  • Cold nights are back—yahoo!!!!
  • Oh another bank bites the dust!
  • Sophia is like a living doll, my friend’s daughter who got baptized last Sunday.
  • Another reason to celebrate Fall—Prison Break is back!
  • Been subjecting hubs to too much tv.  He got the characters from Grey’s Anatomy and House mixed up while watching the premier of House last night.   Poor guy.
  • Rat droppings have been spotted in offices next to mine.  So far, mine is the only one safe.  Keep it that way, Speedy Gonzalez.
  • Haven’t been in a restaurant since my birthday in August, that’s one month.  Too much tightening of the belt I say.
  • Wonderful to see my girlfriends again, even tho’ two were not present, at little Sophia’s baptism.  Again, we vowed to get together for eats or a walk in the park.  Not gonna happen.
  • The leaves are turning colors, this early!
  • I am praying for rain around these parts.  We have been parched for quite a long time.
  • Too much devastation and destruction in the southern part of the country due to hurricane.
  • Too much traffic lately—reminiscent of the dot com boom in the 90s.
  • I am craving for pho right now—feeling fluish, weather has turned gray and cool.
  • Thank God for hubs comprehensive vision plan.
  • Am extremely ecstatic that my foray into the kitchen has yielded good tasty results.
  • Mom told hubs that before I met him I never knew where the kitchen was—she was right.
  • This is the best time to go to Costco—holiday goodies are out on display, yummy.
  • Hubs made gravlax.  Everyone who tasted it gave it a two thumbs up.
  • You want to smile a little [or a lot]?  Check this.
  • I am dreaming of tinapa and garlic fried rice.
  • There’s a lot of noise in the hallway—wonder what’s it all about?
  • We’re having our first SALAD POTLUCK at work.  I am bringing Garbanzo Salad.
  • Oh I also am craving for a little couscous and beer roasted chicken.
  • I should start reading again — and not those with half naked man and woman in compromising position on the cover.
  • Hump day today.  Hope the week goes smoothly from now on.
  • Question:  Tony Bourdain has been to Japan a number of times, why hasn’t he dined at the original Iron Chefs restaurtants, not including that segment with Morimoto?
  • I armchair travel with Ferdz.
  • I am getting forgetful in my old age :=)
  • I discovered many neighborhoods in the town where I have been living for the last 15 years while house hunting.
  • Oh Napa, I hear you call my name.  Memo to self:  Must go to Napa, ASAP.
  • I love Brazilian amethyst.
  • And Mozambique garnet.
  • And Burmese ruby.
  • Yeah, I’ve gone back to watching jewerly tv and QVC.  Not shopping though.
  • Checked with my retirement fund—I need to increase my contributions, now.
  • A niece and a nephew share the same birthday, Sept 26.  They are second cousins.  Their parents [moms are cousins] also share the same wedding day, June 10, or is it 11.  Nice coincidence.
  • I prefer the cruchy variety to the smooth variety of peanut butter.
  • I have never had nutella.  Want some.
  • I can not remember/memorize my own cell phone number nor my hubs.
  • My niece makes wonderful home-made soaps which she distributes on Christmas and special occasions.
  • I feed blue jays, sparrows, and other birds in the backyard.  This week mom said the wild turkeys have come for the feast.  Yay wild turkey for thanksgiving.
  • In a ten-mile radius, there are about 5 Walgreens.  Yay???
  • In the same ten-mile radius, there are 3 Starbucks.  Who said Starbucks is everywhere?
  • On Sunday, 9/14/08, it was reported that it was the first time in many years when all of the four Bay Area teams won their matches: Niners, Raiders, Giants, and A’s. 
  • Can’t wait for figure skating to open their season.
  • Finally, got to the 100th bullet.
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100 Bullet Points for 100th Post (fingers crossed), part 1

Since this happens to be my 100th post, something that I had never imagined when I started this blog, I thought I’d do some bullet points again.  Just random thoughts about anything under the sun.

  • I cooked ginisang opo [sauteed opo squash] for the first time in my entire life and hubs loved it.  Scooooore!
  • While eating dinner last night, hubs asked where was the olive in our food.  I told him we were eating chicken afritada and not kalderata.  He said so that’s the difference between those two dishes, one has olives, and the other one doesn’t. 🙂
  • Don’t believe a child who boldly declares, NAPS ARE RARE with him because within the next breath he’d be far into dreamland.
  • Ever had iced coffee from Micky D?  Neither have I, all I got was cream and ice.  WHERE’S THE COFFEE?
  • The leaves have turned brown and fell onto the ground and I just noticed it yesterday.
  • Hurray, BevMo has that 5c sale again. 
  • Went to four places to get dust pan with handle last weekend, none carry them.  What happened?
  • My little nephews all four of them have a YouTube account and I just visited their site.  Calling their moms, see what your kids are posting online.
  • I hardly have time to visit my Friendster page.
  • Ever been here, it’s a fun read.
  • Here too.
  • Boy am I glad that the marine layer is back.  A week of 90-degree temps is enough to last me a whole summer.
  • I like Katherine Heigl as a movie star, imagine that.
  • I missed the yoyo competition at the Exploratorium last week, tsk.
  • And the Ethiopian Festival at Lake Merritt.
  • I better not miss the Chocolate Festival.
  • And the Solano Stroll.
  • I am listening to TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART right now, blast from the past.
  • Is September the season for babies?  All the inserts, fliers, and ads from Sunday papers have baby stuff sale.
  • Attended one baby shower from work on Friday.
  • Will attend christening on Sunday.
  • Yeah, there must be baby boom.
  • I finally found my fave deli meat—Sopressata!
  • Two summers in a row, we had tomatoes from the garden.
  • I love Kid Rock’s song ALL SUMMER LONG.  Reminds me of John Mellencamp sound.
  • And Nickleback’s ROCK STAR, love it love it love it.
  • I am starting to like Leo di Caprio, help.
  • Had the misfortune of answering the phone when someone from a credit card company was calling.  She’s asking why I wasn’t using my card and what do they need to do to make them my primary card.  I told them to give me a low single digit interest and if they’re ready to do that to call me again.
  • I realized that in real life I know more REBECCAs than any other name.
  • I missed doing my cross stitch projects.
  • And my scrapbooking too.
  • I never had that dream where I was out in the streets naked, but I did have one just recently where I was almost topless.  Yiiikes.
  • Not really a Sex and the City fan, but I thought that Samantha and Smith are cute together.
  • I need to rent the first season [and probably the second too] of MY BOYS.  I constantly forget what day/time it’s on.
  • Excited about the 4th season of PRISON BREAK?  I dont know.  Gimme a couple more episodes to feel how this season’s going to fare.
  • My soul could use another trip to MENDOCINO.  It’s been awhile.
  • Still debating whether to open a Multiply account.  BFF has one and wont get Friendster.  I have the former and she’s begging me to join Multiply.
  • When is the new David Cook song going to come out?
  • I’d rather email than call.
  • Massages must be considered basic needs.
  • Pinot Grigio is my fave wine.
  • Oh I like Merlot too.
  • I miss receiving catalogs [junk] from mail.
  • Santa Fe is one of my dream destinations; the list keeps growing.
  • My pet peeve?  Dogs in sweaters/hoods/hoodies.
  • I very recently lost a long-time pet fish TUCKER.
  • Another fish is showing signs of sickness, oh no.
  • I love taking pictures of the cloudscapes/skyscapes.
  • And I have reached the middle ground.  Will continue this post.

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Six Pack: Destinations On My Mind

With the arrival of autumn just around the bend, the summer holidays have seen their end.  Most people take their holidays during the long summer break in order to spend time with their school kids.   I have not particularly liked going out in the summertime.  One reason, the weather.  Heat bothers me a lot.  It irritates me.  Not fun for me at all.  Another reason is that most spots from national parks to theme parks, from beaches to local fishing holes are jampacked. And I hate crowded places that’s why I seldom go to the malls. 

When the crowds had thinned out and the days had gone cooler, I go.  My favorite time to go away is just after the New Year.  Most places offer discounted rates for off season travels.  Cruises have good deals at this time.  But since there is nothing in the near horizon for me to look forward to and I sit here working my butt off (how could that be if I’m blogging), I’d give in to the call of daydreaming.  And because I have not done a six pack post in a long while, I would like to list my desired destinations.   Here they are in no particular order:

1.   Machu Pichu










2.   Banff










3.   Galapagos Island










4.  Arches National Park











 5.   Denali










6.  Yellowstone National Park













 What about you?  Do you have a dream destination?   I love the outdoors, nature, and photography.  I think all these destinations suit me just fine.


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