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Photo Hunt #73: Daily

This is part of my daily commute.  And a rare drive by shot that I took while actually driving the vehicle.  Don’t tell the husband 🙂

We have heard over and over how daily practice makes perfect, right?

I have to remind myself daily to stop and smell the flowers.  Before you ask, this is a helichrysum and no they don’t have any aroma/smell.  I thought they were very pretty though.

So, what’s your daily?  Wanna find out?  Go see at PHOTO HUNT.


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Sky Watch #79:

As far as my spotty memory could recall, in all of the past 78 skywatch entries, I have never posted any skywatching during the night.  I watch the moon but my tool of the trade is not sophisticated enough to do the moon any justice.  Hence, I shall only be content with showing you the blackness of the night sky. 

A two-picture post today.  I can’t help smile whenever I see the sign of spring around my neighborhood.  Our skies have been grey and drizzly this week, and a strong storm (their word) is coming tomorrow.  Thunder and lightning they (meteorologists) say accompanies the rain.  Hope it doesn’t happen when I’m on the road – I’m scared of lightning and thunder!!!

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Window Views and Doors Too #11

Spotted along Las Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona is this interesting door of Casa Beethoven.  Interesting enough to photograph.  Am still kicking myself for not getting interested enough to go in and investigate what they are selling – of course I am guessing this is a shop – and assume that they carry classical records, etc.

Fellow players learn from my mistake, go investigate, if the door is open, please enter 😀

More windows and doors here.


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Watery Wednesday #47: Port Vell, Barcelona

Wooden walkway in Port Vell called Rambla del Mar, it’s also a swing bridge allowing boats to come and go to the harbour.

Birds are plentiful.

Because food is plentiful too.  Can you see  the fishies?

Get wet with Ms Saxy and the rest of WW players at Watery Wednesday.


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My World #61: Spring Sightings

I have something already planned to share this week, but the signs of spring are all over my world.  I thought I’d best share these pictures I took last year. I meant to share them to everyone but spring was long gone when I remembered I had them.

Around this time, these yellow mustards are everywhere.  This is a small patch of empty space by the freeway that fills up with yellow blooms and so pretty to look at.

Everything is blooming around here.

Every day I drive out and notice the colors are starting to come out.  Ah, the colors and energy of spring renew the spirit.

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Photo Hunt #72: Cuddly

Cuddly.  Circus Circus, Las Vegas.

NOT cuddly.  Lion Habitat, MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

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Sky Watch #78:

I look at this photograph and it brings back the lovely late afternoon winter walk we took at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline in Point Richmond.

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