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Mood for disclosure

I’m in a disclosure mood today and I thought heck why not do a list again of things on my mind.  

  1. If the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding has Windex for a cure-all remedy, my mom has Vicks Vapor Rub.  She swears by it, but so far no one in the family is following suit. 
  2. I hardly know any of my cousins and aunts and uncles on my father’s side. 
  3. I never met all my cousins, aunts, and uncles on my mother’s side. 
  4. The first time I met a cousin from my mother’s side that’s closest in age to me (4-5 years my senior), she asked me to help her with some documents she needed.  I took her to this guy who handled this doc (town official) and she flirted with him openly.  The guy is a family friend, very much married and I know and was friendly with his wife and their kids.  I was red faced when I left the office with her.  I have never seen her again after that first and only meeting. See you never get to choose your family.
  5. Off hand, if money and time were not a hindrance, my top three weekend vacation spots are: Quebec City, Albuquerque, and Sedona.
  6. My favorite story teller is Billy Crystal.  He cracks me up. Timmy C (my niece) comes in a close second. 
  7. I simply love David Letterman.  I only go to sleep after his monologue.
  8. If and when I get a cat, I’ll name her Matilda.

Happy Weekend.


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Watery Wednesday #3: Capitola, California

Sunset Magazine‘s March 2009 issue has named this quaint little seaside community one of the 20 Best (Small) Towns.  Capitola-by-the Sea is 6 miles south of Santa Cruz and is a favorite day trip of ours.  We love to walk around town enjoying the wharf and looking at in the sea and the surfers.  Here are two pictures I took the day after Thanksgiving of 2008.

Fishing Pier

Getting wet

When we were there in  November, there was a lot of surfers waiting for the right timing for the Maverick contest.

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My World #18: Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

The bay area is home to a handful of bridges.  The outside world knows two, the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge.  I would like to introduce you to another one: the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge that connects the city of Richmond in the Contra Costa County and San Rafael of Marin County.

The sign says Richmond Bridge and that’s what the San Rafael side calls it. It is offiically called John F. McCarthy Bridge.  I don’t know who he is honestly.  But on the Richmond side, we call this bridge San Rafael Bridge. It is a mystery why on our side we call it San Rafael Bridge and on the other side they call it Richmond Bridge.

The bridge is double decker.  The upper level is San Rafael Bound.  My husband and I often cross this bridge to go to Point Reyes National Seashore.

This is a closer look at the upper deck.  The bridge measures 5.5 miles, and just finished some retrofit work.

This is the shot on the lower deck on the way back to Richmond.

This is taken from Point Molate on the Richmond side looking southwest toward Marin County.  San Quentin Prison just beyond the bridge on the left side when San Rafael bound.

My World is a weekly meme hosted by the very same people who host Sky Watch.  For more entries about other people’s world, click here.


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A little preview

You all know that the long-awaited No Reservations show about Manila is going to be on Monday, February 16th.

Here’s a little preview:


And with this post, I will take that much needed break from blogging.  See you later!


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Watery Wednesday #2: Sea Day

Sea Day, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Every cruise has a sea day where the ship is sailing all day. I take this chance to take photos.

Taken from my second cruise (Alaska) in May 2008.

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My World #17: Fresh Sugarcane Juice, Anyone?

Fresh Sugarcane Juice, Anyone?, originally uploaded by airam94564.

I am aware that I told every body last week that I was intent on going to Napa/Sonoma Valley over the weekend. It did not happen. My husband was busy with church meetings/retreat. I was busy with chores. Then we had dinner with friends to finalize some travel plans for next week.

Anyway, let me tell you that California is my adopted home. It is also my husband’s adopted home. I was born and raised in the Philippines. He was from Bangladesh. We met and fell in love at work (yeah!).

In January of last year we had to go home to Bangladesh.  While there one day we chanced upon this ambulant cart selling fresh sugarcane juice. I thought it was very unique. We did not have this in the Philippines; well at least when I was there.  One day last month as I was cleaning out my archives I found this video/clip and husband suggested I share it with you all/blog about it.  Enjoy the video.  Nope I did not have any.  Now I wish I tried it.

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Friday’s Foto

I have a posted five straight days this week, yahoo!


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Because I’m feeling crappy….

I am going to dump something that has been bothering me.  Before I go unload, let me tell you why I feel crappy.  I have never got around to shaking off the cold virus I caught last month.  And I never got around to the doctor’s office either.  And now, the people I work with are showing signs of cough and colds too.  But they were the first ones to exhibit symptoms.  I caught it from them and they got better.  Now, they’re getting it again, and I haven’t even gotten any better yet.  I feel there’s another round of cough and colds.  Well, add some sinus congestion to my woes.

Anyway, let me tell you what gets my goat.  I am not a confrontational person so I don’t say anything. Most of the time I just unload it all to my spouse. Isn’t that part of their job anyway, to take in all your sh*t? 

Here’s one:  Littering fools.  Those adults who drive up to the parking lot of a mall, open their car door and let their fastfood trash (wrapper, cups, etc) slide off their car and they drive away.  For Pete’s sake, it wouldn’t take 25 cents worth of gas to drive a few yards to dump their trash in a bin.  Aaargh!

And then there’s this lady who goes to a Vietnamese eatery where there is a cafeteria style dining and lots and lots of prepacked food to go.  She goes over to the station where the prepacked food are located.  Picks up a sealed container.  Looks at it and asks nobody in particular what was in this container.  And before my husband could answer (we were standing next to her), she proceeded to open/unseal the container to take a sniff.  When my husband said its a fritata, she must have not heard of that word before so she goes further in unsealing it.  By this time, I was really pissed off. I told her in my friendliest tone (yeah!), it’s an omelette.  That she understood.  She tried to close the container and return the item to the table.  Now this is my beef.  If an item especially food is sealed, do not open it.  Contamination happens when you do; food poisoning ensues.  If you don’t know what’s int it, ask the people who sells it!  Aaargh!

Here’s another one who goes to Costco and takes a family-sized package of toilet paper; opens it and feels the softness of the paper and leaves the opened package behind.   Are you kidding me?  Who in this united states has not used Costco toilet paper and need to see for oneself its quality?  Aaargh!

Okay I feel a little better now.  So I should go and pop some more sudafed 🙂


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Watery Wednesday #1

Here is my first entry to Watery Wednesday.   Taken July 2008 @ La Grange, California.  A weekend of fishing with family. 

Wanna join?  Here’s the link.


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What happens behind locked door.

What happens inside our bedroom? Okay I’ll let you take a peek.Here’s what transpired last night.

He was on the bed, newspapers scattered on one side, the laptop in front of him and next to the laptop were mails. The TV was on and tuned in to House. I was on the PC next to the TV. Both of us were multi-tasking. Every now and then, he would ask me to open another tab and search something. I was googling and blogging and watching House all at the same time. Oh and yah, checking out Tony Bourdain’s No Reservation during the commercial break; he was in Chicago last night.

Around 10 pm, I looked at him and he looked back. With a cheeky smile and a little wink I ask him:

Me: Do you want something?

Him: Of course I want something!

Me: No kidding, do you want something?

Him: We both want the same thing!!!!!

Me: (getting nervous) Wait a second what do you want? REally want tonight?

Him: (smiled devilishly enjoying my discomfort) Brownies. Didn’t you want brownies tonight? 🙂

Me: (sighs and goes over to give him a bear hug) Of course I want brownies!!!!

And we had brownies for midnight snack!



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