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Window Views and Doors Too #16:

The chapel at Yosemite Valley.

Have a blessed Holy Week Observance.

To see more windows and doors or to join this wonderful meme hosted by Teach Mary, please go to the main page.


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Watery Wednesday #52:

A rainy day in Muir Woods.

WATERY WEDNESDAY is hosted by Ms. Sweet and Saxy.  Go visit.


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My World #66: More Art From SFO

Plaque reads:  Artists Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel have collaborated for more than 25 years for  WAITING.  They created a composite of various photographs made of people waiting at the airport.  The composite photograph was then translated into a digital image, which they in turn translated into a tile mosaic.

This tile mosaic is located at the International Departure area of SFO.

SHOW YOUR WORLD is hosted by he same group of talented individuals who host Skywatch.


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Photo Hunt #76: Fresh

Fresh fruits

Fresh vegetables

Fresh cut flowers

All of these can be had at your local farmers’ market. And you know you made a good decision when the produce gives you the thumbs up!

Join the weekly hunt at the PHOTO HUNT main page.


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Sky Watch #83:

Fishing by the bay.

Sky Watch is a weekly gathering of sky lovers and sky watchers. Please join us.


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Window Views and Doors Too #15:

I read a blog post one day from a local San Franciscan claiming that no locals would be caught enjoying the charms and the beauty of the waterfront area or the Embarcadero.   Technically, I am not a local San Franciscan.  I am from the East Bay, but I feel like a local.  And I have no qualms about mingling with tourists on a pleasant day to enjoy the waterfront and take photos.   And tourists could tell that we are locals because we often get stopped for directions and such.  I have a question to ask:  Do you go to the most touristy spots in your hometown and do as the tourists do?

Here’s my contribution to this week’s WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO meme.  A store along the waterfront.  It caught my eyes and my lens because of the attractive color combination.


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Watery Wednesday #51:

A little watery reflection in Central Park, spring of 2009.



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