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My World #132: Who’s Shopping @ Home Depot

This is why I bring my little point and shoot everywhere I go for moments like this when I need to capture Home Depot’s most unusual shopper. I did ask the guy for permission, that’s why he’s posing here.

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My World #131: To Farmers Market We Go

I was telling the hubby how we haven’t been to the Farmers Market this summer and the season is about to end. So we made a point to go to one of the biggest farmers market around. The The Alemany Farmers’ Market in Alemany Blvd in SF is the oldest farmers’ market in the Bay Area. It was started by John Brucato in the 1940s. It offers some of the lowest farmers’ market prices in the Bay Area as well as specialty items specific to Asian cuisine.

However, not early risers on the weekend we arrived just in time that the stalls were closing. It was good timing in a way because most of the veggies we got were marked down even further.

2011_08_06 025

2011_08_06 029
The walls of the stalls are painted in murals.
2011_08_06 014
Fried green tomatoes anyone?
2011_08_06 015
Just about ready to pack up.
2011_08_06 016
Bittermelon or carola.
2011_08_06 018
I can go to the farmers market and only leave with tomatoes and basil in my basket and I’m happy.
2011_08_06 021
Always looking forward to the multicolored bell peppers.
2011_08_06 031
I noted that this time around there are more stalls/trucks of prepared food. In addition to the usual Mexican/Hispanic fare, there is also a pizza stall.

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My World #130: Flowers in my garden

Let me just show you what’s been growing/blooming in my garden lately:




So, what’s growing in your world?

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My World #129

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My World #128:

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My World #127: Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

One of the nearest regional parks and one of my fave spots for a hike during the spring and summer months because of the availability of cherries and blackberries.

Two Saturdays ago we decided to take a little hike up the hill to check out if the blackberries are ready for picking yet and if there were some left over cherries. We knew the cherries were past their season, but the blackberries we knew peaked in August.

I went ahead and brought the camera in case there weren’t any berries to be picked.

Some of the shots I took on that walk:



Haven’t seen this pattern on an agave plant before, have you?


The berries weren’t all ready yet, the ones that were black were a bit tart still.


Going down hill to the parking lot.


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My World #126:

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My World #125:

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My World #124: Can You Hear the Earth Laughing?

Buster and Emma may 21 029
Buster and Emma may 21 026
Buster and Emma may 21 006
Buster and Emma may 21 004
Buster and Emma may 21 037
Church flowers, first two are from inside and the remaining are from the church garden. The Earth does indeed laugh in flowers, can you hear it?



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My World #123: Jam Tasting

On our way home from a day in Santa Cruz mountains, we passed by this cutesy sign on the road. All four of us in the car were one in saying we’d better stop and check it out. I initially wanted to stop to take photo of the sign. They wanted to taste some jams and jellies.

Wouldn’t you stop if the sign is this cute? It was drizzly when we were there.

Swanton Berry Farm sells organic berries and baked goods. It’s also a pick-your-own-berry farm. I noticed a family picking under the rain when we arrived.

Some of their goodies.

Chocolate-covered berries.

We sampled their different berry jams to our heart’s content. We weren’t the only ones sampling, btw. And then we shopped. When we were ready to pay for our purchases, we were pleasantly surprised.

No one is manning the tills. You pay for your own purchase, honor till they called it. Honesty is the best policy. Isn’t this unique? There was a guy coming and going bring crates of berries into the store, but he wasn’t really paying attention to the tills. In fact he was the one who told us to pay for our purchase on the counter.


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