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Because I’m feeling crappy….

I am going to dump something that has been bothering me.  Before I go unload, let me tell you why I feel crappy.  I have never got around to shaking off the cold virus I caught last month.  And I never got around to the doctor’s office either.  And now, the people I work with are showing signs of cough and colds too.  But they were the first ones to exhibit symptoms.  I caught it from them and they got better.  Now, they’re getting it again, and I haven’t even gotten any better yet.  I feel there’s another round of cough and colds.  Well, add some sinus congestion to my woes.

Anyway, let me tell you what gets my goat.  I am not a confrontational person so I don’t say anything. Most of the time I just unload it all to my spouse. Isn’t that part of their job anyway, to take in all your sh*t? 

Here’s one:  Littering fools.  Those adults who drive up to the parking lot of a mall, open their car door and let their fastfood trash (wrapper, cups, etc) slide off their car and they drive away.  For Pete’s sake, it wouldn’t take 25 cents worth of gas to drive a few yards to dump their trash in a bin.  Aaargh!

And then there’s this lady who goes to a Vietnamese eatery where there is a cafeteria style dining and lots and lots of prepacked food to go.  She goes over to the station where the prepacked food are located.  Picks up a sealed container.  Looks at it and asks nobody in particular what was in this container.  And before my husband could answer (we were standing next to her), she proceeded to open/unseal the container to take a sniff.  When my husband said its a fritata, she must have not heard of that word before so she goes further in unsealing it.  By this time, I was really pissed off. I told her in my friendliest tone (yeah!), it’s an omelette.  That she understood.  She tried to close the container and return the item to the table.  Now this is my beef.  If an item especially food is sealed, do not open it.  Contamination happens when you do; food poisoning ensues.  If you don’t know what’s int it, ask the people who sells it!  Aaargh!

Here’s another one who goes to Costco and takes a family-sized package of toilet paper; opens it and feels the softness of the paper and leaves the opened package behind.   Are you kidding me?  Who in this united states has not used Costco toilet paper and need to see for oneself its quality?  Aaargh!

Okay I feel a little better now.  So I should go and pop some more sudafed 🙂


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