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Photo Hunt #171: Yellow/Awesome

oakland museum 102

This yellow peace sign sculpture outside of the Oakland Museum of California is pretty awesome.




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Photo Hunt #104: Miniature


I am fond of picking up miniature versions of the spots we visited as souvenirs. Here I was looking at miniatures of the pyramid at Chichen Itza to take home. I¬†bought one ūüôā

Join us in the hunt at PHOTO HUNT.


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After a short absence, I am back. And I’m sharing a couple of images from my recent visit to Paris last month.

Lucky to capture this road without any automobiles traveling nearby.

I would love to walk this path on the banks of Seine River.  If only I had time.

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Watery Wednesday #8: Alaska’s Liquid Sunshine

With all these lush greenery, you would expect water to be on the ground and falling over head.  You are right. This is a scene from Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska where their liquid sunshine keeps everything very green.

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Watery Wednesday #7: The Mighty Colorado River

For this week’s post, I am digging into a 4-year-old archives of Grand Canyon photos.¬† I found one that¬†had water on it; an aerial view of the Grand Canyon with the¬†mighty Colorado River traversing the canyon.¬†

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My World #18: Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

The bay area is home to a handful of bridges.  The outside world knows two, the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge.  I would like to introduce you to another one: the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge that connects the city of Richmond in the Contra Costa County and San Rafael of Marin County.

The sign says Richmond Bridge and that’s what the San Rafael side calls it. It is offiically called John F. McCarthy Bridge.¬† I don’t know who he is honestly.¬† But on the Richmond side, we call this bridge San Rafael Bridge. It is a mystery why on our side we call it San Rafael Bridge and on the other side they call it Richmond Bridge.

The bridge is double decker.  The upper level is San Rafael Bound.  My husband and I often cross this bridge to go to Point Reyes National Seashore.

This is a closer look at the upper deck.  The bridge measures 5.5 miles, and just finished some retrofit work.

This is the shot on the lower deck on the way back to Richmond.

This is taken from Point Molate on the Richmond side looking southwest toward Marin County.  San Quentin Prison just beyond the bridge on the left side when San Rafael bound.

My World is a weekly meme hosted by the very same people who host Sky Watch.¬† For more entries about other people’s world, click here.


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My World #17: Fresh Sugarcane Juice, Anyone?

Fresh Sugarcane Juice, Anyone?, originally uploaded by airam94564.

I am aware that I told every body last week that I was intent on going to Napa/Sonoma Valley over the weekend. It did not happen. My husband was busy with church meetings/retreat. I was busy with chores. Then we had dinner with friends to finalize some travel plans for next week.

Anyway, let me tell you that California is my adopted home. It is also my husband’s adopted home. I was born and raised in the Philippines. He was from Bangladesh. We met and fell in love at work (yeah!).

In January of last year we had to go home to Bangladesh.  While there one day we chanced upon this ambulant cart selling fresh sugarcane juice. I thought it was very unique. We did not have this in the Philippines; well at least when I was there.  One day last month as I was cleaning out my archives I found this video/clip and husband suggested I share it with you all/blog about it.  Enjoy the video.  Nope I did not have any.  Now I wish I tried it.

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Watery Wednesday #1

Here is my first entry to Watery Wednesday.   Taken July 2008 @ La Grange, California.  A weekend of fishing with family. 

Wanna join?¬† Here’s the link.


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My World 16: Mellow Yellow

Have I told you that both Sonoma and Napa Valleys are only about 20 miles away?  Well, both are easily accessible via Carquinez Bridge from the East Bay.  During the first three or four months of the year, both valleys are covered in yellow from the yellow mustards.  Over the years, whenever we have an afternoon free during the weekends, we would always opt to go to either one of the valleys instead of San Francisco even though they were the same distance from us.  During this time, the valley is pretty in a different way.  We would always make it a point to photograph the vineyards first then stop for coffee or grab a bite.

I haven’t been in the valleys this year.¬† And I know that it look like these three photos; it always has every single year.

The first two photos are taken from Sonoma Valley; the third from Napa Valley.¬† The third one may be a bit familiar. I used it for Sky watch before. I have posted these old photos to offer¬† a little bit of sunshine to those fellow players who are still deep in winter and all they see are white and white and white.¬† Here’s some yellow to every one.

I will find a way to get to the valleys next week for some photo shoot.  And I will share them here.

Napa Valley has an annual mustard festival in time for the mustard season.

This is my entry for this week’s My World.¬† For more photos and stories, check My World.


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My World 12: Go Tell It To the Mountains.

The bay area as you know does not experience snowy winters.¬† For those of us who want a taste of that, ¬†snow and mountain are just 3 hours away—depending on the traffic of course.¬† And our winter playground happens to be the Sierra Nevada mountain range notably the city of Lake Tahoe.¬† I am sharing with you some winter snaps I took a couple of years ago when the need for snow was too much for hubs and I that we had to drive up to the mountain.¬† Luckily the day we left, it was not snowing and as you can see the freeway is clear.

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