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Our World Tuesday #4:

I’ve been using a digital camera for over 10 years now and while I can see major difference to the photos I took in the earlier years versus the ones I took later on, I still didn’t feel like I have learned enough to make me a good photographer. I feel the need to enrol in photography class to learn the basics and hone whatever “talent” I have. In fact when fellow bloggers talk about technical stuff related to photography I find myself running to google for help. But I have plans of taking a class that starts later this year so that solves it.

In the past months I have noticed that my photos were mostly landscape and that I have to branch out. Visiting other bloggers’ site and seeing the beautiful bird photos they have taken inspired me to try my luck too. I have started to take bird photos. I’d like to share some of my works so far.




Any tips on how to capture these little movement machines? My shutter cannot seem to keep up with them.



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Our World Tuesday #3

My entry for this week is posted here.

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Our World Tuesday #1:

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who have decided to continue this wonderful meme in honor of Klaus’ memory. I hope fellow players who actively participated in the past MY WORLD meme would also put the same enthusiasm and effort in the newly revamped version.

For this initial showing I’d like to show to you this temporary art installation along the San Francisco waterfront.

05-11-11 005
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is a striking 40-foot, 8-ton sculpture that resides in the beautiful San Francisco waterfront for 14 months starting August 2010. It sits where the CROUCHING SPIDER temporarily resided.

Read this and this for more information about the installation.

I’m linking to the new OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


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