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Sky Watch 1

Sky Watch 1

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I thought it would be neat to join the sky watch photo meme.

One of my drive-by shooting efforts taken while on the move with the East Bay Hills in full splendor.


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Sometimes, wishes are granted.

Or prayers answered immediately. 

I was talking about my pancit craving on yesterday’s post.  Today, I found out that our caferia was serving pork pancit.  I had pancit for lunch today.

It’s really not about the pancit, it’s the granted wish.  🙂



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Just a little bit of mumbling.

Monday is almost ending and I thought about writing/blogging.  Nothing specific, just mumblings.  No reason, I just feel like it today.

What’s weird today is that I have been craving for a plate of pancit. I sit here infront of the computer doing my work and all I could think of is pancit.  I never crave for pancit, of all dishes, really.  Like everyone else I enjoy a serving [or more] of this Filipino favorite, but today I am craving for it.  I have the fixings at home and I may as well cook it tomorrow.  I wonder what other food cravings I had in the past.  Of course, without a doubt anything chocolate is the main cravings when one is premenstrual and I too succumbed to it.  But after the stage has elapsed, I don’t have any more cravings.  Until today.  Gosh, I really want some pancit right now!!!


I wonder if outside is still smoky.  The grassfires (three of them I believe are currently going on in the Bay) are not anywhere near where I live or work, but the minute I went outside both at home and work I could smell the smoke.  Unfortunately, it’s not the smell of bbq smoke. 

Last week, Thursday-Saturday, we again experienced some sort of a mini heatwave.  We had a hundred degree temps, Friday night was a difficult night to find sleep.  By Saturday, the temp went down to the 90s, still the stores were filled with people checking out/purchasing portable AC units.  We almost bought one.  Thankfully on Sunday, our marine layer (fog) started to return and by nighttime, it was cold, okay cooler, much much cooler.  On Sat. we had a high in the 90s, and on Sun. we were in the 70s.  That’s 20-degree drop right there.  Can I say hello colds and cough now? And today despite the smoky day, it is cold.  I see people at work wearing warmer clothing.  I am wearing a long sleeve cotton shirt right now and sipping hot coffee.  I feel cold. 


The Philippines got battered by the seasonal rain/storm that visits the country this time of the year.  Unfortunately, there was so much destruction and flooding, not to mention all the lives lost.  Our prayers are with you. 


On Thursday, hubby and I took a day off.  I had a doctor’s appointment and since he needed to take a day off [his vacation cap is full] he decided to tag along to my appointment.  Since I needed to be resting most of the day, we didn’t plan for a short road trip, we normally do under better circumstances.  So after a restful nap, we woke up and decided to see a movie.  It was before 6 pm on a weekday, ergo, movies are still on matinee pricing [$7].  It was the best time to go.  After reading out what’s playing on our neighborhood multiplex, hubby chose IRON MAN, which I was surprised to find is still running after all these weeks.  We never watched it before, when it first came out becasue I did not like Robert Downey Jr.  Sorry, but I am  actor-centric when choosing a movie.  The movie has to feature an actor I like before I go and see it, with some exemptions, like if the movie is epic and huge that it takes away from the whole experience if I see it in my “32-inch big screen” in my living room.  You know what I mean. 

Anyway, we went and to my shock, really, I enjoyed myself.  And like us, there were still people coming to see it. Well, enough said. 




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Late Father’s Day Post

This is very late.  But I thought I’d run this again.  This is a repost from my defunct Friendster blog.

Mang Felix

I met Mang Felix when I moved into my second dorm.  He was a househelp, mostly running errands and sweeping the floors.  He was probably in the neighborhood of 50 years old at that time.  My friends and I took a liking to him, mainly because he was avuncular in his dealing with us.  We teased him about his favorites, yes he does have one every semester.  Upon my arrival, Ate Evelyn who was on her senior year was the “it” girl.  Then came Afel and finally Rose.  I don’t know if there were any girls after I left.

Curiosity about his story bugs us.  So, we sought Ate Babes’ help.  She was the historian of the dorm, having lived there the longest.  The story goes that Mang Fel came to Manila from the Visayas after a townmate who came to Manila as a househelp returned for a visit with his wife, who was a resident of the dorm he was working in.  He wanted the same romantic ending for him.  So off he went to Manila and try his luck.

We asked if this was true and in his heavy Visayan accent, he confirmed this.  He was never shy about this.  Being young and somewhat rude, we in our young ways told him that maybe he needed to modify his goals to suit his life.  He stood firm and stubbornly held on to his dream. 

A couple of years later after we left the dorm, I received a letter from my best friend who said she bumped into Mang Fel in the same neighborhood we lived in.   He looked so much older and from the looks of him, he was also sick, she added.  We arranged to get together and pay him a visit. 

It was only two years since the last time I have seen him, but he did indeed look years older; no doubt that he was sick as well.  We chatted for several minutes before we asked him if he could go back to his hometown so someone can look after him.  He was still working at that time.  He refused to go and still insisted on waiting for the fulfillment of his boyhood dream.  We didnt leave until he accepted our little monetary present.  That was the last time I saw him.  Nor heard about him.

For those who like Mang Fel has had “adopted” children but who goes through Father’s Day every single year without acknowledgment, here’s to you. You have shown us kindness and taken us under your care.  You have arranged for fried rice for breakfast even though the management forbade this.  You have given us that “look” a father would give when you knew we were naughty.  For four years, you were our friend, our ally, our conscience, and yes a father figure.  Wherever you are, cheers! Belated though it may be.

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Six Pack

Here’s my female version of the WHO’S YOUR SEXY post.  Again in no particular order, here they are:

1.  Ashley Judd

2.   Julia Stiles

3.  Maura Tierney

4.  Rachel Griffiths

5.  Evangeline Lily

6.  Julie Delpy

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Six Pack

Sometime ago, Geri asked the question, WHO’S YOUR SEXY?  I am ready to answer.  Here’s my sexy in no particular order.

1.  Wentworth Miller

2.  Matt Damon

3.  Piolo Pascual

4.  Shahrukh Khan

5.  J. T. Snow



6.  The Eagles, collectively.  Still yummy  @ 60, aren’t they?



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Cruise Chronicles Part 6

June 1, 2007


     Sixth day and Sea day.  We woke up later than usual.  The day was a lazy one with winds whirring, but the sun was shining in all its glory, at least for part of the time.  We lay on our backs in the observation deck and I actually fell asleep.  We went around the boat, just chilled – twas actually a chill day, as advertised.  We went to the library, checked out books, went to a show, played a little casino, went to watch the lecture about the boat and met the captain and the senior engineer who answered questions from the peanut gallery.  We went on deck where every body seemed to be at the time with cameras in hand and some binoculars too.  We spotted some whales (tails only) at a distance and enjoyed as much of the scenery this part of Alaskan/Canadian border offers.  I could not get enough of this beauty before me.






  At 7:30 pm, we caught the show at Stardust Lounge called Cirque Pan, a combination of Peter Pan and Cirque du Soleil.  It was amazing really.  Acrobats rule the show.  Afterwards, Matt, the cruise director, called on stage members (some of them at least) of the crew from the housekeeping dept, front desk, kitchen, etc to receive the guests admiration, applause, and standing ovation.


     Dinnertime was at East West Steakhouse.  At 9:15, we headed to the Level 12 and had a very good experience.  We had for appetizers crab cakes for me and beef steak tomato salad for my husband; for soup and salad I had clam chowder, Roy had something that he and I could not remember at this time; for entrees, I had the veal chops and he had the medium rare tuna steak.  We had desserts too.  I had mocha crème brulee, hubby had banana foster.




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