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TWTW #14: Highway 120 to Yosemite

California’s most direct and scenic all weather route to Yosemite National Park is itself a wonderful destination with many attractions that are open all year. Highway 120 winds through rolling hills dappled with heritage oaks, past picturesque small towns where Gold Rush history was made, and on into the dramatic high country with commanding views of the majestic Sierra Nevada. Open into Yosemite Valley all year, Highway 120 is the widest and most direct route into the Park from most of California.

Opportunities abound to leave the fast lane and relish the slower pace of bygone era along Highway 120. Hike inspiring wilderness trails, fish crystalline wild trout streams, raft the challenging rapids of the beautiful Tuolumne River, explore charming gold mining towns with colorful pasts.

At the end of the day, settle into inviting accommodations at wilderness campgrounds, modern motels or historic inns, and enjoy pizza, country fare or 4-star cuisine.

Highway 120 is open to Yosemite Valley all year — make sure you have chains in your car or that your four-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with snow tires before venturing too far into the hills. Winter storms — as the Donner Party discovered — can be sudden and have severe consequences.

Above information from here.

I am also currently featuring Yosemite in my photoblog.

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watery wednessday #30

This sailboat has been docked in the bay and I dont know if this is open for tours or why it’s in the bay. I like photographing it though. From behind at this angle, you can see The Rock. It appears so close, so near from this vantage point.

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My World #44: Solano Stroll 2009

Since 1974, The Merchants, Restaurants, and Professionals, as well as the twin cities of Albany and Berkeley CA, have hosted the Solano Avenue Stroll, the East Bay’s largest street festival! I have tried to attend every year since I first heard of this festival.  After all, it’s 26 blocks of fun, entertainment, food, and lots of people watching. I’ll show you what I saw.

There were foods!

Lots of music. Every block features a different type of music.

Interesting exhibit.  I want this car!!!!

There were dancing on the streets, and belly dancing on the stage.

Belly dancers with hair action too.

And I saw this booth.  It’s owned by a fellow blogger, Louis, who blogs here.  I thought I’d finally get to meet him, but he later commented on my blog that he was wandering from his shop to the booth.  May be I should just drop by his store and introduce myself next time.

This is Solano Avenue. It’s filled with great restaurants and shops, extremely difficult to find parking, but always a great place to visit.  This was the weekend when we had some rain here in the Bay Area.  This shot was taken just before the sky opened up.

So this is what I’m sharing from my world this week.  If you want to see what’s going on in other people’s world, visit MY WORLD.


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I am so glad that this meme is saved from extinction by Tink.  More power to her and we’ll all be here to support her.

I was in the middle of a slow traffic in a two-lane rural area in California when I decided to just entertain myself from boredom by whipping out my camera and taking some drive by shots.  And then I noticed that I was tailgating this big truck (we were tailgating, I wasn’t driving) carrying some fruits I would think and this was the sign at the back of his truck.  Now, doesn’t the sign make you smile?

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watery wednesday # 29

Early this year I went to Vegas and had a short vacation.  I thought I’d share with you the “water” I saw while there. 

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my world #43: point reyes lighthouse

If you have been checking out my weekly entry to MY WORLD you would know that I have posted Point Reyes Lighthouse twice before.  So why show it again you asked? Why not I replied?

Seriously, our friends out of town friend was visiting over the Labor Day weekend and she requested them to take her to Point Reyes Lighthouse.  Since our friends haven’t been to the Lighthouse themselves, they invited us to go with them so we could show them and their friend around Point Reyes and the lighthouse.

I was quite surprised to see the winter-like weather on Labor Day, although foggy/misty day was not unexpected. I was very worried that the out of towner (in brown) would be disappointed because of this very thick fog.  As we were walking towards the lighthouse, the coast was covered in fog. I was talking about the beautiful waves and all she can see was fog.

But she flew coast to coast to see the lighthouse and despite the heavy fog, there were a lot of people including some elderly visitors braving the cold strong breeze and thick fog, she went down to take a closer look and snap some photos.  I was happy to see the fog lift after 30 minutes.  As you can see the fog has thinned down.

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friday fill-ins #4

Here we go again:

1.  My car is full of dings and dents (sob).

2.  The fall tv schedule is coming up next week (oh yeah, baby!).

3.  Lately, things seem really hectic (can’t wait for things to settle down).

4.  The john is one of my favorite “hiding” places (and a good place to read uninterrupted too).

5.   What happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas (I wonder how many players will use this line today).

6.   The mission is not impossible.

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to getting all the chopping and dicing done and all the cleaning and polishing and tidying up, tomorrow my plans include hosting a luncheon party for family, friends, and neighbors, and Sunday I want to make that 75-mile drive to Sacramento to attend my fave girl’s 5th b/day party.

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watery wednesday #28

The fallen log in memory of Patrick Swayze.

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my world #42: tomato festival

Come with me as I take you to a new festival – new to me – not too far from where I live.  It’s the Tomato Festival in Fairfield California.  Fairfield is located 42 miles from both San Francisco and Sacramento.  It is home to Anheuser Busch brewery and the Jelly Belly factory.

It was a hot August day with temps in the 90s but the breeze made the hot and dry temp bearable.  We came on Saturday, which we found out was wrong timing as the bbq contest was happening the next day.  Therefore we did not even have a taste of pulled pork sandwich.

Instead, we decided to sample different varieties of tomatoes. It was after all a tomato festival, so why not taste some tomatoes, right?  We paid 2 bucks per head and entered a huge tent where volunteers like her give out samples.  She also tells you what you are tasting, etc, etc.

Ready to see what we tasted?  From here on there will be more photo and less text okay?

So, which one has the best cyber taste fellow tasters?  Personally, the one I really love wasn’t pictured here. I had some brain freeze as I forgot to snap a photo of the small pink tomato variety called Juliette.  Yes, we brought some tomatoes home.  They are after all grown in this valley.

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friday fill-ins #3

And…here we go!

1. That’s a great place to be. (beside my husband, that is)

2. Stop checking her out; I’m over here! (you dum dum )

3. The possibilities include: sightseeing, eating, and going on photo tours. (on planning a well-deserved vacation)

4. Chicken noodle soup is one of my favorite cool day recipes.

5. How will you know if it’s love at first sight; I always wanted to know.

6. In San Francisco, I love the most are the foggy days and a stormy sky.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to chores (whajja expect), tomorrow my plans include groceries and finalizing menu for next week’s cookout and Sunday, I want to make the most of the church picnic!

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