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Photo Hunt #89: Purple

“A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet.” ~ Anna Held

I just got back from a breakfast date with a group of people at a bar where they show football games.  Amid scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee, and juice and a scoreless tie between Portugal and Brazil and a 3-nil victory in favor of Ivory Coast against North Korea, my mind was more into what to play for Photo Hunt today.  So upon arrival at work I immediately went into my Flickr account and see what’s purple in my depository of images.

Thankfully, I have some purple flowers uploaded so I’m sharing these flowers with you.  One or two may be a repeat.

“Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.” ~ Gerard de Nerval

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Sky Watch #97: It’s all blue

We currently have (@ 9 am PDT) an overcast sky.  And a slow burn of the fog according to the meteorologists.  While I love this gloomy, wintry, and drizzly sky in late June, what I’ll be sharing are nothing but blue skies over the fog city, another gems from the archives.

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Window Views and Doors Too#27: Lotsa Windows

Spotted this housing that has lots of windows across Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Find more windows and doors here, hosted by Teach Mary.


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Watery Wednesday #63:

Benicia is a waterside city in Solano County.  It is the first city in California to be founded by Anglo-Americans and served as the state capital for 13 months from 1853-1854.  It is located along the northern banks of Carquinez Strait.

Across the strait northeast of the town’s residential areas is an oil refinery built in 1969 by Humble Oil which later became Exxon. The refinery was later bought by Valero Energy.

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My World #77: Sporting World

Pebble Beach hosted the 2010 US Opens, for golf aficionados I’m sure you know that.  I am more interested in this well manicured patch of green by the ocean.  I don’t know what hole this one is.

Has football (or soccer here) fever swept America?  I don’t know about that. But many bars have opened their doors early to accommodate the revenue coming from fanatics of the sports by serving breakfast in time for the 7 and 9 am games.  While driving around Sausalito a week ago, I also noticed this sign on an Italian establishment advertising their coverage of the World Cup games. I don’t know how many would get up to watch the games before going to work.  However, I have a tentative breakfast date with a group of people to watch a match on one of those bars that advertise games on 3-D.  I can’t believe that!

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Photo Hunt #88: Six

This week’s theme stumped me. It seems so simple but I never photographed six of anything or the number six, or the face of the clock that signifies six o’clock.  So I opened my albums to look for some inspiration on what to play for this week’s theme.  None came quickly. Until I chanced upon this image of a sign at the entry to St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta.  It takes 6 euros to see the beautifully ornate interiors of the cathedral.

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Sky Watch #96:

Was flipping thru my albums recently and I noticed these sky watch images that haven’t seen air time in these meme.  These three are all drive by shots.

Sunset as seen from Highway 580 in Oakland.

Trying to get home before the clouds open up (not successful) – skywatching along Highway 680 Walnut Creek.

Watching the sky at dusk while driving around Emeryville.  A winter shot.  I thought I’d not wait for the next winter to roll around before I show this.  I know I’d have more in my albums before then.

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Window Views and Doors Too #26: More Gaudi

Allow me to rectify an omission from last week’s post. Here is the entire fanciful, whimsical house whose window I featured last week. With a bonus next door neighboor house.

Located inside Guell Park, Barcelona.

WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO features lovely doors and windows and is hosted by Teach Mary.  Go visit.


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Watery World #62: Port of Izmir

Izmir, historically Smyrna, is Turkey’s third most populous city and the second largest port city after Istanbul.  It is also one of our ports of call on our Mediterranean cruise.  It’s the gateway to the ancient historical city of Ephesus.  I am currently running a series on Ephesus over at my other blog.

For more water images, head on to WATERY WEDNESDAY, hosted by the amiable 2sweetnsaxy.


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My World #77:

It was a wet spring for the Bay Area.  It was late May and it was still raining.  The roads were slick.  We were driving back from 17-mile drive in Carmel to have some wonderful lunch in Pacific Grove before returning to Monterey as part of our anniversary celebration, when we spotted this overturned car on the side of the road.  We stopped.  Other people stopped.  This was a tricky part/curve of the road Hwy 68.

One guy immediately called 911.  A lady next to me kept asking if she needs to call 911.  I assured her that the man is already talking to someone.  My husband stopped to help because he is a certified EMT.

They call out to someone inside the car.  I thought that there wasn’t anyone there, but there was a woman who was driving to her son’s birthday party.  Luckily, she only suffered very minor injuries.  She was pulled out of this car by these good samaritans who stopped and helped.  If it wasn’t for the tree, I wouldn’t know what could have happened to her.

Remember to drive carefully, especially when the roads are slick.

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