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Photo Hunt #106: Dark


Darkness falls early in November, which makes me a little sad that I couldn’t explore Plaza Mayor in Madrid in daylight 🙂

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Sky Watch #114: September sky


I was driving home from work on Sept 21, 2010 when I could no longer resist taking a shot of the sky overhead. You see I don’t shoot while driving. I do all my drive bys in the passenger seat, but this show above me was entertaining that I simply had to photograph it.

Our little baseball team we lovingly call the Giants are in the World Series and have won game 1 last night to the delight of the region. We are hoping they could go all the way and give this town and region it’s first taste of the World Series crown.

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Window Views and Doors Too #44:


A very green narrow double doors. I thought that it is too narrow to have the double door design.

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Watery Wednesday #80:


I pulled out something from my archives again, this time from last year’s cruise of the Mediterranean and this one’s a little peek at the waters off Valletta, Malta.

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My World #93:

My world is giddy with glee, happiness, and relief after our hometown boys, the scrappy, collection of misfits we lovingly call THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS have won the National League pennant on Saturday by slaying two-time NL champ and a real Goliath, the Philadelphia Phillies.
The Giants relied on pitching, pitching, pitching. I believe they have the best rotation and bullpen in both leagues.

Tim Lincecum, 2-time Cy Young award winner, leads the remarkable pitching rotation. Timmy is seen here from an old photo. He’s #55.
NL CY YOung Winner (55) 2008 on the mound
And coming in the heels of Timmy is equally good and solid Matt Cain.
So while we are all going crazy that our Giants are back in the World Series after 8 years, we are also hopeful that this would be the year the SF Giants would win the crown. Since moving to San Francisco, the team has never won a World Series crown/ring. Keeping our fingers crossed.

How’s your world this week?


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Photo Hunt #105: Orange

Look who’s adorable and so ORANGE? Fellow players and blogger chums, please meet the new addition to our household – 5-month-old BUSTER, who we adopted on 10/16/10 and came home with us 10/20/10.

buster 3

buster 1

Of course his presence is not making the resident cat, Emma, happy at all. So far there’s a lot of hissing and growling on the part of queen Emma. Buster with all his youth thinks that Emma is playing with him.

I am especially anxious and impatient to get this period of adjustment over with. Reading the pamphlet about adding new cat to a household and talking to people at the shelter, I know that everything takes time. But all the time I am at work I am worried that they are tearing each other up at home. I even convinced my husband to check in on them during the day – given that he works a mere 5-drive 1+ mile away from home.

Experienced multiple cat owners, can you give me some tip and pointers on how to hurry up or ease the transition? Thanks.

This would be the 3rd time since I have joined the hunt that ORANGE came in as a theme.  The first time was 09/04/09 and the second time, only recently on 08/13/10.

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Sky Watch #113:


Don’t you just love a blue sky background for some fall colors?

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Window Views and Doors Too #43:


A little open door that begs one to enter it. Taken inside Korbel Winery (which I am currently featuring here) during a wine tasting trip.

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Watery Wednesday #79:


Am hoping this isn’t a duplicate post. Another watery post from the bay. Looks like the water is a little choppy on this day. Captured by my husband as he and his friends were aboard a fishing vessel on the way to the Farallon Islands for a day of fishing.

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My World #92:

Before this year, we haven’t been to an animal shelter. However, this year we have started to visit shelters in the hope of finding a pet to take home. Six months ago, we found Emma in one of the three shelters we have regularly visited.

We never stopped visiting the shelters even with Emma’s adoption. We find time to pencil in a visit every week. One day I thought I’d bring a camera with me. Here are a few of the shots I took.

This past Saturday we came for our weekly visit and found another loveable little kitty. He is an orange tiger male, 5 months old and he’s ours. We adopted another one last Saturday. He did not come home with us because he will need to get some fixings first. I’ll take a picture when he comes home.

Aren’t these doggies cute? On Saturday, we saw another couple adopting a nice little 5 month old doggie. So happy to see these animals getting a home.

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