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Watery Wednesday #34: Random Shots

Waters of Capitola, California

Beach scene, Sonoma Coast.

Early morning in sleepy Ensenada, Baja California.

Yosemite reflection.

Get your water image fix at WATERY WEDNESDAY.

I will not be posting for Watery Wednesday in the next few weeks.  This blog and I will be taking a much needed break.


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My World #48: Point Bonita Lighthouse

I am very busy lately, so for more information about Point Bonita Lighthouse, click here.



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I’ve been going to this park to walk and to take photos for years and years and only saw this sign up last month. 

In spring this pond is filled with tadpoles.  I like going here, it’s part of my walking route when visiting this park. Primary reason is the pond casts a beautiful reflection when the lighting is right.  And secondly, there is a bush of wild blackberries just behind the reeds on the left that bear lovely fruits  in abundance during the summer months. 

If you have photos of signs, signage, paths, pathways, road, roadways, and the like, come and join us at TWTW now being hosted by Ms. Tink.


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Watery Wednesday #33:

Birds are not the photographic subject I am comfortable with.  Perhaps because most of the time I am with the small camera that has very limited range.  However, on that day this bird, egret I believe, was nearby and was busy and did not mind me snapping some shots.  Taken at a wetland nearby my house.

More water you want?  Join us here at WATERY WEDNESDAY.


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My World #47: Corridors and Hallways

How do you feel about corridors and hallways?  Call me scare-d cat but I am quite apprehensive about them, especially when I find myself traversing one by myself.  As a matter of fact, I don’t want to even venture out the length of one by my lonesome.

You must have guessed I am not a big fan of horror movies by now. I think the uneasiness was brought about by old horror movies I have seen growing up where the lady actor always gets in trouble in long hallways or corridors.

I may be afraid, but I still see the beauty in them so I take photos.

It’s a very personal MY WORLD post for me today.  Care to share what makes you jumpy?

Enjoy more posts in SHOW YOUR WORLD, which comes every Monday.


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TWTW # 16

This is the best $6 I’ve ever spent (well $12 both ways, still best value).  For that amount I got to see Mendenhall Glacier, what a bargain!  Thank heavens for bargain hunting husband who refused to sign up for any tour when our cruise ship docked in Juneau, Alaska.  We knew that the glacier was the only place we wanted to see and we had a budget to consider so this one’s really a good find.

Signs, signage, paths, road and the like are aplenty at TWTW with Ms. Tink hosting. Go visit the site and hope you can join us.


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Watery Wednesday #32: Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America and the world’s fifth tallest.  The water drops down at a total distance of 2425 feet or739 meters from the top to the ground. Depending on how much snow fell in the winter, the falls flows thru August then it starts to dry out.  Come in spring, this one’s in mid May, to see the falls in full force.

Did you know that the Yosemite Falls are actually made up of three different falls? The Upper Yosemite Fall (1,430 ft), the middle cascades (675 ft), and Lower Yosemite Fall (320 ft). To walk to the Lower Falls would take you just a few minuets. A hike to the top of Upper Yosemite Fall would take you all day.  (info from here.)

It is currently raining cats and dogs around these parts and of course it took me over one hour to get from my house to my work place (20 miles away). 

If you want to get your fix of watery images, WATERY WEDNESDAY is the place.


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