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My World #108: Pelton Wheel at Nevada City.

Read up on Pelton Wheel here. I had to look it up because I had no clue what this was. Sighted at Nevada City, CA.

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Photo Hunt #120: Mostly Black

I attended a party where people wore mostly black outfits.

May I just say that this is one tough theme.

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Sky Watch #128: Cloudscape below me

I was paying my albums a visit over the long President’s Day weekend and found some cloudscape images that I took on that 5-hour plane ride from Charleston to SFO last summer. I was particularly surprised to find a rainbow (3rd image), that I didn’t notice the first time around.
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Window Views and Doors Too #59:

I was really captivated by the eye-catching color scheme and the design is inviting.

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Watery Wednesday #95: Bath Time

My 9-month old furboy Buster is naughty to the max! His whole being is gripped with curiosity. Qualities expected of a cat. What is really surprising is that he doesn’t mind taking a bath.

He’s with us for 4 months now, and has taken 2 baths. He has taken a strong liking to our bathroom. He has adopted the habit of following us after we have taken our shower. Once the bathroom door opens, we find him sitting outside the door and ready to go inside the bathroom. He never is afraid of the water. Unless that water comes out of a squirt bottle – which means he’s being punished for naughty behaviour – foremost is giving my lovey dovey pair of love birds so much stress and aggravation.

Take a look at Buster’s bath time, taken Jan. 22, 2011 – 70F, perfect bath time temp 🙂
Can't wait to smell fresh Buster.
I only agree to take a bath if Papa is giving it 🙂
Buster likes to take a bath with papa.
That’s me giving the tongue to Mama who never ever stops snapping that darn camera.
Buster is a good boy.
Papa said to sit still so Mama can take a good shot, but I was ticklish of the running water.

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My World #107:

While I work and pass through Oakland, I never got to enjoy the shopping and the eating at Jack London Square – a waterfront shopping and dining destination. So when I attended last year’s EAT REAL FESTIVAL – a food truck festival – that was held in Jack London Square, I only discovered this wall. I thought it was pretty so I snapped a shot of it and never thought about it, even though I initially wanted to research about it. A few months later, here is this image for My World.
World Wall for Peace
This is what I gather about this piece. This is not the entire wall. I only photographed a portion of it.

World Wall for Peace
The World Wall for Peace began in 1983, during the height of the Cold War as a response to the nuclear threat. Founder Carlyna Marks chose ceramic tile, which lasts for centuries, to act as a peace development format. The Medicine wheel concept developed after the World Wall for Peace was invited to Russia. Fourteen years later, it now includes 30 sections, with a total of 36,000 individually hand painted tiles including the wall dedicated at Jack London Square on Saturday, November 30, 1996.

Jack London Square is proud to announce the expansion of the World Wall for Peace. This new section was dedicated on the 4th of July, 1997. [source]



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Photo Hunt #119: Silhouette

finepix 024

That’s a silhouette of me and my husband as we enjoyed a night listening to the crashing surf. Cancun, June 2010.

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Sky Watch #127: Cancun Sky




Today I am in the mood for a some yummy white puffy clouds againsts blue blue sky, so I dug into the archives (summer of 2010) to satiate the craving.

It’s been raining here for days, today is particularly challenging to drive to work with buckets falling. Yes, I love rainy days. It just can get a little challenging getting to work on time.

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SIGNS, SIGNS #6: Welcome

Virginia City, Nevada

Welcome to Alaska
At the Canada-Alaska border

Welcome To Malacca
At the Singapore-Malaysia border

sky watch #27
Reno, Nevada

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Window Views and Doors Too #58:

Running errands and driving around the city of San Francisco, I let my camera click to its heart’s content.






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