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Photo Hunt #93: Public

Sometimes one can have very private moments even in the midst of a very PUBLIC place like on an island of a very busy city thoroughfare.   (Barcelona, November 2009)

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Sky Watch #101:

I am sharing with you a drive by skywatching shot from Sonoma Valley.  Wispy clouds and blue skies were seen.  May 2010.

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Window Views and Doors Too #31

Please refer to this post for my entry for this week’s meme.



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Watery Wednesday #67: Golden Gate Park

“I swear I hear water falling.  Maybe I’m just hearing things.  I better get up and walk with these AIDS walkers.”

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My World #80: 2010 Aids Walk Part 2

To continue from last week’s post, I am here to show you some more of the shots I took while doing the 6 mile walk around Golden Gate Park.


I saw someone who has been doing this walk for a while as evidenced by all the souvenir pins that they give each year.  Did I count 14?  14 years of walking for AIDS? 

Didn’t know Robert Burns has a statue inside the park.

We saw bellydancers who we’ve been told are here yearly to entertain walkers.  Other performances were stationed along the route at regular intervals and included UC Berkeley’s marching band, a Japanese drum performance, a Filipino martial arts demonstration, etc.

And we passed by the Conservatory of Flowers with its beautifully manicured front lawn.



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Photo Hunt #92: Hanging

Hanging on for dear life is this fine looking naked tree I snapped along the banks of  Lake Berryessa in Napa.

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Sky Watch #100:

I just hit the century mark, yay!  And I’m celebrating.  Join me won’t you, I’m buying lunch in here 🙂

Weather note:  SF and Oakland posted record time lows yesterday.  SF’s temp topped 58, which is an all-time low for July 21, and Oakland’s high of 61 beat a record posted in 1944.  It has been a cool summer around these parts so far.

The past week all I have seen while skywatching is fog.

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Windows and Doors Too#30: Skagway, Alaska

One of the preserved buildings in downtown Skagway, part of the Klondike Goldrush National Historic Park.

More windows and doors here, hosted by Teach Mary.


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Watery Wednesday #66: This is how I would want to begin my day

A walk on the beach with a cup of joe in one hand and the day begins the way I wanted it.  This is not me walking.  I was actually on the way to breakfast when I spotted this lady walking and I thought it made a good photo for Watery Wednesday.

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My World #79: 2010 SF AIDS Walk

Here are a few pictures I took while participating in my first AIDS Walk, this year is #24.  It’s a 6.2 miles/10 km walk around Golden Gate Park.  25,000 walkers raised $3 million dollars.  A good day to spend half a day walking and helping find a cure.

The day started gloomy, but the sun managed to peek from the fog by 1 pm – as we were nearing finish line.  By the time we were leaving the park at past 2 pm, the wind has picked up and no sooner we expected the fog to roll back in.  Yes, it was a short window of sun and at least we enjoyed it.

One of those they call AIDS memorial quilts.

Each group/company has a tent where they give out t-shirts for their walkers and where they also serve both breakfast and lunch.

Plenty of free refreshments and snacks scattered around the park.

Friendly volunteers are everywhere, giving out food and drinks and encouraging you to ask them questions.

Every SF event is full of character.

We enjoyed scouting out the best t-shirt designs.  The Google shirt is one of our favorites.  Peet’s Coffee and Pixar round out our top three.
This is the design of our t-shirt – not bad eh, but I hope they put more thought into it.  I’m sure with the funky tee designs this year, they would get creative next year.

A very good advice.  I can’t remember which company has this t-shirt design on the back.

You know what they say, Walk until there’s a cure.

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