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Photo Hunt #113: Fuzzy

She loves her fuzzy pillow.

Emma loves her fuzzy pillow. She likes to lounge and sleep on it.

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Happy New Year.


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Sky Watch #122: 2010 Another Year of Skywatching

Contrary to what I believe, this was not a prolific year for skywatching personally. Although I felt like I was craning my neck taking a peek at the beautiful sky above, my archives proved otherwise. Still I managed to come up with 12 of the skies I had snapped in 2010.

The skywatch review.

January – Like majority of my skywatch images, this one’s taken while running errands.

February – A beautiful foggy February day, but we were trying to escape the gloomy East Bay fog by spending the day in sunny and pleasant North Bay/Sonoma County.

March – The skies -gloomy and about ready for a downpour – was reflective of my emotional state at that time as I was getting ready for my first major surgery.

April – What a difference a month makes. After the uncertainty of last month’s medical worries, the skies were nothing but hopeful blue in April.

May – A cold rainy May with clouds for those like me who enjoy these kinds of day.

June – It was June in Cancun and after a few days of cloudy tropical stormy skies, the blues returned two days before we were leaving this paradise.

July – We just left Cancun early in the day and were flying somewhere in the middle of the USA.

August – A repeat for this year. I love the blue skies of August, it’s my birth month as well.

September – Yay, it’s finally summer in the city. After an unseasonably cold summer – colder even by SF standards, it was a pleasant summery blue skies in September.

October – It was ORANGE OCTOBER in this region as the local baseball team, SF GIANTS were in a hunt for the World Series trophy. Major structures were bathed in orange light in support for the team. Here I managed one passable shot of Coit Tower standing tall and proud in her Orange October garb.

November – Come on now, do you think I’d let go of this euphoric feeling of being champions so easily? The skies were the prettiest during the Giants’ celebratory parade that ended in Civic Center. This is taken at the Civic Center – behind me – where the Giants were addressing the crowd and I was shooting at the sky 🙂

December – Last week I showed you a couple of skywatch images I took on Dec. 11 while out shopping. Here’s another one. It was really a foggy day as you can see.

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Happy New Year!


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Window Views and Doors Too #52:

My entry for this week is over at my photoblog. Thank you.


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Watery Wednesday #88: Peace

oakland museum 102

Happy New Year to one and all. I wish you PEACE for the coming year and always.

Oakland Museum, November 7, 2010.

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My World #101: Bay Trail

Happy Holidays to one and all. After all the partying and eating and drinking, I thought it was appropriate to feature the undergoing project called Bay Trail.

When complete, the Bay Trail will be a continuous 400-mile recreational corridor that will encircle the entire Bay Area, connecting communities to each other and to the Bay. It will link the shorelines of all nine counties in the Bay Area and 47 of its cities. To date, 240 miles of the Bay Trail, or more than half its ultimate length, have been developed.

The Bay Trail provides easily accessible recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, joggers, bicyclists and skaters. It also offers a setting for wildlife viewing and environmental education, and it increases public respect and appreciation for the Bay.

The Bay Trail also has important transportation benefits: it provides a commute alternative for cyclists, and it connects to numerous public transportation facilities, including ferry terminals, light-rail lines, bus stops and Caltrain, Amtrak, and BART stations. Also, the Bay Trail will eventually cross all the major toll bridges in the Bay Area.

The Bay Trail provides access to commercial, industrial and residential neighborhoods; points of historic, natural and cultural interest; recreational areas like beaches, marinas and fishing piers; and over 130 parks totaling 57,000 acres of open space. It passes through highly urbanized areas like downtown San Francisco as well as remote natural areas like the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Depending on the location of its segments, the Bay Trail consists of paved multi-use paths, dirt trails, bike lanes, sidewalks or signed bike routes.

Senate Bill 100, authored by Senator Bill Lockyer and passed into law in 1987 with the endorsement of the entire Bay Area legislative delegation, advanced the concept of a “Ring around the Bay.” SB 100 directed the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to develop an alignment for the Bay Trail as well as funding and implementation plans.

Implementation of the Bay Trail is being coordinated by the Bay Trail Project, a nonprofit organization housed at ABAG. To carry out its mission, the Project raises funds for trail construction and maintenance, ensures consistency with the adopted Bay Trail Plan, provides technical assistance, enlists public participation in trail-related activities, and publicizes the Bay Trail and its benefits to the region.

Bay Bridge in the distance, on the Emeryville portion of the Bay Trail.
The busy port of Oakland in the distance – I believe this was on the Berkeley portion of the Trail.
By Fort Baker – San Francisco/

I cannot wait for this project to be completed. It would be a dream to bike around the bay and visit the cities/towns along the way. The website also listed places to see along the trail. Click here.

All photos were taken April 2010.

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Sky Watch #121: December 11 Sky

December 11, Saturday, at the height of Christmas shopping, I managed to photograph the sky while driving from point A to point B. Not one single store or mall carries what is in your list. So it was a day of going from one store/mall to another to tick names off our list.

12-22-2010 042
It was a day of heavy fog. You can see we still have our fall colors in early December.

December 11 sunset
I would like to tell you this was on our way home, but it’s not. This is us driving to another store and it’s already sunset. We’ve been shopping a long time 🙂

Happy Holidays to one and all. May your celebrations be joyful and safe.

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Window Views and Doors Too #51:


Another little beauty I spotted in Valletta, Malta. November 2009.

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Watery Wednesday #87: Tidepools




The variety of marine life living in the tidepools is plentiful. I enjoyed watching them, but my camera would simply not focus properly. I believe it was the high humidity that made my camera temperamental. So I am just showing you the landscape. [Cancun, June-July 2010]

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Have a wet Christmas (I think that’s what we’re having here in CA) and head on over to WATERY WEDNESDAY for more watery images.


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My World #100

Happy Christmas one and all.  Head on over to my world post by clicking here.

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Photo Hunt #112: Male

Female shopper, male shop keeper. That’s what I noticed on my trip to Bangladesh. Shopkeepers were all male, so were hawkers.

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