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Watery Wednesday #84: More From Lake Merritt



In the soft lighting of dusk, the vibrant atmosphere of Lake Merritt transforms into one that is romantic and peaceful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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My World #97: Ready….Set….Cook!!!!!

The ingredients are ready.
And the turkey has been thawed and brined.
And the gravy is on its way.
Even the glasses have been washed and air dried.

Happy Thanksgiving to fellow US bloggers.

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Photo Hunt #109: Juicy

Plump and juicy.

Happy weekend.

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Skywatch #117: Veteran’s Day Blue

I was one of the lucky ones who had Veteran’s Day off from work. My hubby took the day off too. So we went for a day trip – a long drive, sort of. A little get-away so to speak, with the purpose of taking a peek at the leaves changing in Plumas County.

But on the 11th hour, we changed our minds and decided to just go with where the car would take us.

Our first stop was at Auburn. I’ve always wanted to walk around the old town, which we accomplished. We looked around, took some photos, and stopped for an Americano and a delectable piece of pecan torte. If you find yourself in old town Auburn, check out the coffee shop for their goodies. I can’t remember the name of the store (yikes) but it’s across from a restaurant called AWFUL ANNIE’S. That I remember – with a name like that you would never forget it. I must say I saw a line outside of Awful Annies, which is a testament to the quality of food they serve. Maybe next time I’ll grab some lunch there.

When we resumed driving we took Highway 49 and ended up in the nicest and prettiest little town I’ve seen so far, NEVADA CITY.  This little town is very charming and all of 2.1 sq mi, which makes it a perfect destination for a day trip.

We walked the streets lined with stores, restaurants, stores, and more restaurants 🙂  We stopped for a little lunch before resuming our exploration.

The whole time the sky was blue.  Could you believe it, I spent a whole day in two charming towns and only managed to shoot this sky image? 

That was how I spent my Veteran’s Day, exploring little towns under a blue blue sky.  How was yours? 

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Window Views and Doors Too #47:

11-11-2010 050
An autumn window

11-11-2010 053
A closer look.

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Watery Wednesday #83:


It was a gloomy twilight when we arrived at the beachside hotel.

The lack of “good” sunset to photograph led me to seek out other photo subjects of interests, the surfer/s is one of them.

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My World #96:

Sebastopol United Methodist Church.
Every time I find myself passing thru I cannot but help but photograph this church that sits atop a little mole hill by the main road in Sebastopol, California.

All my shots of this beautiful structure are drive bys. Someday I hope to end my curiosity and pull over so I can visit the inside. I don’t know if it’s open for visitors I have to find out.

We have been having a lovely mild weather out here in the bay – 70 degrees – and would stay all week according to forecast.

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