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Window Views … and Doors too #3

The view is all white, powdery white when you look out those windows.

Happy New Year everyone.

More windows and doors are here, hosted by Teach Mary.


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Watery Wednesday #39

Sausalito Marina, originally uploaded by M’roy.

A couple of years ago my husband and I celebrated his birthday by taking a day off. I asked him to play tourist in our own backyard and walk around Sausalito and enjoy the late November day. I remember the weather was sunny and very pleasant at around 60 F. We took pictures all over the marina and this is one of them. I always associate this image with his b/day. We capped the night with a lovely dinner at Chez Panisse. It was a perfect day from the time we got up to the time we turned in.

This year we celebrated his birthday by battling jetlag 🙂

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Enjoy Paris

paris12, originally uploaded by M’roy.

while I post my world entry at my other blog, http:.//

Hoped you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday celebration.


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window views and doors too #2

 Love the design at this side door on Grace Cathedral, an Episcopalian cathedral, in San Francisco.

Teach Mary hosts this wonderful meme. Join us here.


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Watery Wednesday #38

Last winter we went on a day trip to Lake Tahoe, a 3-hour drive, to snap some photos and have a “snow day”.  On the way, we stopped where cars are parked on the side of the road and explored the place on foot.  During summertime drive up to Lake Tahoe, I don’t recall even seeing this place, but of course this little bridge over a small stream is about a half hour walk from the Interstate.  Boy was I glad we stopped and took that walk.

For more water images, please visit Ms. Sweet and Saxy’s site here.


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My World #52: The Last Shopping Weekend B4 Christmas

The past weekend was the last shopping weekend before Christmas.  While majority of the population are busy shopping for last minute gifts or grocery shopping for what’s going to be on the table, we were taking it easy.  With 99% of our grocery shopping done and our gift shopping completely done two weeks before, husband and I were able to watch a movie.  We went to see 2012, which I thought shouldn’t have been shown around this season.  It’s not Christmassy enough.  Anyway, after the movies we went window shopping in Ikea and drove to Jack London Square to see the giant Christmas tree. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the memo that there wasn’t any tree this year. I wonder why.  Anyway, I’m sharing with you what I have taken on this drizzly day.

The Christmas Tree at Bay Street in Emeryville where we watched the movie.

I am so loving this new light fixture.

Just looking at the display makes me happy and gives me a lot of ideas about how to fix my own home.

I love this couch.

Happy Happy Holidays to one and all.

MY WORLD is a weekly meme featuring different worlds.  Please join us.


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Window views and doors too #1

I found another meme subject that interests me a lot.  And so I’m joining it. 

Side door to a temple, Malacca, January 2008.

Home of the windows and doors too is here, join us.


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After a short absence, I am back. And I’m sharing a couple of images from my recent visit to Paris last month.

Lucky to capture this road without any automobiles traveling nearby.

I would love to walk this path on the banks of Seine River.  If only I had time.

TWTW’s home is here.  Join us.


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Watery Wednesday #37:

Watery reflections at a little park behind the Eiffel Tower.  A little peak at the famous tower and the blue sky and white puffy clouds.

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My World

My world post is again posted here.


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