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twtw #10

Don’t you just love clever naming of business?  I thought this sign not only was clever, it was plenty obvious too.

Got signs? Join us here.  This meme is hosted by the lovely Pacey.


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My World #36: Meme Fusion

My cyberworld consists of playing memes, several memes, every week.  Two of my very fave, MY WORLD and SKYWATCH, are combined in this post.  I thought I simply must tell you how much I enjoy watching the sky and clouds and stars, etc.  So why not tell you about it here in MY WORLD?

I previously posted here on MY WORLD an entry about our camping/fishing trip to Lake Shasta.  And these photos were from that same trip. 

I found “alone time” for me and my camera one day when everyone dispersed to do their own thing after breakfast. My husband chose to sleep off a nasty hangover, some decided to take a dip in the water and fish, I found a fallen log where I had enjoyed the quietness and solitude of the camp.  I closed my eyes, make maximum use of my other senses.  I could hear whirring of motorboats, flapping of wings as birds fly over my head — they seem so very close when you close your eyes, chirping and tweeting, twigs snapping. 

I was truly grateful for my alone time.  I was sure people were walking by my “special log” as it is located near the path to the lake, but I wasn’t disturbed at all. 

When I had adequate quiet time, it was time to enjoy the sky.  And I show you here just a sample of the sky we had the next morning after that first night downfall.

That is my world for this week.  If you want to learn more of other worlds, please come and visit other players’ entry or join the fun  here.


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Whenever I go out to a new place, sightseeing and shopping/browsing are part of the package.  My shopping destinations are mostly those that sell carvings, pottery, and stones, like this one. I love polished semi-precious stones in all the yummy colors.  I may not always come out of the store with a purchase, but the time I spent inside is precious to me.

TWTW shows signs, signage, road, roadways, etc.  Join us.


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Watery Wednesday #21

One of the many beaches dotting the Northern California/Sonoma Coast. I was so tempted to post an image with people but upon reviewing my entries in the past I noted that I had to post only water this time. 

Watery Wednesday features water in every form and shape :).  Join us in featuring water on Wednesay.


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My World #35:

Still very busy with moving (haven’t moved in yet, waiting for that darn carpet from Home Depot that’s been delayed twice!!!!) so this week I’ll just show you a view of the city by the bay from across the bay in Marin County.

MY WORLD is a place  where people share their individual worlds.  Come and join us.


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twtw#8: grab the opportunity

From Bangladesh we decided to stay in Singapore for four days before going back to California.  We thought since we were in this area anyway, why not stay for a few days and enjoy the sights. 

From the magazines of our hotel room, we found a day trip to Malacca, Malaysia that was within our budget.  Since we were already in Singapore, again we grabbed the chance to see more of this region.  We signed up for that day trip to historic Malacca in Malaysia.

This is the welcome entry at the Singapore-Malaysia border.

TWTW is hosted by Pacey. Join us.


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watery wednesday #20

Ocean Beach is the widest and longest expanse of sand on San Francisco’s shores, extending from the Cliff House to Fort Funston along the Pacific Ocean. At one time, a vast sand-dune wilderness (now the city’s Sunset and Richmond Districts) separated Ocean Beach from the rest of San Francisco. Later, the Cliff House, and the now-gone Sutro Baths and Playland at the Beach amusement park, helped make Ocean Beach a fashionable resort on the outskirts of town. Today, Ocean Beach is as popular for seaside drives, brisk jogs, and sunset walks as it was the early 1900s, when seaside visitors took in the fresh briny air along the esplanade that tops the seawall.

The beach is nearly always enveloped in San Francisco’s characteristic fog throughout the late spring and summer, with average temperatures in the 50s. The water is notorious for its strong currents and fierce waves, making it popular, but dangerous, among serious surfers. The waves are quite cold, due to a process known as “upwelling,” in which frigid water from below the ocean surface rises up to replace the surface water that surges away from the beach. The rapid rip currents and cold water make the ocean dangerous for casual swimmers or even for those who simply want to set foot in it, and many swimmers have been swept away and drowned as a result. Lives have been lost here. For your own safety, obey the posted regulations and stay out of the water.

Ocean Beach is a great place to sit or stroll, fly kites, and fish the surf. Occasionally, it’s warm enough to lie in the sun. Watch for the small, shy snowy plover, a threatened species that rests here in the winter; and which is being strictly monitored and protected by the National Park Service.
Please note that all text are from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy website.

This was taken on a spring day with temps at mid 80s, a perfect day to enjoy Ocean Beach.  Personally, the way I enjoy the beach is drive to Chinatown pick up some food and drive to Ocean Beach.  Park the car and on cold blustery days eat food inside car while watching the waves splashing on the beach.

Get cyberwet every week on WATERY WEDNESDAY.


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My World #34: Too busy.

Just to show you how busy I am with work and the moving to another house business, I hardly had time to dust my rose bush.  Look at all the cobwebs that accumulated.

Sorry, fellow players, I will have to do better with MY WORLD post next time.  I simply do not have time to go thru’ my many albums and sort out the photos for an entry.  Moving in to a new (old) house is no picnic in park especially if one needs to do some renovation (knock down wall, paint the whole house, rip off old carpet and install laminate floors, gut the kitchen and put in granite slab and install new tiles, etc, etc).

Unfortunately, this rose bush is not coming with us to the new house.

MY WORLD is a weekly showcase of other people’s world from every corner of the globe. Please visit players’ posts and/or join us.


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twtw#7: Signs Seen in Sentosa Singapore

This Way Thursday is hosted by Pacey.  Join us here.


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sepia scenes #14

Any botanist or simply flower lover/enthusiasts out there who could tell me what this flower is?  We have this for years now. Too long that I can’t remember if I even knew the name.  I believe this comes from a bulb, because it lays dormant for part of the year and then wakes up to a stalk that becomes this beautiful bloom. 

Sepia Scenes is hosted by Teach Mary.  Come join us here.


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