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my world #40: gaye holud

Gaye Holud (or literal meaning using tumeric mask on body) or tumeric ceremony is part of the Bengali wedding ceremony. The gaye holud is the Bengali version of a bridal shower/bachelor’s party.  Both the bride and groom have a gaye holud.  The relatives of each family can attend the other’s gaye holud except for the bride and the groom.

The bride’s gaye holud is the one I am showing you.  This is the reason why we went to NY last April, to be part of the wedding.

The bride sits on  a dais in front of or at the end of the room.  Henna is used to decorate her hands and feet with wonderful elaborate  designs.  She usually wears orange or red sari and is decked in flowers and jewelry.  Sweets and fruits are prepared and are placed in the dais with the bride.

One by one guests come up front to apply tumeric paste to the bride’s face.  This is said to soften the skin and give the skin a wonderful glow (to be more beautiful for her wedding).  Also, the bride is fed by the guests sweets and fruits after applying the paste. Make sure to feed the bride a small piece of fruit or sweets, as depending on the number of  her guests she will be stuffed halfway thru her guest list.

There is a feast involved.  While the ceremony is going on, snacks are served to the rest of the guests.  When everyone had gone upfront and smeared the bride’s face and all the photos have been snapped, then the feast begins.

I must say that this is a wonderful experience for me.  I did not realize that there was a gaye holud. I did come for the wedding.   What an exotic ceremony it is.

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Friday Fill-ins #1

I found another meme to play.  Without photos this time, only words.

1. He was a the best one.

2. The arrival of fall leaves is what I look forward to most this time of year.

3. My best friend and I haven’t seen each other in years.

4. I really really like Wentworth Miller to be honest with you.

5. Appearances can be quite deceving.

6. The last person I gave a hug to was my husband.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to chores, tomorrow my plans include more chores and Sunday, I want to just relax!

If you want to join this meme, click here.


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watery wednesday #25

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is one of my “go to” walking places.

More water images here.


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just bcoz i wanted to post something other than a meme

So how about some random thoughts?

  • When I bloghop, I never read the author’s profile. I’m not interested on what she/he says about herself/himself.  I immediately read the entries or gawk at the photographs.
  • I watched ‘NEW IN TOWN”, a Renee Zellweger-starrer last night on DVD.  Predictable plot, uninspired dialogs, but I liked it.
  • Haven’t gone on a “shooting” trip in a while, but still plenty of materials on archives.
  • Rick Bayless, one of my fave chefs, won the Top Chef Masters crown. Of course he went up with two of my other faves too, chefs from the bay area Michael Chiarello and Hubert Keller.  I would love to eat at these three master chefs restaurants some day.

Happy weekend every one!


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When I snapped this photo in 2007, the Winter Olympics was a long way to go.  But looking at this now, it’s only a year. I hope all the facilities that needed building were built and the road to Whistler has been widened.  They were doing some construction work to Hwy 99 when we were there.

Do you have images of streets, paths, signs, signage?  Share it with us here at TWTW.


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watery wednesday #24:

This week I am digging into the archives for a water post. I wanted to see Vancouver again, because I felt like that first visit was extremely brief.  So, I am sharing with you the view of Vancouver harbour and its skyline as the cruise departs.

WATERY WEDNESDAY is a place to enjoy and share many wonderful water related images.  Go and visit.


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My World #39: Relay For Life

This past weekend (August 15-16), the American Cancer Society held its yearly Relay for Life fundraising.  It’s my first relay too.  I work in a hospital and each year, we send a team to do the relays. I never signed up.  Our church also fields in a team, and this time around, we signed up for our church.

Relay for Life is a fundraising event of the ACS and is an overnight event designed to spread awareness of cancer prevation, treatment, and cures and to celebrate survivors and is designed to raise money for cancer research.

(Track is lined with paper bags in memory of a dearly departed or in honor of a survior or someone who’s battling the disease.  It has a candle inside that’s lit during the night walk)

We signed up for the 5:30 to 6:30 slot.  Both my husband and I completed 11 laps each, not bad for a first time participant.  Next year I would allot more time to walking.

Info from Wikipedia:

Birth of the Relay:

In May 1985, Dr. Gordon Klatt, a colorectal surgeon from Tacoma, Washington, thought of the concept for the Relay For Life. He wanted to raise money for the American Cancer Society so he decided to walk around the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington for 24 hours. Throughout the night, friends paid $25 to run or walk 30 minutes with him. He raised $27,000 to fight cancer. That first year, nearly 300 of Dr. Klatt’s friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course. Relay has developed into an overnight event where people bring tents and sleep out around the tracks. People of all ages come out to bring the community together and reminisce about their loved ones who have died of cancer and honor those who have survived while raising money to fight for a cure.

Although all Relays vary, there are a few common features:

  • Most tend to go overnight
  • There is a survivors lap.
  • Opening Lap, in which all the teams take a lap around the track carrying banners and things to pass out. The team with the most creative opening lap gets a trophy.
  • A ceremony emphasizing “hope” and celebrating “cure”; this is variously called Luminaria, the Candle of Hope, or other names
  • A closing ceremony, including one last lap around the track in which everyone takes part.
  • A “Fight Back” ceremony is held in which participants pledge to fight back against cancer in a number of ways including, but not limited to, encouraging friends and family to get regular screenings, quitting smoking, or becoming a member of American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN).

A widely used slogan for Relay for Life is: “Cancer doesn’t sleep, and neither will we.”

In 2007, the closing ceremonies in many events became the “Fight Back Ceremony”, a ceremony featuring pledges by people to “fight back” against the horrible disease, this in part to a new slogan introduced in the same year reinforcing the key values of the event, “Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.”

Relay For Life is also an international event licensed to international cancer organizations that share a similar mission with the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life events are held in 19 countries outside of the United States. The American Cancer Society’s International Relay For Life Program provides training and technical assistance to licensees to ensure that the Relay events happening in these countries (like New Zealand) are successful in promoting cancer education and survivorship while raising much needed funds for international cancer organizations all over the world.

That is my world for this week.  Many more participants show off their worlds each week.  MY WORLD is the place where you can see and learn more of other people’s world.


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watery wednesday #23

Every one needs a good drink of water.  Just ask Rosie here.

More water images can be seen and admired at WATERY WEDNESDAY site, hosted by the wonderful Sweet and Saxy.


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My World #38: Those Left Behind

I have moved.  Completely.  After two months of attempting to move in (fixing the house LOL), we finally rented a U Haul truck and hauled the rest of our furnitures and moved.  The date was August first.

One week into the new house I find that I miss some of my neighbors from the old “hood”.  I will just show you two of them today.

Neighbor 1 is Mr. Squirrel.  He’s the head of the family of about 4 or 5.  He’s always on the lookout for any handouts I treat my neighbors residing in the oaks behind the house.  He can be really stubborn.  He once ruined a giant sunflower by climbing on the thin stalk to partake of the nutty delights.  We never planted any sunflowers after that summer of disaster.  But I miss him.  My new hood appears to have some gophers, but not any of Mr. Squirrel’s kin to be seen.

And neighbor number 2 is Jay, Blue Jay.  He and his kin appeared to have made some division of treats with the squirrel family as they never get to fight for the seeds I line the fences around the backyard.  Both photos are taken from my bedroom as both of my neigbors are a little cautious to get their photos taken by the papparazzi.  Oh I miss him and  his kin as well.

My new backyard has accorded me lots of moments of happy bird watching, although I could not identify any of them yet.  So far, I have seen 3 or 4 types of birds frequent my feeder.  But because of the many boxes still waiting to be unpacked I have yet to photograph any of my new neighbors. I will keep you posted next time.

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twtw#11: nyc sidewalk

 High rise on the left and greenery on the right, that’s what are one’s views when hitting this sidewalk by Central Park.

If you have signs, signage, roadway, street, walkways, etc, you can play this meme.  TWTW is hosted by Pacey. Please join us.


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