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Six Pack

I am in the mood for a little romance and I am listing my six favorite fictional love pairings on tv.

  1. Michael Scoffied and Sara Tancredi (MiSa to loyal fans)—Prison Break.
  2. Jack Slattery and Marin Frist—Men In Trees.
  3. Ross Geller and Rachel Green—Friends.
  4. Brandon Wash and Kelly Taylor —Beverly Hills, 90210.
  5. Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway —ER.
  6. Almanzo Wilder and Laura Ingalls—Little House on the Prairie.

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What’s Your Definition?

When is an affair an affair and when is it not?  I am asking because after reading this news story, I think I may have been confused with what an affair really is.  In this news story, the lawyer for Roger Clemens, confirmed a decade-long affair between the ace pitcher and a country singer, but the relationship is not sexual.  Can it be called an affair without physical relationship involved?  So, what does that mean for Clemens’ wife?  No harm, no foul, darling is that what Clemens will tell his wife since no sex was involved?  I think we have not seen the last of this story.  I will keep an eye for any follow-up reports.

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Tonight, grumpy, bratty Dr. House returns to our households and the long wait is over for us fans.  What do I want to see in the coming shows:

  • More of Chase and Cameron.
  • Cuddy and House hooking up, finally.
  • Break-up for Wilson and “the bitch”.

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Two weeks ago, the rest of my “must-see tv” shows have returned, the residents of Seattle Grace are back, so are the the islanders from Oceanic 815.  The lively household of the Walkers are also making my Sunday nights fun, and the scheming women of Wiseria Lane are back to their old ways.  I have lost interest in the latter show, but I still can’t seem to tune out.  Boy, I am really a tv fanatic.

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My husband chides me for the fact that I have more than one best friend.  He said I missed the point of the word best friend.  Best means only one, the best among the rest.  But I do have more than one best friend.  I have three of them; for a while I thought I had considered more, but looking back I really just had three.  I spoke about one several posts ago. 

Anyway, I would like to write about my other best friend, my college roommate, my co-conspirator, my go-between.  Today is her birthday (April 26) and I have not spoken to her in a very long time.  You see, she’s back in Manila and I am here across the ocean from her.  And the breakdown in our communication is due to my aversion to text and cellphones and her dislike of email/computer.  Well maybe not dislike, she just doesn’t have enough time to log on what with two growing boys to occupy her time.  I preferred to communicate via email because I sit infront of the computer 8 hours every day and I have to check my emails for work, it would not be difficult to sneak in an email or two her way.   So there, we lost touch.  

I met her when I moved to my second dormitory in my second year of college.  A few months into the new semester, I arrived from school and I saw her with my roomies and we were introduced.  My first impression was not all positive.  I thought I had enough new friends for now and I was  not eager to let another one in our newly created circle of friends.  But as fate would have it, she stuck to our group primarily because one of us is from her hometown, her homies.  I immediately realized we clicked.  We started hanging out more just the two of us and we shared secrets and let each other in on our crushes.  Thankfully, we have very different tastes in men.  We ended up being each other’s go-between.  Our conversations then were mostly one-sided; when it’s her turn she would tell me about how her day went and any progress report regarding her crush; on my turn to speak, I would not reply or comment on what she just blurted, instead I would go with my spiel about me, my day, my crush.  What a way to conduct a conversation eh?  Well, we listened intently on what each other was saying, we’re just too wrapped up in our individual news to bother piping in to what the other has said.  We bonded inspite of these conversations, or is it because of this, who cares?

So here today, I missed her more.  I missed her laughter and sense of humor.  What mother would name her kids Choco and Milko without a sense of humor, tell me?  I missed our times together.   walking the length of Recto from Mendiola to Avenida on lazy Sunday afternoons.  I missed wasting away precious times browsing at National Bookstore card section finding the funniest and weirdest cards.  I missed going to the movies with her.  Well, I missed every thing about her.

Nette, happy birthday.  I’ll shoot you an email, but I am sure you’ll get it four months from now when you’ll open your computer and shoot me an email to greet me happy birthday.  I love you BFF.


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Happy Earth Day


I have taken this picture some two weeks ago; it was over $4/gal then and it continues to climb.  San Francisco metro area is the first big city in the USA to reach the $4 mark; hence tourists are taking pictures of gas stations signs(I knew there was a reason I snapped this at that time, it just wasn’t clear then), according to our local news.  Imagine that, our pain is other people’s tourist attraction. 

This is what I call the pain that would not go away.  We should really stop relying on oil this much and continue to harness greener source.  Let’s do our share.



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Glorious Spring

Tulips are in full bloom at Queen Wilhelmina Garden.

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Do two people dream the same dream at the same night?  Apparently so.  My hubby and I both dreamed we were on a cruise last night.  What does this mean?  Is another cruise in the offing?  Are we ready to sail again and load up on calories? 

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I had a close encounter with a tick today.  We took a new walking trail today and while the view was magnificent and the trail not too rough, I brought home with me tick.  I saw two and killed them both.  I dont know if there are any lurking somewhere.  I should hope not.  I took a hot shower after I found the second one.

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Six Pack

Haven’t done a list of six in a while so I thought it’s high time to do one right now. 

Here’s a new take on the old:

  1. A penny saved is a government oversight.
  2. The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
  3. The older you get the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat have gotten to be really good friends.
  4. The easiest way to find something lost around the house it to buy a replacement.
  5. If you think there is good in everybody, you haven’t met everybody.
  6. If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.


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What a Glorious Weekend It Was!

No need to talk, just see how pretty it was around these parts.


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