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Friday’s Foto

IMG_0005, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Happy Halloween! Boo!


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He’s Not Eating A Balut, you think?

It’s crazy when I have his blog on my blogroll and I have to find out about his travel from other bloggers.  One of my fave tv personalities had visited and taped his Philippine show.  We all waited for this right?

Check this out.

He did say he’s not eating a balut.  He better not.  A foreigner eating a balut is as hackneyed as listening to Charice Pempengo belt the same old same old Whitney ditties or that Dreamgirls song.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for the airing—next season?

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My World 2: Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate_Page000, originally uploaded by airam94564.

What could be more a Northern California trademark [even the entire California for that matter] than the Golden Gate Bridge? Our beloved Golden Gate Bridge been romanticized on movies and tv shows and has been a favorite structure to destroy in sci-fi and action movies.

Every day in my commute at Eastshore freeway, I look forward to that spot where I could glance to my left and see this imposing structure in the middle of the bay. Most of the time, it’s obscured by fog, but the mere thought that it’s there to my left makes my day. I thank my lucky stars I get to see this on a daily basis.

For more info, click this.

And to see more images from other participants, or if you are interested in joining, visit this.


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Friday’s Foto

IMG_0354copy, originally uploaded by airam94564.

I don’t know if I am painfully optimistic or simply in denial big time. Either way the result is the same. The prize I long for is not coming, and here I am still waiting for its eventual arrival.

C’est la vie!


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A Little TV Viewing

I stumbled upon this article and I thought it’s very interesting.  I have copied it verbatim here:

Friends’ Anatomy.

Here goes: Meredith is Rachel. Whiny? Check. Self obsessed? Check. Highlighted to within an inch of her life? Oh, yeah. The next one’s easy too: competitive, perfectionistic Cristina is a dead ringer for Monica. Sweet, daffy, animal-loving Izzy (remember the deer?) is Phoebe sans guitar. McDreamy is sad-eyed but oh-so-condescending Ross with better hair. Dorky, formerly lovelorn George is Seattle Grace’s Chandler Bing. And then we come to Alex. Is he a perfect match for Joey Tribbiani? No. But he is a man slut who always, always gets stuck in the B plot line.

So, do you agree with the article?  Do you see the similarities? 

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My World 1: De Young Museum

view from de young museum, originally uploaded by airam94564.

My world is the San Francisco Bay Area.

For my initial entry, I am showing you a view of the outside from the second floor of the De Young Museum located inside Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This was taken a couple of years ago.

Along with fabulous views and superb eats, San Fran bay area is a must go for its museums like this one.

The same group of wonderful people who brought us Skywatch is now hosting My World, which I am hoping will be as successful as Skywatch.  Go check them out.


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Friday’s Foto

IMG_0623, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Shopping for bedcovers, blankets, etc. in this very busy market.


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