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One cup is one cup.

I am a coffee drinker.  Well decaf.  Still a coffee drinker.  On weekdays, I bring my mugfull of coffee to work.  By 3 pm, I go down to the coffee cart for a second hit. 

On weekends because of the irregular schedule, I usually just have one cup at breakfast.  Too busy to crave for coffee, that’s me on weekends. 

So, one Sunday when I brewed coffee for breakfast I made sure I had made extra for my afternoon craving.  I drink my coffee with whatever I am having for breakfast.  Hubs usually drinks his about half an hour after he finished his breakfast, while reading the Sunday papers.  OJ is his drink of choice for breakfast. 

 I made mention that there is extra coffee after he fills his cup and instructed him to keep it in the fridge as I wanted to have iced coffee later in the day.  I ran my errands, did my chores, surfed online, watched the tube, etc.  I completely forgot my coffee.

At dinner time, I thought I’d have my iced coffee then.  No worry it was decaf.  I fixed it to my taste and added some ice cubes.  When I sat down and drank it, it tasted like blah.  WTF?  I looked at my hubs and told him my coffee tasted like crap, okay it tasted like coffee-flavored water.  He smiled and said, he added water to it because there wasn’t enough left to fill one cup.  One cup is one cup he said.  I expected one cup, one cup is what I got.  Hubs can be funny sometimes.   Oh well, he shared the drink with me. 

* * * * * * * * *

Have you heard American Idol is adding a fourth judge next season?  Is it really to follow the original pattern of the British Pop Idol having four judges or to have some female on the panel that can have a sensible thing to say? 

Do I want this shake up?  I don’t.  If I want to hear something truthful and sensible, I’d want to hear it from Simon anyway.  My take:  if it aint broke, don’t fix it.   What do you think?

* * * * * * * * *

Better late than never post.  I have particularly enjoyed the Olympics this year.  Being a Winter Olympic fanatic, I found myself following the summer version this year.  The last summer Olympics that I remember watching was during the time of the Magnificent Seven, the victorious American gymnasts. 

Anyway, this year, I found myself watching diving, swimming, volleyball, basketball, track and field, rowing, and of course gymnastics.  That Shawn Johnson is too cute, isn’t she?


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Idol Speak

The Long and Winding Road leads to just 11 crooners.Last night’s much touted Lennon-McCartney night proved to be a dud, I thought. So much selection and the12 aspiring Idols did not take advantage of the opportunity. I pretty much agreed with Simon every night; but I disagreed with him when he said that guy who sang Eleanor Rigby did a fabulous job. I thought it was just okay. My favorite performance of the night was Brooke White’s Let It Be. It is one of my fave songs and she did her own version of it and I completely loved it. Ramiele on the other hand got bad reviews from all three judges. Hubby and I agreed that while we loved the song, we thought the song was a bit slow and boring. Hope she hangs on despite last night’s so-so performance.Prediction: It would have to be between Kristy Lee Cook (who I really really like) who sang that horrible version of Eight Days A Week and David Hernandez’s corny rendition of I Saw Her Standing There.

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