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Greeting Cards Have Been Sent

I received my first Christmas card via snail mail yesterday. It was from Aura, my high school BFF, which was amazing since I never received anything early from her.  Usually belated greetings.  I love the way she has mastered the art of saying enough, just enough on the greeting cards.  Enough info to let me know what’s been going on with her; enough mush on the card to make me feel warm all over, you know that sort of thing. 

One task I look forward to and can’t wait to do during this time is writing/addressing Christmas cards.  I even attach stickers (something that never left me since grade school), and to my surprise my husband does the sticker thing too.  Imagine my glee when he volunteered he had some stickers in the box marked Xmas on the garage.   It’s a pity that with the proliferation of email, it seems to be declining in popularity. 

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Entering the 12th month.

Ha! Here we go, the last month of the year, aka, Christmas season. In the past, this month sneaks in on me and before I know it, I am a few days short of the birth of Christ.  This year, I am more prepared.  Having taken over from mom in putting up the tree and trimming it, I am more aware of the things/preparations that needed to be done.  And with the 25th falling on a Tuesday this year, sandwiched by two working days, I have to be a scheduling genius to get all things done before the 25th as I have no plans of taking a day off. 

My preparations started as  I mentioned on previous post on the day after Thanksgiving.   On Saturday, I wrapped all the presents and addressed all the Christmas cards.  On Sunday, we finished with the lighting, putting up the ones for the front/garage.  It was actually a cold day,  perfect for cuddling in the sofa with the tv on and a cup of cocoa in my hand.  But there we were out in the cold, hubby up in the ladder, and I as his assistant handing him nails, wires, tapes, etc.  At around 2, I told him I was getting hungry (we dont eat lunch on weekend) and decided to make a hot cocoa and grab a banana while continuing to put up the lights.  He ate half the banana and asked if I was to take a shower still before we go out and hit Home Depot.  When I said yes, he told me to go and shower and he will finish up.  As I was stepping out of the shower, I remembered we promised my adopted MIL to stop by and see her table at the Richmond Art Center for this year’s Arts and Craft fair.  She is a whiz with scissors and thread and sewing machine.  I marvel at the beauty and elegance of her one-of-a-kind quilt.  This year, however, she is showcasing her wonderfully created handbags.  So, we had to make that stop first since the fair closes at 5 pm.  Well, I did not realize and not know before hand that this is quite a big production.  There were tables for pottery (we bought 4 pcs), jewelry, weaving, cards, etc.  There was also a silent auction for paintings and photographs.  After visiting with her and circling the fair twice, we left for Home Depot.

Is it just my husband or men in general, that when in Home Depot, they become kids or at least not their own selves?  He was looking at screws and washers and nuts for the longest time.  All I could think was I should go out to the nursery section and scout new plants, but he wanted me there next to him while he tries to find what he was looking for (more like a needle in a haystack thing).  I eventually asked what he needed.  He wanted help in finding a perfect fit for the screw he was holding.  Not really excited with the prospect, I asked what he needed it for.  After the explanation, I showed him an alternative choice (not involving finding the perfect nut or washer) and he went for it.  Score!  Anyway, shopping at Home Depot is not one I look forward to.  The store is way too big for my liking.  I have always preferred OSH, but HD has better prices on most items, so we go there.

That was my Sunday with it ending on  a lovely dinner consisting of venison scallopini with pasta and sauteed zucchini and portabello mushroom—the way my hubby made it was better than most restaurants, no kidding.

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