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Taking a short well-earned respite from blogging ūüôā


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just bcoz i wanted to post something other than a meme

So how about some random thoughts?

  • When I bloghop, I never read the author’s profile. I’m not interested on what she/he says about herself/himself.¬† I immediately read the entries or gawk at the photographs.
  • I watched ‘NEW IN TOWN”, a Renee Zellweger-starrer last night on DVD.¬† Predictable plot, uninspired dialogs, but I liked it.
  • Haven’t gone on a “shooting” trip in a while, but still plenty of materials on archives.
  • Rick Bayless, one of my fave chefs, won the Top Chef Masters crown. Of course he went up with two of my other faves too, chefs from the bay area Michael Chiarello and Hubert Keller.¬† I would love to eat at these three master chefs restaurants some day.

Happy weekend every one!


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Oh alright, facebook wins!

I am in Blogspot, WordPress, Flickr, Webshots, WAYN (where are you now), Friendster, and Alumni dot com.¬† But is that enought?¬† Apparently not.¬† Because you’re not “in” if you don’t facebook as well.¬†

I don’t want to be in Facebook.¬† I have no strong desire to find out where old acquiantances are.¬† No need to spy old loves.¬† I don’t need facebook.

I was content with Friendster.¬† I post my “personal” photos there.¬† For my friends to see.¬† Friends I met in person.¬† People I went to school with, roomed with, shopped with, drank with.¬† In short people I know.¬† I don’t actively seek out “new” people to call friends.¬†

I don’t have a need for Facebook.¬† Until today.¬† My high school friends and I are on Friendster.¬† Apparently, they also can be found on Facebook.¬† One friend, actually a couple, who I put together – yes my first successful matchmaking attempt – are only on Facebook.¬† I don’t they think they have any interest in signing up with Friendster.¬† After all, who wants to go with a sinking ship, right?

Until today.¬† Until I ask them to email me photos.¬† And they said, go to facebook, we’re there.¬†

I have had invites for Facebook.  The same people I call friends on Friendster have pending invites for facebook.  I just ignore those emails. 

But I want to see my friends, especially  this couple.  We went to high school together.  Back then I was more close to the guy than the gal.  I still am I think considering the time and distance.  He is the one emailing, not her.

I used to write his love letter to her.  My first paying job.  I was paid in kind.  He would buy me snack at the bakery, bring me some stationery, etc.  He would walk me home and the whole way we would be talking about her. 

Nothing happened in high school between them, although it was clear to all of us that she liked him too.¬† In those days and in that part of the world, having a boy/girlfriend wasn’t really the “in” thing to do.¬† Yeah I know, we were weird, right?

Fate gave them another chance one day after college when they took the same bus home from Manila.¬† The three-hour ride gave them time to rediscover the friendship.¬† And upon reaching home at about 9 pm, I got a knock on my door.¬† It was him, all excited, telling me about the chance meeting with her.¬† Right there and then, he told me he’s going to give it another shot.¬† I said I thought that he’s already seen what else is out there (college gals he dated), it’s time to really be serious if he truly wanted her.¬†

From that time on, I would get weekly updates on the progress of their relationship. Until they decided to get wed.

His mother knocked on my door one night with his younger sis in tow.¬† She was afraid the lovebirds were rushing to get¬†married.¬† I didn’t think she would be opposed to the union (she is after all not only a beautiful face, she has a DMD after her name too).¬† I thought by coming to me, she was not quite happy.¬† I told her that they were in love since high school and I think they had adequate time to think things out.¬†¬† (I didn’t tell him or her that his mom came to me that night prior to the wedding.)

So now, I got an email that they have three boys and I can see the family photos on facebook.  What choice do I have?

I won over MY SPACE.  But it seems like there is no winning over facebook.


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My First Bite of the Big Apple

This is my first trip out here in NY (attending a wedding).  Am currently blogging in my hotel room (thank heavens for moderately priced accommodations with free wi-fi) and I had a full day starting with an early flight from SFO.
Anyway, here’s my impressions for the first day.¬† I am staying here in Queens.

  • The first time I breathe the air here, I felt at “home”.¬† The feel of the air, the smell of traffic, the humidity, the lay of the street—all felt home. It felt like Manila, hell even felt like Singapore.¬† Hubs said must it be the humidity.¬† Tis only in the upper 70s and I am sweating like a pig.
  • When I remarked how comfortable I was at walking the streets and smelling the traffic (I can’t really explain it), hubs asked if I wanted to move here.¬† I told him, if I wanted to recreate the feel of Manila, I would have just stayed in Manila.¬† He said that’s a good point.¬† He too didn’t want to move away from our adopted “home”. I never felt that way with San Franciso, even now many years later.¬† SF does not remind me of Manila at all.
  • Subway trains and stations are filthy.
  • People are less friendly.¬† Instead of telling me that the seat on the subway is dirty, a tattoed girl punch me on the arm and looked the other way.¬† So, is that how people tell other people the seat is filthy, no talking all body language (and I mean a punch, okay a tap with a closed fist)
  • We were taken to a place called Jackson Heights, or little Bangladesh and India.¬† The streets are lined with Indian fabric and clothing store and jewelry store and eateries.¬† I saw one store that has a sign, BANGLADESHI AND INDIAN STYLE CHINESE FOOD.¬† You bet I wanna taste that Indian style Chinese food.
  • While I mentioned that the subways are filthy, they are nonetheless very reliable and convenient.
  • Experienced my first Bangladeshi wedding shower and was with all strangers but I never felt out of place.

It’s time to sleep.¬† Long day tomorrow.¬† I’ll try to sneak in a little sightseeing in the day and there’s wedding at night.

Oh yeah, photos will be in my photoblog later.


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No Friday Foto today

Instead, this blog I think needs updating of some sorts. I have been really busy with fulfilling photo meme obligations that this blog, which was originally meant to contain my thoughts and dreams and hopes and frustrations has ceased to be that.¬†¬† So let’s update shall we before Monday comes along again and I find myself doing some photo meme posts all over ¬†again.¬†

  • I’ve been extremely busy with tv watching lately, hehehe.¬† I know very productive undertaking, right?¬† Well, see American Idol is on and I have again taken sides.¬† Do you wanna guess who my faves are? No guesses? Okay you twisted my arm I’ll tell you.¬† It’s Adam and Anoop.¬† Hey both names start with A, I didn’t realize that.¬† Go Adam and Anoop.
  • ER, the tv medical drama, is ending.¬† Last new show is on next week.¬† It’s sad to see it go.¬† I remember how I really was into that show but lost interest when the original cast has left one by one. I want a freaking good finale, I hope the show delivers.
  • Been really exhausted lately.¬† Epstein Barr, hypothyroidism and low iron levels would cause this feeling, right.¬† I got the triple threat, no wonder I was feeling rundown for weeks.¬† I finally got the nerve to go to my doc and tell her how exhausted I was and there was no reason for it.¬† So she asked for some bloodwork to be done and voila, now I know the reason.¬†
  • We found another “dream house” in our endless search for a first home.¬† Put in a bid in¬†yesterday.¬† Keeping our fingers crossed.¬† This is the nth house we put in a bid in one year.¬† I hope we get this house.¬†
  • Job cuts have hit me personally.¬† My brother told me he’s so close to the chopping block.¬† USPS is cutting 150,000 jobs (I believe the number of zeroes is correct) nationwide.¬† I hope my sis in law is safe, but I have yet to ask her.¬†
  • At husband’s work, they just let some people go, including someone that I have met and liked.¬† I hope¬† no more lay offs.¬†
  • My mother is having a birthday on Sunday and I wish her the best of health and a healthy dose of peace of mind.¬†
  • I just learned from visiting my Friendster (yah, okay, so I have a page there :D) that my friend has gotten married.¬† Why wasn’t I notified?¬† I was a bit irked that I didn’t get an email.¬† Oh wait a minute, I did the same thing when I got married.¬† I emailed everyone months after I got married attaching photos from our honeymoon cruise :D.¬† Okay, I am no longer pissed.
  • Have an enjoyable weekend everyone.

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Because I’m feeling crappy….

I am going to dump something that has been bothering me.¬† Before I go unload, let me tell you why I feel crappy.¬† I have never got around to shaking off the cold virus I caught last month.¬† And I never got around to the doctor’s office either.¬† And now, the people I work with are showing signs of cough and colds too.¬† But they were the first ones to exhibit symptoms.¬† I caught it from them and they got better.¬† Now, they’re getting it again, and I haven’t even gotten any better yet.¬† I feel there’s another round of cough and colds.¬† Well, add some sinus congestion to my woes.

Anyway, let me tell you what gets my goat.¬† I am not a confrontational person so I don’t say anything. Most of the time I just unload it all to my spouse. Isn’t that part of their job anyway, to take in all your sh*t?¬†

Here’s one:¬† Littering fools.¬† Those adults who drive up to the parking lot of a mall, open their car door and let their fastfood trash (wrapper, cups, etc) slide off their car and they drive away.¬† For Pete’s sake, it wouldn’t take 25 cents worth of gas to drive a few yards to dump their trash in a bin.¬† Aaargh!

And then there’s this lady who goes to a Vietnamese eatery where there is a cafeteria style dining and lots and lots of prepacked food to go.¬† She goes over to the station where the prepacked food are located.¬† Picks up a sealed container.¬† Looks at it and asks nobody in particular what was in this container.¬† And before my husband could answer (we were standing next to her), she proceeded to open/unseal the container to take a sniff.¬† When my husband said its a fritata, she must have not heard of that word before so she goes further in unsealing it.¬† By this time, I was really pissed off. I told her in my friendliest tone (yeah!), it’s an omelette.¬† That she understood.¬† She tried to close the container and return the item to the table.¬† Now this is my beef.¬† If an item especially food is sealed, do not open it.¬† Contamination happens when you do; food poisoning ensues.¬† If you don’t know what’s int it, ask the people who sells it!¬† Aaargh!

Here’s another one who goes to Costco and takes a family-sized package of toilet paper; opens it and feels the softness of the paper and leaves the opened package behind. ¬† Are you kidding me?¬† Who in this united states has not used Costco toilet paper and need to see for oneself its quality?¬† Aaargh!

Okay I feel a little better now.¬† So I should go and pop some more sudafed ūüôā


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What happens behind locked door.

What happens inside our bedroom? Okay I’ll let you take a peek.Here’s what transpired last night.

He was on the bed, newspapers scattered on one side, the laptop in front of him and next to the laptop were mails. The TV was on and tuned in to House. I was on the PC next to the TV. Both of us were multi-tasking. Every now and then, he would ask me to open another tab and search something. I was googling and blogging and watching House all at the same time. Oh and yah, checking out Tony Bourdain’s No Reservation during the commercial break; he was in Chicago last night.

Around 10 pm, I looked at him and he looked back. With a cheeky smile and a little wink I ask him:

Me: Do you want something?

Him: Of course I want something!

Me: No kidding, do you want something?

Him: We both want the same thing!!!!!

Me: (getting nervous) Wait a second what do you want? REally want tonight?

Him: (smiled devilishly enjoying my discomfort) Brownies. Didn’t you want brownies tonight? ūüôā

Me: (sighs and goes over to give him a bear hug) Of course I want brownies!!!!

And we had brownies for midnight snack!



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