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Watery Wednesday #8: Alaska’s Liquid Sunshine

With all these lush greenery, you would expect water to be on the ground and falling over head.  You are right. This is a scene from Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska where their liquid sunshine keeps everything very green.

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My World #23: Pleasant Bay Weekend

Our weather here by the bay has been pleasant all week long and will continue to do so in the coming week.  Over the weekend, I found some time to walk at one of my fave parks, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, the same park I have featured in past My World entry.  With the temperatures in low 70s, the people are out walking, playing, bbquing, and the wildflowers have started to show up.  Below are photos I took on my walk.  You know I never leave home without the camera 😀

Is this not a glorious sight?  Blue skies and green grass?

People are out walking.

The eucalyptus trees are blooming!!

And so are the wildflowers.

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No Friday Foto today

Instead, this blog I think needs updating of some sorts. I have been really busy with fulfilling photo meme obligations that this blog, which was originally meant to contain my thoughts and dreams and hopes and frustrations has ceased to be that.   So let’s update shall we before Monday comes along again and I find myself doing some photo meme posts all over  again. 

  • I’ve been extremely busy with tv watching lately, hehehe.  I know very productive undertaking, right?  Well, see American Idol is on and I have again taken sides.  Do you wanna guess who my faves are? No guesses? Okay you twisted my arm I’ll tell you.  It’s Adam and Anoop.  Hey both names start with A, I didn’t realize that.  Go Adam and Anoop.
  • ER, the tv medical drama, is ending.  Last new show is on next week.  It’s sad to see it go.  I remember how I really was into that show but lost interest when the original cast has left one by one. I want a freaking good finale, I hope the show delivers.
  • Been really exhausted lately.  Epstein Barr, hypothyroidism and low iron levels would cause this feeling, right.  I got the triple threat, no wonder I was feeling rundown for weeks.  I finally got the nerve to go to my doc and tell her how exhausted I was and there was no reason for it.  So she asked for some bloodwork to be done and voila, now I know the reason. 
  • We found another “dream house” in our endless search for a first home.  Put in a bid in yesterday.  Keeping our fingers crossed.  This is the nth house we put in a bid in one year.  I hope we get this house. 
  • Job cuts have hit me personally.  My brother told me he’s so close to the chopping block.  USPS is cutting 150,000 jobs (I believe the number of zeroes is correct) nationwide.  I hope my sis in law is safe, but I have yet to ask her. 
  • At husband’s work, they just let some people go, including someone that I have met and liked.  I hope  no more lay offs. 
  • My mother is having a birthday on Sunday and I wish her the best of health and a healthy dose of peace of mind. 
  • I just learned from visiting my Friendster (yah, okay, so I have a page there :D) that my friend has gotten married.  Why wasn’t I notified?  I was a bit irked that I didn’t get an email.  Oh wait a minute, I did the same thing when I got married.  I emailed everyone months after I got married attaching photos from our honeymoon cruise :D.  Okay, I am no longer pissed.
  • Have an enjoyable weekend everyone.

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Sepia Scenes #2

Roadside scene captured on a drive-by I thought more effective with a sepia treatment.

GOT SEPIA?  Then click this.


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Watery Wednesday #7: The Mighty Colorado River

For this week’s post, I am digging into a 4-year-old archives of Grand Canyon photos.  I found one that had water on it; an aerial view of the Grand Canyon with the mighty Colorado River traversing the canyon. 

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My World #22: Me and My Camera

I have been fascinated with photography since I was in my teens.  Those were the days of film cameras where a hobby in photography was never encouraged as the cost of pursuing such interest was very prohibitive.  Hence, whenever I had a chance to snap some photos, it was of family–during someone’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or any other special occasion.  I wanted to shoot some landscape, scenery, other people, but you know we don’t want to spend money we don’t have on those subjects.  I was in school and depended on allowance money that was just enough to cover essentials. 

Thankfully, some brilliant mind/s developed the digital camera, or the technology for digital photography.  Now I can indulge in my passion.  I love to photograph everything.  This week I am going to show you a few of my passion. I loved photographing the photographer.  I saw a blog primarily aimed at featuring photographers in action and I knew I wasn’t alone in this pursuit.  Here are some of my shots of amateur photographers in action.

Families are a great subject, first because they don’t mind you taking their pictures 🙂

Engrossed in the task at hand-capturing the beauty of Grand Canyon.  And I am as engrossed in capturing him in this environment.

Parks are a big hit with photographers especially when the blooms of spring are at their peak. 

Some take their shots whenever they can take it.  Father and son (my bil and nephew) inside the ruins of Sonargaon.

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Friday’s Foto

Yello tulips, originally uploaded by M’roy.

Welcome Spring!


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Sepia Scenes #1

IMG_0019aaaa, originally uploaded by M’roy.

Oh my once you had a taste of photo meme there is no stopping. I think I’m addicted. Case in point, here I am joining another one, SEPIA SCENES.

My initial entry comes from San Pablo Dam reservoir picnic area, Fourth of July 2008. Eat, play, eat, that’s what a 4th of July picnic is all about.

Wanna view more SEPIA SCENES?  Click HERE.


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Watery Wednesday #6: Marin Headlands

My entry for this week comes from Marin Headlands.  Here’s a short text from Marin Headlands website:

Welcome to the Marin Headlands! One of the most unique parks in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Marin Headlands covers various types of histories from the Miwok Indians to the Military, including historic Fort Barry and Fort Cronkhite, the NIKE Missile site and the 150 year-old Point Bonita lighthouse. Other attractions include vast hiking trails, dog friendly Rodeo Beach, and astonishing views of the coast and the city. The explosion of wildflowers in the spring and raptor migration in the fall fill the headlands with year round excitement.

The Marin Headlands is an example of one of the last open spaces still available in the Bay Area for visitors to enjoy.

I am guessing that the red roofs were once military barracks. 

WATERY WEDNESDAY page features more water images, go and visit.


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My World #21: Spidey No More?

In August of 2008 while driving along The Embarcadero, I noticed this giant scupture.  Who would miss this huge spider?  The sculpture is named Crouching Spider by artist Louise Bourgeois.  Crouching Spider weighs 4,333 pounds.  Then in February of this year, I walked up and down Embarcadero and did not see it. It was no longer there.  Then I remembered reading about this structure in the March-April 2008 Via Magazine. Here’s what Via said about this structure:

“A 4,333-pound spider inspired by the artist’s mother?  The New York City-based Bourgeios, born in France to a family of tapestry restorers, has written that, like a spider, here mother was “deliberate, clever, patient, soothing, reasonable, dainty, subtle, indispensable, neat, and useful.” Intended as a temporary installation on the Embarcadero until June 2008, with a possible 10-month extension, this arachnid stands poised within steps of the Ferry Building’s gourmet food purveyors and about a quarter mile from Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s giant bow-and-arrow sculpture. “We’d love to make it a permanent,” says Jill Manton of the San Francisco Arts Commission, which contracted teh spider, “but the city simply can’t afford the $6 million price.” Any deep-pocketed archnophile art patrons out there?”

That article was from March 2008, I shot the picture in August 2008. Is it possible that I was not paying attention when I went out walking in February 2009 and missed the installation?  Is the spider still there?  Any SF/Bay Area people know if the Crouching Spider is still there.  For the giant bow-and-arrow photo, click the embarcadero link above.

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