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My World #75: Interesting Mural

This facade faces the Chinatown neighborhood.

And this side faces the North Beach (or Little Italy neighborhood).

I cannot avoid snapping at this building which houses some apartments upstairs and a Chinese restaurant downstairs.  I haven’t been to this establishment.  Yelpers are not too kind to it, though.

One time while surfing the net I read one article calling this building the Jazz Building, but I cannot find any other articles that call it Jazz Building.  Anybody else know why the mural and what it is for?

Hoping that you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.



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Photo Hunt #85: Memorial

The Temple of Hephaestus in the ancient Greek agora is a memorial to Hephaestus who is the Greek god of fire and volcanoes and of all craftsmen and smiths. He is the equivalent of the Roman god Vulcan.

Snapped from Acropolis, November 2009.

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Sky Watch #92: Watching the sunset

Our first sea day we were able to watch the sunset on the deck.  You may notice that there seems to be no one around.  It looks like that on this picture.  This was when the wind picked up and it was cold, so people watched the sunset away from the wind path.

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My World #74:

Many of you know or have noticed that I love drive by shots.  I love it so much that I think nearly half of what I have in my archives is drive by.  Lately, inspired by the newest meme that I am participating in WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO hosted by Teach Mary and by a Flickr contact of mine that features many many many shots of houses in San Fran, I thought I’d devote a huge portion of my drive by shots to houses/homes/doors/windows.  And here’s one that’s been sitting on  my archives for a couple of years. 

Taken at the corner of 8th and Washington St. in Oakland is Kai Japanese Restaurant.  I haven’t been in this restaurant. I liked its facade though.

I will not be able to visit as much this time around. I will be away from my computer for a couple of days.  Have a good week every body.

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Photo Hunt #84: Monthly

I wish I could go out and dine in style on a MONTHLY basis, but my pocketbook says no.  So I just go 1-2 a year on very special occasions.  Gives me plenty of time to save up for that $12 cocktail 🙂

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Sky Watch #91:

Highway 395 in the Eastern Sierra area is  a scenic stretch of roadway.  The passing scenery didn’t take away from my skywatching.

The photos are snapped around the Mono Lake area, a little bit of the lake is seen on second image.

Eastern Sierra, Memorial Day Weekend 2008.

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Window Views and Doors Too #23

Inside the Riviera del Pacifico – formerly known as the Playa Ensenada Hotel and Casino – in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. 

The hotel/casino was opened in the 1930s and was a popular place to visit for Hollywood celebrities and wealthy Americans during the prohibition.  

This plush gambling and casino attracted personalities like Johnny Weismuller, Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball, etc.

Now it is functions as a social, civic, and cultural center and a major stop for cruisers docking in Ensenada.  I hope to be able to dig up the exterior shots that I took so I could also share those with you.



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Watery Wednesday #59: Seine

I have been living on archives lately when it comes to WW.  I hope that’s fine as I still have quite a few waiting for their turn here on WW. 

Seine River, November 2009. 

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My World #73: Fort Point Pier

This old wharf sits on its mostly wooden pilings over a sandy bottom. However, because of its location near the bay entrance, and because of debris which has built up over the years under the pier, offerings include more than just sandy-shore species of fish. Here you might catch almost any type of fish that enters the bay. Most common are white croaker, several varieties of perch, jacksmelt and topsmelt, flatfish such as sand sole, sand dabs and starry flounder, smaller rockfish, sharks, rays and skates. This pier also offers excellent crabbing for both red crabs and rock crabs. You will also often bring up Dungeness crabs, but remember that it is illegal to keep these crabs in San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay. []

A fine day for fishing.

A man readies his crabbing net.

A striped bass was caught.

And crab too.  This is  a popular spot for crabbing.

And a boy caught starfishes!  Wow!

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Photo Hunt #83: Half

I spent a tedious yet relaxing  2+ hours browsing the archives – from one album to another looking for an image that would say “half”.  My external drive holds my images from 2007 onwards and all I have that would correspond to this theme are two images.  TWO! Out of thousands.  So yes, I would say that this theme is difficult for me 🙂

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