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Watery Wednesday #72: Front Row Seat

Uncle and his grandkid had the best seat in the house as they beek under the 80-degree sun – a San Francisco treat.

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My World #85: Parting is such sweet sorrow.

This week my husband and his “partner in crime” parted ways after years of togetherness. It was bittersweet for him.
Lumix 309
This is his old car that he bought 12-15 years ago. It was his first “good” car. A car he used to transport him to and from his two jobs and school. He ate his meals on the go while driving from one job to another. He did everything with this car.
But the car has been inoperable for three years, simply gathering rust. Not that it’s broken down. It works really well, but we have opted to go for smaller cars that are more environmentally friendly. WE also didn’t avail of the clunker program because our cars are still newer and we didn’t need another one.
So when we heard from Red Cross that someone was coming over to pick up the car, we were happy that finally the car that helped my husband through all those years, would not help someone else via Red Cross.

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Photo Hunt #97: Framed

sagrada familia
Framed image/plaque of Sagrada Familia – Joseph, Mary, Jesus – spotted at Sagrada Familia Museum, Barcelona. November 2009


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Sky Watch #105: Golden State

I really believed that if gold was not found in California, this great state would still be toting the monicker GOLDEN STATE because of these golden hills.

In the summer our hills are covered in dry grass that appear to be golden under our abundant California summer sun. Of course these same hills and these same dry grass cause great distress during fire season.

I would like to report that we have finally had our taste of summer heat. Bayside, we had two days of 90+ degree weather. The temp was expected to reach a high of upper 80s, but on Monday we even reached triple digit. Remind me not to whine or even talk about how cool our summer has been because these three days of mini heat wave has shown me that I am not a hot weather person.

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Window Views and Doors Too #35: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Was driving by this neighborhood, a common route we take when running some errands in the city, when I found a small window of opportunity (read: traffic has stopped) to photograph the doors of St. Mark’s in San Francisco.

I suggest you check out this link to view the entire church. Thanks.

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Watery Wednesday #71:


A little cheerful image of the pool aboard a cruise ship.

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My World #84: Flowers Make My World Pretty

August is almost over and I just realized that the flowers of spring and summer will soon wither to give way to the beautiful explosion of leafy reds and yellows.
So I had a thought. Why not share the few floral images I took during these seasons here.
“The Amen of nature is always a flower.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Hope you stop and smell the flowers in YOUR WORLD.


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Photo Hunt #96: Numerical

Numerical information you need to know before entering the park.
Numerical ID on the field.
Another numerical designation.

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Sky Watch #104:



I just can’t decide which one to post so I posted both of them. It’s like when us girls go shoeshopping and found the perfect pair. We stand there trying to make up our minds on whether to get the pair in white or black. And then we walk out the store with both pairs in our shopping bag. It’s the same dilemma. So I’m walking out the “dashboard” with both images on this post.

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Window Views and Doors Too #34: Driving By Alexandria


Striking color scheme caught my attention to these blue windows as the taxi whizzed by the streets of Alexandria, Egypt.

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