Delayed Gratification

19 Feb

In this day and age of instant gratification, here’s my story of the opposite.  Actually as I am writing this, the gratification part is not done yet.  I will write about this anyway, because what is a little more delay compared to the length of the first delay.

Ever heard of the Eagles?  The band that has been resurrected after hell froze over in 1994?   My story is about them.

One day in 1995 or 1996 (even probably 1997), while at the tail end of a weeklong bout with flu, I found myself well enough to get my own breakfast downstairs. But I was not willing to crawl back to my sick bed afterwards.  So I lazily parked my big butt on the sofa and decided it was a perfect day to just chill in front of the TV and probably catch one of those 80s Molly Ringwald starrers.  While flipping channels, I came upon MTV and the Eagles were singing.  I always thought of myself as a rock fan—loved all the monster ballads and the big hair rockers of the 80s.  So I stayed to hear one song (still searching for a teen movie I had loved as a teenager to come), then another, then I found myself still tuned in at the end of the concert.

Luckily, MTV was featuring a marathon of the reunion concert for six hours.  I watched and watched over and over.  I had my fill.  I also became an instant fan.

Immediately after that I went to find the DVD and the CD.  I thought the price was high for my taste.  I told myself that once the hysteria over the reunion has subsided, then the price would go down.

2007 came and I still did not have either the CD or DVD.  On one trip to Fry’s I found a copy including their most recent FAIRWELL I tour.  The price of the first concert DVD had not gone down much in 10 years. So I was decided to get it then.  Dearest hubby said, check online (yeah I shop online too).  Plus, it was not on the budget, you know.

After our emergency trip to Bangladesh and Singapore in January, I told my hubby that I have some left over pocket money from the trip.  He suggested I put it back in the bank but I said I’d rather not.  He asked if I had plans for the money and I said yeah.  Those Eagles DVD are going home to me.  He said go ahead.

Okay, so I physically don’t have them yet, but the fact that I can have them anytime I want and because it’s in the budget makes me a bit giddy sometimes.

I know you all want to tell me:  GET OVER IT!

*******UPDATE:  I have just purchased yesterday the LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN double disc and the FAREWELL I tour DVD.  Two down, one to go.  Yay!  I am so psyched!!!!!

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