Greeting Cards Have Been Sent

14 Dec

I received my first Christmas card via snail mail yesterday. It was from Aura, my high school BFF, which was amazing since I never received anything early from her.  Usually belated greetings.  I love the way she has mastered the art of saying enough, just enough on the greeting cards.  Enough info to let me know what’s been going on with her; enough mush on the card to make me feel warm all over, you know that sort of thing. 

One task I look forward to and can’t wait to do during this time is writing/addressing Christmas cards.  I even attach stickers (something that never left me since grade school), and to my surprise my husband does the sticker thing too.  Imagine my glee when he volunteered he had some stickers in the box marked Xmas on the garage.   It’s a pity that with the proliferation of email, it seems to be declining in popularity. 

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