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Heeding Hillary


After last night’s speech, it all made sense to me to throw my full support to Obama.  I must admit I am into this election not just for Hillary.  I am into this election because I have had enough.  Enough of the last eight years.  Enough of high gas prices.  My little Toyota eats up $40 a week, double from eight years ago.  Enough of trying to dig up for oil and start searching for alternative fuel.  Enough of never ending parade of faces on the local news notifying us of another local soldier’s death from the war. Enough war.  Enough high prices for commodities. Enough of foreclosures and more of affordable housing. In short, enough of Republican rein.

Here’s my favorite part of Hillary’s concession speech a few months ago:

So I want to say to my supporters:  When you hear poeple saying or think to yourself, “If only, or, “What if, ” I say, please, don’t go there.  Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.

Life is too short, time is too precious, and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.  We have to work together for what still can be. 

And I am listening to her.  You better do as well.

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