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Stray Thoughts on Stray Bullets

I think my my juices only flows when I do a listing.  I believe I need to make an appointment with the conjunction family before I could truly come up with one cohesive paragraph.  Anyway, here are my thoughts:

  • Did anyone see No Reservations last night?  Of course you did.  This was the Saudi Arabia show where at the beginning of the episode Tony showed how he narrowed down his choice of places to visit to three places: Saudi Arabia, Buffalo, NY, and the Philippines.  He interviewed these three people whose video submissions he chose.  The guy who voted Philippines was in my opinion not the right one to accompany Tony to the country he obviously knew nothing about.  While I would love for Tony to enjoy my homeland, this was not that time.  The Saudi episode was great I thought. 
  • It was not the tomato???? Really? So now it’s the poor jalapeno pepper huh!  The salmonella outbreak that pinned tomato as the carrier now has a new source, the real source?  Anyway, despite the seriousness of the threat of salmonella, our household did not stop buying and eating tomato.  Too bad for the tomato industry for all their lost income.
  • American Idol summer auditions were conducted here in San Fran last Thursday, July 17.  Was this the first for the summer?  Had I known it way in advance I would have taken a day off and had a field day photographing all those wannabes.  Sayang! 😛
  • Girl shouting match at the tracks?  Danica Patrick and some girl were shown yelling (okay the other girl was yelling, per Danica interview) at each other.  While I don’t mind girls driving and racing, this is a consequence when there are girls around.  Sometimes, girls can’t get along.  And I don’t want to see that in a Nascar setting, even on the sidelines.  It kills the experience for me.  (I am not a Nascar fan, I just watch sports highlights :D)
  • Last Friday, darling husband and I took a day off, a much needed rest from work, plus hubby’s vacation cap is getting full.  He must use his time off or lose it.   Use it we did.  I too have plenty of vacay time available so it was easy to request a day off at a day’s notice.  So what did we do?  Nope, we did not rest, did not stay at home and vege out on the couch watching dvds.  We went for a drive, inspite of the high gas prices.  The sacrifices you do for your passion really.  It was a beautiful day, cool, typical of the summers here in the Bay.  Our destination was Stinson Beach in Marin county.  We always go to Point Reyes and drive by Stinson Beach, but never really took time to stop and go to the beach.  Wow! No wonder it is popular.  It is so gorgeous.  And crowded for a Friday.  I overheard one lady say that the idea of taking a day off must not be novel. It sure looked like a lot of people took the Friday off.  We ended our day in Marin county by driving 13 miles to Olema for a very late lunch.  Overall, Friday was a fun day.

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Six Pack

I have not been doing a six pack in so long, so with yet again a bout of writer’s block, I thought I’d share some “intimate” details about me. 😛

  1. Wednesday is my garbage day.
  2. I get all my news from the internet and 11 o’clock news but I have the local newspaper delivered every day.
  3. I hate horror movies, but I love watching Stephen King movies.
  4. I can’t stand dusting and vacuuming and sweeping, but I enjoy ironing and doing the laundry.
  5. I prefer JC Penneys over Macy’s.
  6. I could spend hours playing Bejeweled.

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Six Pack

Sometime ago, Geri asked the question, WHO’S YOUR SEXY?  I am ready to answer.  Here’s my sexy in no particular order.

1.  Wentworth Miller

2.  Matt Damon

3.  Piolo Pascual

4.  Shahrukh Khan

5.  J. T. Snow



6.  The Eagles, collectively.  Still yummy  @ 60, aren’t they?



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Many Firsts

I am back from my Memorial Day road trip and as expected I am at a loss for posts.  I do have a couple in my draft folder, but they are still waiting for pictures that I have yet to upload.  And the rule of when at a loss for posts, go with the meme applies here, except that the memes I have been reading lately are not applicable to me or simply uninteresting I thought.  So, let me make up my own in line with my recently celebrated first wedding anniversary, I thought I would list some of my “firsts”.

FIRST CRUSH:   Atoy Co, I was in grade school and I thought he was cute.

FIRST ENVY:   I experience the green monster at age 5 or 6 when my mother’s friend’s daughter while visiting us for the day brought her toy doctor kit.  I was jealous a lot.  I never experienced that kind of feeling again, at least not that intense.

FIRST PRESENT FROM A BOY:  In grade I, a boy named Danilo (don’t remember his last name, went away after the first grade) presented me his tooth that fell off his mouth that day in school.  I jumped out of my seat and chased him around the classroom.  I guess he liked me 🙂  Anyway, I never seen him again until I was 17 during my father’s funeral.  I was a mess and I knew I didn’t look all that pleasing, but he remembered me and we just exchanged hi.

FIRST BOY I SLAPPED:   Let me first say, I don’t go around slapping boys.  This would be the first and last time I did it.  It was my cousin Arnel who sat behind me during 4th grade.  Our row used to have a lot of fun and we talked a lot during class, but one day I guess he pushed my button and slapped him in front of our classmates.  I was sorry.

FIRST COCKTAIL:   Screwdriver, Tia Maria’s Greenhills, just us girls chilling after the exams and to celebrate Anne’s birthday.  After a couple of sips, I gave my drink to another girl who wanted to drink some more.  It took me a while to develop a taste in alcohol and cocktail, thank heavens!

FIRST CONCERT:  Yanni, Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA.  I am not a concert goer, but hubby (then bf) wanted to see Yanni, plus tickets were free   🙂  I totally enjoyed the concert; Yanni was a seasoned performer.

FIRST ROADTRIP:  Then bf (now hubby) and I took the first of our many road trips taking a day trip to Half Moon Bay, CA.

FIRST BOY-GIRL PARTY:  I threw a boy-girl party at the end of the summer when the entire community of boys and girls in my block had that wonderful summer vacation spent by playing games and boys and girls did not do a lot of fighting, which was really surprising.  That was the one summer, I believe the summer of my 11th year, where I had the most fun playing shatong, tumbang preso at moonlight, and patintero among other things.  There was music and dancing, but no food.  I sprang the idea to my parents a couple of hours before all my playmates showed up at our house.

FIRST TIME I PLAYED MATCHMAKER:  Gilbert and Jojo.  High school.  I wrote love letters to Jojo from Gilbert who paid my services by buying me snacks, particularly cornick with spicy hot vinegar, dirty ice cream, egg pie and coke at Queen’s and by adding to my collection of stationery.  They have been married for years, two boys.   🙂

FIRST DORM:  Thaddeusian Ladies Dorm, Buencamino Alley, CM Recto Ave.  It was the location for Pop’s first movie.  I thought that was the selling factor for that dorm. 

FIRST ASIAN COUNTRY VISITED:  Singapore, four days.  Great food, clean, orderly, but way too hot and humid for my taste.

FIRST MOVIE SEEN IN USA:   Sleepless in Seattle.  Remains one of my fave chick flicks.

FIRST FENDER BENDER:   A big rig hit me during rush hour, luckily we were in a jam and the traffic was moving about 15 mph, very minor damage.  Driver pulled over,  said he was sorry that he fell asleep!


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Six Pack

I am in the mood for a little romance and I am listing my six favorite fictional love pairings on tv.

  1. Michael Scoffied and Sara Tancredi (MiSa to loyal fans)—Prison Break.
  2. Jack Slattery and Marin Frist—Men In Trees.
  3. Ross Geller and Rachel Green—Friends.
  4. Brandon Wash and Kelly Taylor —Beverly Hills, 90210.
  5. Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway —ER.
  6. Almanzo Wilder and Laura Ingalls—Little House on the Prairie.

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Six Pack

Haven’t done a list of six in a while so I thought it’s high time to do one right now. 

Here’s a new take on the old:

  1. A penny saved is a government oversight.
  2. The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
  3. The older you get the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat have gotten to be really good friends.
  4. The easiest way to find something lost around the house it to buy a replacement.
  5. If you think there is good in everybody, you haven’t met everybody.
  6. If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.


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The I (tagged myself) meme…

Mari over at Art and Soul did this meme, but did not tag anyone.  I tagged myself for lack of things to post (isnt that always the case with meme posts?) 

So here goes the I meme:

I am fond of reading people’s meme.  It reminds me of the slum (or is it slam) book we had in grade school.

I want to be able to see more places, travel the world in short.

I have many good qualities….neatness is not one of them.

I wish for a whole lot of things, but their all for me so I better not share it with you.

I hate it when I give in to my laziness.

I fear a whole lot of things, the unknown for one.

I search for more knowledge and understanding.

I wonder why we age outside, but inside we remain the same way.

I regret the many times that I didn’t just “go for it”.

I love blogging, and bloghopping.

I always find time to blog.

I am not a well-organized person.

I danced in school programs in school.

I sing in the showers like every one else I guess.

I cry at the silliest occasion, like Hallmark commercials (the ice skater), and at the movies.

I write for myself, my therapy.

I won $100 once in the slots at the penny machine.

I am confused with a lot of things, the time space continuum for instance and the parallel universe concept.  I believe in them, but I am confused.

I should exercise more, eat better (well this one’s almost in the bag), think more happy thoughts, whine less, and be thankful for all that I have.

The last thought before I go to sleep…I usually am unconscious the minute my head hits the pillow.  Other times, I am thinking I should stay awake to see David Letterman’s monologue.

There it is done!



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Six Pack

This week’s six pack is about my last six Netflix rentals and my ratings.

  1. Atonement *****
  2. No Country For Old Men *****
  3. Shrek The Third **
  4. Lust, Caution *****
  5. The Kingdom**
  6. The Vacancy***
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Six Pack


In January, I visited Bangladesh for the first time.  Here are the six highlights and six lowlights of my visit.


  1. People are extremely warm, generous, friendly, and hospitable.
  2. Food is surprisingly good considering I am more of a carnivorous, their heavy on veggies and very light on meat menu is very tasty.
  3. Their sweets are terrific.
  4. Old buildings and structures are magnificent (and pink).
  5. Shopping is enjoyable, it was 70 taka to 1 US$ when I was there.
  6. The slower pace of living bored me initially, but I could really get used to this again.


  1. The seemingly lack of traffic rule enforcement, to each his own out there.
  2. Traffic jams every where at any time.
  3. Pollution, you can see it.
  4. Difficulty in hailing a cab.  You don’t wanna rent a car, you’ll have a coronary just navigating the streets, believe me.
  5. Wearing orno is problematic/difficult. Orno is that scarf worn over the chest to conceal one’s boobies.  I could wear what’s in the photo minus the orno, thank you very much.
  6. Very few public restrooms.


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Six things on my mind right now.

Let me start doing my own list and this would be my first, hope to do this every week.

In no particular order:

  1. Losties….whose story would it be tonight on Lost?
  2. I really have to put away my “winter” clothes, it has been very pleasant and sunny the past two weeks.
  3. Can this week go any slower?  I have been praying for Friday since Tuesday (see previous post).
  4. I can’t believe Ramiele Malubay sang Against All Odds last night!  Every year someone sings that;  it is not a good contest song.  Hope she gets a break and moves on.
  5. I really should start my candle making project that has been gathering dust for 6 months.
  6. Should I or shouldn’t I start another blog? 🙂
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