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Sky Watch #90:

Sky over Notre Dame Cathedral.  Paris.  November 2009.

Happy Skywatching everyone!

Skywatch is a weekly gathering of sky watchers and sky lovers.


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Window Views and Doors Too #22:

I love watching the shows House Hunters, House Hunters International, Property Virgin and anything related to buying and selling a house.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about and would love to check them out, they are on HGTV. 

I mention this because I watched one show where a couple from the city wanted to buy a vacation/weekend home in Napa Valley.  This house I snapped while we drove around Napa on one of those I’m-bored-let’s-go-to-Napa weekends.  Napa is 30 mins drive away [less if no traffic].  This house also resembles the house the couple on the show bought for nearly a million bucks, of course it has a good amount of acreage attached to the house. 

I love this style of house.  I don’t know exactly this style.  But the balcony is my favorite feature of any house.  Ironically, I had to settle for one without a balcony when we were buying our house.  Sometimes, one has to give up something to get everything.

TEACH MARY graciously hosts WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO.  Please join us.


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Watery Wednesday #58:

Three years ago we went on an Alaskan cruise.  It was a 7-day cruise with three ports of call. Our last one was in Skagway, where we signed up for a tour that took us to the mountains and crossed the border to Canada’s Yukon territory. 

Along the way, our tour stopped at waterfalls like this.  They are along the road.  Our tour guide passed paper cups and asked us if we wanted to taste fresh glacial water from melting glacier and snow.

The picture above is a shot of another tour group.  The one below is where my husband boldly went down to where he can fetch the water for us. I didn’t attempt to go down as there was no trail and while it wasn’t a steep descent, the rocks were slick.

It’s the freshest invigorating water I’ve ever tasted.  I know I have been digging into my box of oldies.  You all can relate I’m sure about taking too many pictures at one time and forgetting all about them.

Water, water everywhere.  WATERY WEDNESDAY is a good place to spot some.  Go visit.  And say hi to our wonderful host, 2sweetnsaxy.


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My World #72: Fort Point

From its vantage point overlooking the spectacular Golden Gate, Fort Point protected San Francisco harbor from Confederate & foreign attack during & after the U.S. Civil War. Its beautifully arched casemates display the art of the master brick mason from the Civil War period.

On a beautiful April day after attending the Remembrance Walk, we thought we’d explore the Presidio and enjoy the sun awhile.  We drove down towards Fort Point (the brick structure under the bridge) with no intention of going in.  As a matter of fact we walk the opposite way going all the way to the pier to watch the fishermen haul in fish and crabs, which would be another post I think.

And then I spotted this posted by the Warming Hut, which is the cafe/souvenir shop across from the pier.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it initially, although I thought it was worth snapping.

We stayed by the pier for sometime, then grabbed some eats at the cafe.  Like everyone else, we took the eats out and enjoy it watching the bridge the whole time.  We stayed there some more after we finished eating and started our walk back to the car.  But when we reached the car, I noticed surfers underneath the bridge trying to catch some waves. I wasn’t ready to leave yet.  Neither was my husband.  So we walked towards the fort and saw that it was open. I remembered the free concert poster that I saw earlier.  It would be nice to listen to some music.

Inside we saw these beautiful arches, on the bottom artillery are displayed.  Apparently you can go on the very top for an awesome perspective. Sorry we missed that chance.

Designed to house 500 soldiers and 126 cannons.

A perfect day in the Presidio and the icing on a wonderful cake was this beautiful sounding group.

This is a case of because it’s there I’m not gonna rush to see it.  I am making a promise to myself to see and visit the places around my neighborhood that I haven’t seen yet.  This was my first visit to Fort Point.

Visit more posts at MY WORLD.


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Photo Hunt #82: Mother

Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful gift.  We will take care of it, preserve it so the next generation can enjoy it as well – the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.  You have the hardest job in the world.

PHOTO HUNT is home to the hunt, hosted by Ms Tnchick.


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Sky Watch #89:

This series of drive by shooting was in January.  Hubs and I were driving home from a pre-op appointment with the surgeon.  I was filled with fear, confusion, and more fear.  But I brought my camera and started to shoot the sky while he drove.

I didn’t stop shooting even though we reached the freeway.  Watching the sky and taking pictures of it calmed my nerves.

My husband who normally would beg me to stop shooting as a running joke was quiet.  By the time we reached home, he went to fetch his car and then we both went to our separate jobs, I was feeling fine.  I thank skywatching for its power of healing – a broken heart, an injured spirit. 

SKYWATCH is a weekly gathering of sky lovers and sky watchers. Please join us.


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Window Views and Doors Too #21: Church of the Holy Apostles

Outside looking in.

Inside looking out.

You can read more about this church at my photoblog

Teach Mary hosts Window Views and Doors Too


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Watery Wednesday #57: Trevi Fountain

I can’t think of a more popular or more iconic fountain in the whole world than Trevi Fountain in Rome.  Trevi Fountain stands 25.9 m (85 ft) high and 19.8 m (65 ft) and is considered the largest and most ambitious of the Baroque fountains of Rome. 

Things you need to know about the tradition of coin throwing.  If you throw one coin, it will ensure your return to Rome.  If you throw 2 coins, a marriage will occur soon.  If you throw 3 coins, this will lead to a divorce.  Keep that in mind 🙂

Approximately 3,000 euros are thrown in the fountain daily and are collected at night.  The money is used to subsidize a supermarket for Rome’s needy.  So go ahead throw that coin, it’s for charity.

You want more water?  WATERY WEDNESDAY has a whole lot more. Go visit the site and say hi to 2sweetnsaxy.


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My World #71: Noodle Fest

Chinatown Community Development Center and North Beach Merchants Association are putting on Noodle Fest 2010: Chinatown and North Beach, A Cultural and Culinary Celebration for you to come out and sample delicious noodle and pasta dishes from over thirty restaurants from Chinatown and North Beach! So come ready to mingle, enjoy live entertainment, watch noodle making demonstrations by renowned chefs, vote for your favorite restaurant from both neighborhoods, and enter in an exciting raffle contest!

When we read that advertisement – food and food and walking along the neighborhoods of Chinatown and North Beach – we immediately went online to buy tickets.  They were selling tickets at $15 online and $20 at the event.

The poster that is plastered all over the place.

Whether you bought your tickets online or purchased them at the event, you have to line up to get your passport.  For the ticket price, you will get to taste 3 dishes from Chinatown restaurants and 3 dishes from North Beach (or Little Italy).

We started our tasting at the Chinatown side.  Chinatown’s color is red.

Then we walked a few blocks to sample the cheesy, tomato-y goodness of Italian noodles (pasta).  North Beach’s color is blue.

Since this is a new festival – this being it’s first time – there weren’t as much people as any SF street festival I have attended.  In between tasting, I took my sweet time shooting.  However, ladies and gentlemen, I have made a serious boo-boo.  I FORGOT to take photos of the food.  And this was a food festival.  Pardon me, the newbie in me and the hungry stomach are to blame for this major lapse.

MY WORLD is here. Join us.


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