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Photo Hunt #79: Covered

For once there is a theme that I didn’t spend too much time looking for pictures to post.  I already knew weeks in advance – when the themes for the week were posted by Ms Tnchick – what I would use for this week. 

Covered heads, wedding going on at the gurdwara in Fremont.  There is a large Indian community in Fremont and in the entire Silicon Valley region.

Covered heads, Bay to Breakers marathon, San Francisco.

More covered heads, Sikh parade, Yuba City, CA.

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Sky Watch #86:

Ever since I joinoed Sky Watch I got pretty OC with snapping sky photos.  I do it all the time, walking in the park, getting my groceries, or riding in cars.  And I become manic.  I shoot and shoot and drive my husband crazy by my constant snapping.   As a result I have quite a few of sky shots in my archive.  So I was pretty dismayed to find these images still sitting there.

We were driving home from a camping trip in Lake Shasta on a hot, dry California summer .   I am not sure now if this was in I-5 or in Hwy 505.  The sky was particularly pretty that day.

And in my skywatching I noticed something in the sky I haven’t seen before. I don’t know what it was.  I begged my husband to look up and see if I was seeing what I was seeing.  But he was more interested in driving.  As you can see from the first image, there was hardly any traffic that time so he could take a peek, but he didn’t see it.

And so I took a closer shot, maxed out my zoom capability.  Only when we uploaded it on the computer did my husband see that I saw.  Can anyone help in identifying this “phenomenon”?

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Watery Wednesday #54:

Enjoying a lovely day at Placa Catalunya, Barcelona.  November 2009.

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My World #68: I Left My Heart (Just kidding)

It was a rare sunny day in the city by the bay, still clear when typically the fog should’ve rolled in and covered the city like a thick blanket of cold.  But why do I feel a tinge of sadness at this picture of two women, who came to to Land’s End to bask in the sun alone.  I haven’t seen their faces, I walked past them to continue with my walk, but the image they created with the Golden Gate in the background left an indelible mark on my brain.  Time’s like this I wish I was born a poet.

Walking towards the car, I took another look at the bridge and another image interested me and so I snapped it.  Again I have not seen her face, but somehow the photograph also exudes a little bit of melancholy.  What do you think?  Whoever said SF is a romantic city may have not been to Land’s End.

I’m just shooting from the hip here.  Sometimes I may have an overactive imagination.

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Photo Hunt #78: Vertical

Rock climbing is a vertical challenge, one that I am curious to experience.

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Sky Watch #85:

A lovely summer day in the city by the bay caught while drive by shooting.  That is the Oakland-SF Bay Bridge.

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Window Views and Doors Too #17:

In 2006 when I started my photoblog, WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, I went round SF photographing windows and doors because I was fascinated by the Victorian houses and Spanish mission style homes.  I ran a series of windows for that blog and then other subjects got in the way.  Hence, I am so delighted when Teach Mary started a meme about these subjects that are so very close to my heart.

Lately, I have started shooting windows and doors again whenever I run an errand to the city.  And here’s one of those I recently snapped.

WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO is a meme hosted by Teach Mary.


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Watery Wednesday #53: Land’s End

I love this part of the city that I only discovered last year.  It’s a pity sometimes that we don’t enjoy our towns and cities as much as we can and always look forward to exploring other places.

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My World #67: I’m In Love

MVI_0540, originally uploaded by M’roy.

This week I became an adopted parent to a 2-year little darling named Emma. She has since stolen all of our hearts and filled our lives with added layer of joy and satisfaction. Here she is taking a nap while hubby and I watch tv in our bedroom on a wet, windy, and cold Easter Sunday.



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Photo Hunt #77: Sweet

Nothing as sweet as bottom of the 9th win.  Let’s play ball!

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