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Watery Wednesday #48: Lake Chabot

We went for a walk one Saturday and I found his meditative stance too difficult to ignore.  So I took a photo in the hope of sharing it with you later on.

And when that was accomplished, we went on with our walk.

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My World #62: Weeds In My Garden

The rains brought a lot of joy to people and to plants. It also brought a ton of weeds.  We tried to keep them as long as we could because this kind of weed has beautiful yellow flowers that bring cheer to a garden that’s just starting to wake up from a winter slumber.  Help, anybody knows this weed?

Who would have the heart to pull this beauty out?  But with the sun out and the rain nowhere in sight, we decided it was time to tend to the garden and see if the bulbs we planted in the fall have sprouted and ready to gift us with wonderful blooms (as of this writing I have three daffodil blooms in my garden).  We started to pull the weeds a couple of weeks ago, when these photos were taken.

And of course weeding included some photo taking too. Unfortunately this bee wouldn’t stay put.

Good thing the lady bug humored me and stayed put long enough for me to get a shot.

I still have a lot of weeding to do; I pulled weeds today after the USA-Canada gold medal hockey game.  As soon as the Canadians scored the winning goal, I immediately posted something on FB, then off to the backyard we went and pulled weeds.

Congratulations to Canada hockey team for winning the gold.  That was some exciting game.  It was also the first hockey game I saw in full 🙂

How was everyone’s weekend?  See other posts here.


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