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Window Views and Doors Too #14:

San Francisco windows as seen thru the windshield.

Wanna see more windows and doors?  Check out the page.


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Watery Wednesday #50: Bridge of Angels

On my 50th Watery Wednesday post, I share with your the Tiber River and the Bridge of Angels.  Rome November 2009.

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My World #64: My Weekend.

I had an early start to Friday.  I had to wake up early, surgically cleanse my body, and drive 30 some miles to the hospital where I will have to undergo surgery.  Arrived at the admittance department to find my priest waiting for me.  She prayed over me, we chatted a bit.  I was surprisingly calm.  Then it was time to go and get prepped.  And this is the reason why I skipped PHOTO HUNT last Friday 🙂

I was admitted to the pre-op area.  It was more like an airport, except we all had guerneys instead of airport chairs.  Medical staff and personnel came and poke, probe, and wristabanded me.  Still very calm and collected, which if you know me is the exact opposite of what I am.  Anyway, all I could think of was I wish I had my camera so I can take photos and blog about this experience.  This is my first surgery – ever!  I’ve not even been admitted to a hospital prior to this.  The only one I can remember was staying a few hours in ER/Acute Care for some IV saline because I was dehydrated.

Then a cute looking doc very young (so reminiscent of Grey’s Anatomy cast) with two bubbly 20-something came to my curtain and introduced themselves as the anesthesiologist and the two assistants.  Oh I could see Grey’s Anatomy here.

At 7:45 am, I was wheeled into surgery.  I thought finally I got to see the inside of an operating room.  I have plenty of blogworthy snippets, or so I thought.  I was wheeled into the room, then a group of green-scrubbed women welcomed me in saying, “Welcome to the Ladies Room” , everyone that participates in the surgery is female.  Then one of the bubbly 20-something gal put a gas mask on me and I was out.  The next thing I knew was I was in Recovery Room awaiting a bed.  I was without my glasses nor contacts so I couldn’t really observe, I was too groggy too.  I was going in and out of sleep.  By 3 pm, I was wheeled into my room for the next two days.

I slept most of the rest of Friday, was asked to walk around the hallway by the nurse after dinner, then off to dreamland again. The same was true for Saturday, except that I walked with my husband to a little patio next to my room and I had some sun, again I was wishing I had the camera with me.

Surgery went fine with minimal pain.  My nurse commented me on my high tolerance for pain, and my refusal to get medicated all the time.

So Sunday before lunch, I was riding in car with husband on the way home. My first job when I got home?  Replenish my bird feeder. I’m sure my feathered friends missed me over the weekend.

So, how’s your weekend? SHOW YOUR WORLD.


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Sky Watch #81:

A year ago this month, it was all blue skies in Napa/Sonoma region.

SKY WATCH is a weekly gathering of sky lovers and sky watchers.


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Window Views and Doors Too #13:

A little beauty in Oakland, California.  Another drive by shot.



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Watery Wednesday #49:

The day started out as clear, sunny, with blazing blue skies.  But we were not even an hour exploring the municipal pier of San Francisco which is located at the foot of Van Ness, when the fog rolled in.  It should not surprise me, for this happens every single day.  At least I could still see Alcatraz in the back ground.

For more watery images, visit WATERY WEDNESDAY.


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My World #63: Photogenic Vegas

The great city of Las Vegas is a major tourist destination for both locals and foreigners.  What used to be  a city that catered only to adult entertainment has been transformed into a destination that has everything for everyone.

And for a blogger it offers a year-long worth of posts from one visit :).  Walking up and down the strip on a drizzly night, photographing everything in sight, is the best way to burn off those calories we ingested from a dinner buffet 🙂

Show your world here.


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Photo Hunt #74: Foreign

A foreign roadside fruit and produce market.

Street scene in a foreign land.

Talking in foreign tongue, but you can easily tell he’s touting the superb quality and the affordability of his rugs and carpet.

So what’s your foreign?  PHOTO HUNT is here, go and visit.


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Sky Watch #80

This is my 80th Skywatch post, which is amazing in itself.  But what is perplexing to me is that it took me this long to share this image for Skywatch.  I may have shown this before in my photoblog, although I am not really sure, but never on skywatch.  Why is it perplexing?  Well, this is the first skyscape image that I took where I had an epiphany.  I realized that I love to capture skyscape/cloudscapes.

I remember this image perfectly.  It was September 2, 2006.  We were running errands, it was a weekend.  We spent the rest of the afternoon inside the Fry’s Electronics store.  We love to browse there.  When we were ready to head home (accdg to time stamp it was 7:39 pm) this was what the sky looked like on our drive home. I started shooting (I think this is also where I started to drive-by shoot – because husband wouldn’t pull over). I’ve never before paid much attention to sunsets, but the sky was ablaze. I fell in love right there and then.

So I can trace back my history of skywatching when the first time I really looked at and be bowled over by skyscape was September 2, 2006 @ 7:39 pm along Highway 4 between Concord and Hercules.

Skywatch is a weekly gathering of sky lovers and sky watchers.


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Window Views and Doors too #12:

Pink attracts me, so this building grabbed my attention.  However, I was visiting the church across from this museum, which was the Mission Church in San Luis Obispo.  I made a mental note to stop by after visiting the church, but I guess we left another way.  I really regret not going in and investigating what’s the museum was all about.

To see more windows and doors, please visit this site.


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