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Watery Wednesday #36

It’s been pretty cold here in the Bay Area. Yap, don’t laugh. It is cold here.  I don’t live too far from the bay  and I found my backyard white from snow dusting overnight. It was that cold. 

I had to run the hose on the car and scrape off  icy accumulation overnight – the risk of leaving the car in the drive way – before I could drive off. I love this weather.  Chilly and it feels and smells like Christmas.

But for Watery Wednesday I am sharing some summer fun from Lake Shasta. 

Enjoy more water images, here.


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My World?

I am posting this week’s post at


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Dear Dad

The pain comes every year. Never fails. I thought time heals all wounds.  It doesn’t however fill the hole  in my heart created by your passing. 

So every now and then, I remember you. I remember how much I missed you. How much I wanted to know you more.    I remember you more today than I have in years.  And today and every December 4, I am a mess, weepy and sobby. 

Should I behave like this on the day of your passing?  Would you have liked that, or would you have preferred that I keep a poker face?  On your wake, all your kids made a pact to keep a straight face, no crying in public. I did not know whose bright idea it was but we all agreed to that, and succeeded.  Until the funeral when I let the tears loose.

Anyway, I just want to tell you how much I loved you. I love you. I cannot remember saying it to you when you were alive.  And I truly regretted that omission and will continue to regret it for the rest of my life.

I missed you a lot.


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Watery Wednesday #35: December Reflections

So nice to be posting for Watery Wednesday again.  It’s advent season so I have chosen to show some reflections 🙂 


Check out WATERY WEDNESDAY for more water images.


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