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my world #45: mccovey cove

The water beyond the right field wall of the SF Giants (baseball) AT & T Park is unofficially called McCovey Cove.  This section of the San Francisco Bay is officially known as China Basin.

The term was coined for the famous SF first baseman Hall of Famer Willie McCovey who played for the Giants from 1959 – 1973 and from 1977 – 1980.

Beyond the wall is this public promenade where people can watch Giants games for free, well three innings per batch of viewers.  Then the guards will ask you to give way to other fans.

On game days, McCovey Cove is filled with kayaks, boats, and floaters.  They carry fishnets hoping to catch a “splash hit” – a home run that ends in water.

Unfortunately, the Giants (88-74) did not  win the division.  They were in the hunt for the wild card slot for a while there, but I guess they lost some steam.  It seemed like forever when they had played in October.  May be I should follow them again avidly as I had a few years ago.

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