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watery wednesday #27

Reflections over Mono Lake.  For more watery images, visit this site.


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my world #41: bengali wedding

The wedding ceremony follows the gaye holud.  The wedding ceremony is arranged by the bride’s family.  Her family members arrive earlier than the groom (the bride arrives later).  And upon the grooms arrival, the male members of the bride’s family block the groom from entering the venue. This tradition is part of  embarrassing the groom by demanding money for his entrance.  The money is usually for the bride’s younger cousins and friends.

The bride arrives some time later accompanied by her friends.  Both bride’s and groom’s parents are in Bangladesh and were not able to attend the wedding.  By this time the groom is seated in the stage at the front of room.  She doesn’t acknowledge him.

The bride is immediately taken to a separate room upon her arrival.   She is accompanied by her family.  Then the amount of dowry is verified and if  both parties are agreeable, the formal papers are signed.

The kazi (in Muslim, the person authorized by the govt to perform weddings) goes to the bride first to get the paper signed, when groom agrees to the amount.  Next to sign is the witness/witnesses.

Then finally the groom signs the paper.  The wedding has been formalized, before the bride and groom even see each other or is seated next to each other.

Finally when all documents are signed, the bride leaves her room and joins the groom on the dais and picture taking starts. Also the feast begins immediately after all the photos have been snapped.  Worth noting is that the guests eat first.  The newly weds eat later after the guests.  This is so because the newly weds are considered the hosts of this feasts and the guests always eat first before the hosts.

Isn’t she a beautiful bride?  Traditionally, brides wear a colorful fancy sari, usually red.

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friday fill-ins #2

It’s Friday again, so here we go:

And…here we go!

1. I feel bogged down by the heat today.

2. Having a long weekend is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: David Letterman yapping — doing his monologue.

4. It’s almost fall and I’m glad to be resuming my leaf peeping activity/hobby.

5. The last time I partied was  like  a million years ago. .

6. The Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge will be closed for retrofit/new span this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to bloghopping, tomorrow my plans include laying tiles in the bathroom and Sunday, I want to enjoy our outing to Point Reyes with friends !

Want to join the fun?  Come and play FRIDAY FILL INS.


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watery wednesday #26

The boys of summer are back to school.

There’s more water-related images here.


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