Catching up is hard to do— but I’ll try

24 Apr

I missed the days when this blog was about “ME” and my offline life.  Admittedly the fact that I decided to participate in three photo memes has given this blog a new leash on life.  It has been really a struggle before the memes arrive to keep this going, as I found the inspiration to write a little bit hard to come by on a regular basis.  Clinging on to the memes has saved this blog that’s for sure.

And because the memes occupied me, I failed to note that the previous post was my 200th post according to my dashboard who keeps track of these things.  Can you believe that?  I have gone 200 +.  Calls for celebration.  Actually, I’d rather update.

So here’s what’s been going on with ME.  I had my first root canal procedure on the 17th of this month.  I have had toothaches for like forever; but every time I go to my regular dentist, she doesn’t see anything.  So then I had an episode where the pain was unbearable for the entire weekend. I was crying.  I had to see the dentist again, I had no choice. I was really in PAIN.  I stressed that out for you.  Anyway, again she found nothing to cause the pain, even after getting an x-ray.  So she referred me to an orthodontist (sp?).  I went.  But of course by the time the appointment to the ortho had been set up, my pain had subsided dramatically.  But like the dentist, the ortho tapped on the teeth that might have caused that pain.  A request to the insurance company took a week to be approved, then the root canal was scheduled.  I had to take a whole day off because I did not know how I’d feel after the said procedure.  My co-worker recently had the same procedure done and he took a whole day off.  So I copied him. 

What I found out was the procedure was uncomfortable, not painful at all, not even a trace of pain was felt the entire time.  Even though the ortho warned me that the needle was going to pinch a bit.  I know needles.  I am not afraid of them.  It did not pinch at all.  It was uncomfortable because my neck was positioned in an awkward way to accommodate the ortho to do the procedure.  It took about a little over an hour and a half total.  By the time it was over, I was rubbing my neck.  And I was very weak. I needed some sugar.  I was too hungry.  If I knew, I would’ve gone to work.  Anyway, I had time to do a little surfing and bloghopping the rest of the day.

Another interesting thing is that I got summoned for jury duty again.  The first time was 2-3 years ago.  We were sent home after a couple of hours of waiting.  This time around I was summoned to appear in another city, at the county seat.  I went early, found great parking, and was 30 minutes early.  I got the registration thing done by the time my call time came.  I waited another couple of hours, then the judge appeared to thank us for our time and for appearing and our willingness to serve.  But she said there was no need for us.  I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t have my stab at maybe making the jury, but also I was very thankful, because I already have plans for the weekend.  I don’t want to cancel them.

By the time I got to work the following day, the docs were teasing me about not getting picked.  One said they might have learned of my terrorist connections, to which I cleverly replied, “They did ask if I knew you”.   And work meant a ton of work has piled on my desk. Oh I was too busy.  That usually what happens when I take two consecutive days off. 

So what else?  Hmmm.  American Idol.  Oh it’s a sad day.  Anoop got voted off.  Well, I do agree with those in the know that he has no chance of ever coming close to the crown, but I would have preferred to see him for a couple more weeks.   And I initially thought Gokey was good, but lately he’s been sooo boring.  What the heck were the judges thinking?  He’s not really all that good.  I thought it is Adam who’s going to win this all.  He’s really been good, especially when he strips down the song and he lets his soulful rendition take center stage.  I don’t really like him shaking that nonexistent booty up on the stage. 

And my Prison Break is back from hiatus.  Now on Fridays.  And winding down the series.  I think it’s going out quietly.  Oh well.  I am going to miss Wentworth’s handsome face.

More on watching, I haven’t seen a movie in a very long time.  When’s Harry Potter gonna open? 

Spring has been glorious around here.  Weather-wise, we had some record-setting highs on Monday and Tuesday.  It was hot.  Now, it’s back to our normal cool weather.  And foggy mornings.  And blue skies with puffy white clouds.  And light sweaters.  Every one I talk to preferred the cooler version.  I think that’s why we opted to live here, for the cool weather 🙂

I’m excited about the trip I am taking this weekend.  Hubs bff from his university days is getting married and invited us to fly across the country to see him end his bachelorhood.  I intend to sneak in a little sightseeing and a lot of photography in that short long weekend.  And can you believe it, next week is already the month of May.  Each year we ask where did the time go.  Oh boy, time flies when you’re having fun playing photo memes.

I hope to be able to update more in the coming days.


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3 responses to “Catching up is hard to do— but I’ll try

  1. Bonnie Bonsai

    April 24, 2009 at 5:11 am

    Very, very interesting blog indeed! I love reading dramatic and funny blogs and would really laugh out loud when required. I supposed reading other people’s mind is one way of preserving my sanity. That means I’m still alive. To your Dental at work. I have the same problem with yours and I don’t know, it seems I am overloaded with lots of patience and perseverance and endurance. I take things in stride and by force of circumstances I have to bear it and grin it. I was looking for your Skywatch Friday picture and was brought here, the about “Me” that is you. I did not regret though. Nice writing.

  2. bw

    April 25, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    i once went for a root canal with a sepcial dentist who does it with what looks like microscopic surgical tools because the vein was too small and couldn’t be seen by the regular xray and my dentist wasn’t sure if the tooth could be saved.. ugh

    Well, methinks its likely Adam who would take home the bacon if not Danny Gokey, only if America decides to select a more mainstream type idol in the mold of Taylor Hicks or David Cook rather than a rocker 🙂

  3. Nomad

    April 26, 2009 at 2:27 am

    poor Anoop; but at least he is really likable… there’s a lot of other things he can well I’m sure


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