Update time.

16 Dec

I have been looking at my posting the last few times and I have not really done a bit of update.  So thought it’s high time I do that, in bullets, my fave way to list down items.

  • The weather has been to my liking.  We had a mixture of rain, cold temps (currently @ 2:20 Pacific its 45 where I work, and 20 miles away where I live it’s 39), and some dusting of the white stuff in higher elevations.  Unfortunately, I have seen the snow on the news only as I am here cooped up in the warmth of my office.  I have to work in order for me to afford DSL, I need my fast internet connection for blogging 🙂
  • And speaking of blogging, my photoblog is about to reach a milestone of 600 posts, which I will be reaching on the next post.  This is significant because I have never been known to follow through any of my projects and yes I consider blogging a project, something that gets plenty of my time and attention.  This (blogging) might be the first project that I have seen through, because you see I have no intention of quitting, at least that’s my attitude at the time of writing.  I have projects in the closet somewhere gathering dust and waiting for me to get the inspiration to finish them.  Let me see there is the scrapbooking paraphernalia that I got about 5 years ago on one of them shopping channels.  It was a complete set.  All the bits and pieces included not just the papers or the albums (three in all).  What happened to it?  I have one album with 4 pages completed. The whole project sits alone for years.  A casualty of my addiction to photoblogging.  Then there’s that supposedly X’mas gift to a family member, a crocheted bedsheet.  I know you think this is a huge project.  It can be. If I had not completed one some ten years previously.  Of course during that time I was commuting via train to work and I had plenty of time during the commute to work on the bed sheet.  I am still waiting for again inspiration to spur me to pick up the yarn and crochet.  And of course, I still have that x-stitch project that I so wanted to complete.  I remember this one because over the weekend when we went to Michael’s I lingered a long time checking out the new x-stitch books and I was again tempted to pick one up. 
  • We got a dinner invite after Christmas.  Really, I think this is beginning to be an annual thing.  Last year, New Year’s eve, a group of us went to dinner.  One of the people in the group said, next year was her turn.  We found out that she meant what she said during that time.  So I told my husband, maybe it’s our turn next year.  Turning out to be a Holiday dinner with friends, not bad.
  • I am so glad that I have all the shopping done early this year.  I have a potluck at work and we pick out names for secret santa.  Each year we fill in our wish list underneath our names so whoever picks our name would know what we want.  Normally we give three choices and it would be up to the picker what thing she/he would give.  I wrote down Peet’s or Starbucks gift card as my wish list.  The person I pick out listed Starbucks or Jamba Juice gift card.  Now isn’t that an easy breezy task?
  • It’s still cold outside (temp down to 43) but I am dying for a mocha freeze drink, which I am going to get right now.  So my update is over.
  • BTW, I am working on a recap of 2008 post.  So far I have gotten as far as January.  Hehehe.  I will complete this task believe you me 😀

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3 responses to “Update time.

  1. Alicesg

    December 17, 2008 at 6:33 am

    Congratulations on your 600th posts. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. bw

    December 17, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    congrats on your 600th post.. you are one prolific blogger 🙂 DSL is a must else it is fruitless to surf when you can’t view YOUTUBE 🙂

  3. susieofarabia

    December 19, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    I wanted to congratulate you on reaching your milestone with your blog. It really is a huge undertaking that people who don’t blog quite realize. Cheers!


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