Happily Tagging Along

03 Dec

berkeley rose garden_Page000, originally uploaded by airam94564.

You know how I kept saying there’s not a tag/meme out there that I don’t like? Well, here’s another one that I was considering on doing for some time. I have seen it in various form.

I’m doing what Louise from Potted Frog is doing, by going to the sixth picture in my sixth album (I saw a version asking for the the fourth pic of fourth album). Now I am not pulling this from my PC. I am instead going to my Flickr finding the sixth picture in the sixth set.

And here is what I found, a collage of photos I took in late spring-early summer at the Berkeley Rose Garden. I was planning on posting this for a MY World post, but well, here it is.

I have always been fascinated by roses. I grew up watching my mother’s frustration of not being able to grow the “good” roses as the “good” rose plants were not available in our area. So when we came here in Cali, she was in rose heaven. Every year, every single occassion (mother’s day, her birthday, easter) my family give her plants, mostly roses in the beginning. She treated and cared for them so well that they were the centerpiece of her tiny backyard. I, on the other hand, can grow cactus and grow it long enough for it to bloom, but I have not even tried my hand at roses. Someday, I will grow my own rose bushes.

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One response to “Happily Tagging Along

  1. Louise Cannon

    December 11, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Excellent photos for the meme! Just gorgeous.

    And roses are EASY to grow with a nice climate. When I lived in Missouri, I had to replace at least half (sometimes all) of my roses every year. But here in NM, they are prolific. The difference, I think, is the dryness. Roses mold easily, so if you can keep them dry, they’ll do well. People do not touch their roses here and they are fabulous. I think CA shouldn’t be a whole lot different.


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