Mindless babbling/blogging

26 Nov

We all need verbal diarrhea sometimes.  And I thought I am about to have one, so watch out.

I spoke about the crab season on a My World post two weeks ago.  In that post I mentioned that was my second week in a row to go crabbing.  Well, last weekend I went for the third straight weekend.  Not my choice of activity, because believe me as much as I enjoy the outdoors and the smell of the bay in the air, I thought three weeks in a row of crabbing is a bit much, don’t you think?  But hubs was insistent, partly because his boss already loaned him a net for crabbing.  Now why would he do that when we already have two nets we use.  Groaning for days, I eventually relented and joined him and another couple for a short hour and a half of crabbing at the pier in Berkeley Marina, which is a short ride from our place and  a short distance from everything.  Hubs and the friend were too excited while I and the friend’s wife couldn’t really care less if they catch anything.  Dungeness crabs were going for 5.99/lb that Saturday and if we really wanted to have one, the grocery store is not too far away, plus just outside of the marina is a store that sells fresh crabs, so there.

But the men were blessed with lucky streak, not too long after they threw their nets, we were hauling medium-sized stone crabs.  We had caught a total of seven crabs. 

We parted ways after the crabbing.  We were going to run some errands.  They were going to try and fix up their new condo, which they are in the process of moving in.  Since all their possessions are still boxed, we invited them over for dinner.  Hubs volunteered to cook the crabs Singaporean chili crab style but I had a hankering for some Thai green chili style with creamy coconut milk so we went with the latter. 

We stopped by an Asian grocery store and ran into another of hubs co-worker and saw his 3 month old baby girl for the first time.  Chatted with the parents, poked and kissed the little baby and for some reason we stopped by for some Chinese food.  Really?  We were cooking dinner for people and we are taking out Chinese food? 

When friends arrived, I let my husband show the husband how to cook the crabs while us wives sat and chatted and drank some wine.  Dinner was wonderful with good crabs we caught ourselves and wine to match.


Why do husbands act the way they do?  Over at Costco last Sunday, there was a woman yelling, “honey” over and over.  Apparently the “honey” she’s calling did not hear her so she persisted.  We were standing infront of the wine display at that time.   On the third call of “honey” a feeling that my husband was going to turn his head towards the direction of the voice came upon me.  On the fourth call, he did!  And I hit him hard on his arm and asked why did you turn around?  I call him honey, but I was right next to him and he was well aware of that, yet he still turned around.  His response?  He was not the only husband to turn around and look at the woman! 

What I did not tell him was that I turned my head around at the first call of honey, *wink.


Okay, so I am counting my blessings today. 

  • Family who loves me and supports me
  • Friends who entertains and sometimes frustrates me
  • Blogging which continues to eat up more of my time
  • Roof over my head
  • Unanswered prayer because I learn to be patient and more prayerful
  • Frustration because it keeps me on my toes
  • Relatively good health for me and my family

And now that I have said my thanks, I have to eat turkey now.  And because there’s a 20-lb turkey in the fridge, it would take me a long time to finish this up, so you wont be seeing me in blogosphere for a few days. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holidays to every one.


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4 responses to “Mindless babbling/blogging

  1. Allan Barredo

    November 26, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Happy Thanksgiving! Although we don’t celebrate that from where I’m from, I’ll gladly have some turkey, any day. 🙂

    re husbands turning around when somebody calls out “honey”: not really sure why, instincts maybe? 😀

  2. Alicesg

    November 26, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Wow, lucky you. You can fish for crabs. Did you manage to cook chilli crabs? Here is a link which have many recipes from South East Asia and Chinese food too. Hope you find it useful to cook the crabs with these recipes. 🙂

    P.S. Hand big plate out for turkey……..:)

  3. Marites

    November 26, 2008 at 7:48 am

    i haven’t had crabs for awhile and i was actually drooling while reading how your enjoyed your crabs even if you’ve been crabbing for 3 weekends. Enjoy your turkey and Happy thanksgiving!

  4. bw

    December 2, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    “I thought three weeks in a row of crabbing is a bit much, don’t you think?”

    Not me – I’ll never get tried of crabbing hehe 🙂

    You do have a lot to be thankful for and may you have many more blessings 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you too albeit belated ( we had our Canadian Thanksgiving in Oct 🙂 )


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