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Friday’s Foto

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Happy Weekend!

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Other than the appearance of zits, the most devastating thing to happen to a teenager’s life is wearing glasses. Could you imagine how cruel it is for a teener who has self esteem issues to begin with to find out that on top of everything else, he/she also now has to sport those geeky frames!

I was 16 when I made my first visit to an optometrist. I was a college freshman and while most of the professors were fine with me switching seats with whoever had front seat and willing [we were seated alphabetically and I was under M so I always had the second to the last row seat], one of them finally suggested I get glasses after people start pestering the prof to change seats with me before I can even ask. Yes, I was a geek. I wanted to see the board. I wanted to hear the lectures. So, I had glasses.

When I was 16, there were no soft contact lenses. I had to endure wearing unsightly frames. I had no choice. There were no fashionable frames in those days. By the time I was 18, I started to wear the hard contact lens. A year after that I wore the soft lenses. Decades later here I am still wearing soft contact lens and occasionally glasses.

But the traumatic experience of wearing glasses did not leave me. I was very bitter that I had to wear glasses at such an early age. And my first prescription was at 175, that bad from the get go. It was not astigmatism. I could read without my glasses. As a matter of fact, I had to remove my glasses to read still.

In my 20s, I heard the song, NEARSIGHTED by Rupert Holmes. It gave me comfort. It gave me my group hug. There were no support groups for teens with glasses you know so we had to live with the fact that we had glasses. And while I have no need for a laser surgery, altho’ I was told by my new optometrist that I have just seen that it’s never too late for me to get one, I have lived with the glasses and the lenses for over 20 years now and I have enjoyed it. And each time I hear this song, I smile. I realize that wearing glasses is not the worst that can happen. Of course the realization came 20 years late. I hope that teeners now can find comfort that wearing glasses is like a status symbol with all the brand-named frames and the multicolored lenses. I had a rough patch where I wore green contact lenses and my boss from Czech asked if I was born with those hues. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Here’s the lyrics to Nearsighted by Rupert Holmes.

If you take these glasses from my face
Think that you would find
I’m undeniably, certifiably just a shade of blind
I don’t envy those of you
With 20/20 vision
Who’ve seen the world for all its worth
With crystal clear precision

There’s more to see than can be seen or said than what is heard
The day is brighter, softer, lighter
When it’s slighted blurred

Nearsighted, it’s another lovely day
Nearsighted, so I stumble on my way
I don’t just a friend or lover
By a first or second look
Nor a book just by its cover
No, I can’t even see the book

Nearsighted, loving life is such a breeze
Nearsighted, cause I see just what I please
And it pleases me to see you
I won’t change my point of view

Nearsighted, Nearsighted
Nearsighted, all I need to see is you.

Though I’m slightly out of focus
I can see my dreams come true
Clear sighted, I’m nearsighted
Nearsighted, all I need to see is you, you.


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Pink Delights

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Nope this is not turning into a photo blog [at least I hoped not], but I can’t seem to come up with something sensible to say or share.  Not that nothing is happening in my life.  The thing is I am unwilling to share them/it.  Or that I simply can’t find the words to express them in a manner suitable for airing/sharing. 
This is more than a writer’s block.  To say it is one would begin with me being a writer, because come on you read this blog and I am far from being a writer.  I have always been a jotter, you know I have been known to jot here and jot there every now and again.  You should see my journal.  Few are complete stories; most are a paragraph here and a paragraph there.  I have  not ended anything I begun.  Seriously.  I have many projects hanging, sitting in the closet half done waiting for me, for my inspiration to strike me so I can finish them. 
This blog is one of those projects I thought. I had good intentions and lofty dreams when I begun this a year ago.  But I have not followed through and despite my many many tries to make this more interesting and fascinating, heck who am I kidding.  This ain’t gonna be one of those.  This will remain as my sound board.  My personal bathroom for my cranial and emotional hemorrhages.  Or brain farts.  Or whatever.  It remains my personal stuff here. 
I may and have written about places I have been, restaurants I have sampled.  I will continue to do that, as long as the inspirations strikes me.  But you know me, I am more of a photo blogger and I will start sharing some of my pics that I have not shared at my other blog.  So expect more pictures here.  I speak better with my pictures than with my words. 
Hah! Look at that, I have shared more than I intended.

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Friday’s Foto

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Thought I’d start posting a photo for Fridays. Here’s my initial entry.


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Change Is In The Air

Change is something I try to avoid, whether it be change for the worse or even for the better. I have this thing about getting comfortable with the status quo. Once I give it my all to adapt to the situation, it’s very hard for me to readjust or to let go of it, whatever it is. It could get really ugly with me when presented with new things.

New came on a new month, October 1 saw a new group of parking attendants at work. We have a handful of parking spots, the main one is about 6 levels for patients and employees. This is near the front of the new building. I park in the back near the older buildings, next to the building where I work. There are two levels here and are for the most parts permit parking for employees, but I believe they service short-term parking for nonpermit-holder employees as well when spots are available.

There should be nothing to it, right. It’s just different guys parking your car. This site where I park is valet parking. Parking is handled by an outside agency, not associated to the hospital, so they have the say who they employ or who gets sent to man our hospital. Anyway, on Monday when I pulled up and scanned my ID to get into the parking lot, I saw about 4 guys in crisp white shirt and tie (I kid you not) and khaki/slacks controlling the traffic inside the relatively small parking site. And these guys look like they have been plucked from one of San Francisco’s financial district offices and sent here as a punishment for misbehaving instead of actually manning our lot. I really did not make a lot of it because, first, I knew that once a year somehow the personnel changes and second, I had managed to snag a spot where I need not leave my key because I wasn’t blocking someone else’s car.

Until I got to leave at 5:30, two new guys (neither from earlier this am) are seen helping other employees find their keys and their cars. I had to talk to one because there was car blocking me. He was apologetic for the chaotic day and said it would take about a week to sort out the kinks; it was after all their first day on the job. I told him welcome aboard, and I kinda meant it, although I miss the old guys.

On the drive home, I thought about what he said regarding needing a week to sort out the kinks. Wait a minute. I would need a week to train them to learn my quirks—where I want my car parked, what time I leave so they can make sure my car is not blocked enabling me to leave the lot in a jiffy, or giving me a little smile by always finding me the perfect spot that would be most convenient for me.

I have my work cut out. Will let you know how the training goes.


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Top of the Month Funny

 The Centers for Disease Control has issued a medical alert ……
about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that
is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weary Overload reational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your
boss, any of your colleagues or anyone else via any means
whatsoever – DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out
your private life completely. If you should come into
contact with WORK you should immediately leave the
Take two good friends to the nearest grocery store and
purchase one or both of the antidotes – Work Isolating
Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer
Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly
until WORK has been completely eliminated from your
You should immediately forward this medical alert to five
friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already
been infected and WORK is controlling your life.
(Thanks to hubs for sending me this to share with anyone who wants a little chuckle to usher in a new month.)





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