A Little TV Viewing

21 Oct

I stumbled upon this article and I thought it’s very interesting.  I have copied it verbatim here:

Friends’ Anatomy.

Here goes: Meredith is Rachel. Whiny? Check. Self obsessed? Check. Highlighted to within an inch of her life? Oh, yeah. The next one’s easy too: competitive, perfectionistic Cristina is a dead ringer for Monica. Sweet, daffy, animal-loving Izzy (remember the deer?) is Phoebe sans guitar. McDreamy is sad-eyed but oh-so-condescending Ross with better hair. Dorky, formerly lovelorn George is Seattle Grace’s Chandler Bing. And then we come to Alex. Is he a perfect match for Joey Tribbiani? No. But he is a man slut who always, always gets stuck in the B plot line.

So, do you agree with the article?  Do you see the similarities? 


Dear Abby leaves ER

For those who still follow ER, Maura Tierney’s character and the actress left the show for good.  Last Thursday was her final episode.  I personally thought that it really is high time for the show to end the series.  It has after all stayed longer than any other medical drama series that I know of.  This final year, my hubs and I have decided to see the entire last season; we followed it during it’s first five to seven years on tv, then like everybody else we fell off the wagon.   Can’t wait to see how they would wrap this up.  Still hoping for a Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway visit.  It would also be nice to see Dr. Carter, who is returning for a few episodes I believe. 

I found this article about Abby’s last episode and I enjoyed reading it.




First he intentionally gets to prison so he could bust his big brother out before they fry him for a crime he didn’t comit.  He gets big brother out of there along with a band of mixed nuts.  Now what? Happy ever after?  Nah, its just the end of the first season. 

Second season brothers and bag of mixed nuts run to Utopia, which in the brothers eye is Panama.  Main dude got caught.  He gets thrown to bad-ass prison at the end of the second year.  

Big brother remains at large.  It’s his turn to extract him from that hell hole in Panama called SONA is the theme for the third season.  Main dude’s main squeeze got decapitated [sob* sob* sob*, loyal fans post displeasure on chat boards.  Was tempted to put my 2 cents worth.]

Whoa, fourth season they’re all out and helping Homeland Security guy.  And main squeeze came back to life, after money matters/contracts were settled.  Main dude and main squeeze have very little bonding time, really!!!!  And now along with everything else, main dude is getting cancer too????? Come on, main squeeze and main dude needs to get some time off alone first.  Scratch the cancer thing. 

And the suprising thing is I still follow it religiously.  Hubs said it’s the pretty boy that I follow.  I guess after all the twists and turns of the plot which is like a bridge to nowhere, he is right.  I am admitting this here for the first time.



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