100 bullet points for 100th post: part 2

17 Sep

The second part of this rambling thoughts for the 100th post has been delayed, partly due to lack of time and lack of inspiration.  But let me tackle this tast right now so I can finally get this post behind me and move on to more exciting topics, hopefully.

  • Fringe does satisfy the needs of former X-files fanatics.  Don’t love the female lead though.  While every one knew the male lead as Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, I associate him more with his Mighty Ducks character.
  • How long does a last-song syndrome last?  My head is still humming with the titanic tune after watching Charice on O. 
  • Tina Fey rocked Sarah Palin impersonation.  She’s the best.
  • Halfway thru’ September already?  Time to plan for the Holidays then.
  • Cold nights are back—yahoo!!!!
  • Oh another bank bites the dust!
  • Sophia is like a living doll, my friend’s daughter who got baptized last Sunday.
  • Another reason to celebrate Fall—Prison Break is back!
  • Been subjecting hubs to too much tv.  He got the characters from Grey’s Anatomy and House mixed up while watching the premier of House last night.   Poor guy.
  • Rat droppings have been spotted in offices next to mine.  So far, mine is the only one safe.  Keep it that way, Speedy Gonzalez.
  • Haven’t been in a restaurant since my birthday in August, that’s one month.  Too much tightening of the belt I say.
  • Wonderful to see my girlfriends again, even tho’ two were not present, at little Sophia’s baptism.  Again, we vowed to get together for eats or a walk in the park.  Not gonna happen.
  • The leaves are turning colors, this early!
  • I am praying for rain around these parts.  We have been parched for quite a long time.
  • Too much devastation and destruction in the southern part of the country due to hurricane.
  • Too much traffic lately—reminiscent of the dot com boom in the 90s.
  • I am craving for pho right now—feeling fluish, weather has turned gray and cool.
  • Thank God for hubs comprehensive vision plan.
  • Am extremely ecstatic that my foray into the kitchen has yielded good tasty results.
  • Mom told hubs that before I met him I never knew where the kitchen was—she was right.
  • This is the best time to go to Costco—holiday goodies are out on display, yummy.
  • Hubs made gravlax.  Everyone who tasted it gave it a two thumbs up.
  • You want to smile a little [or a lot]?  Check this.
  • I am dreaming of tinapa and garlic fried rice.
  • There’s a lot of noise in the hallway—wonder what’s it all about?
  • We’re having our first SALAD POTLUCK at work.  I am bringing Garbanzo Salad.
  • Oh I also am craving for a little couscous and beer roasted chicken.
  • I should start reading again — and not those with half naked man and woman in compromising position on the cover.
  • Hump day today.  Hope the week goes smoothly from now on.
  • Question:  Tony Bourdain has been to Japan a number of times, why hasn’t he dined at the original Iron Chefs restaurtants, not including that segment with Morimoto?
  • I armchair travel with Ferdz.
  • I am getting forgetful in my old age :=)
  • I discovered many neighborhoods in the town where I have been living for the last 15 years while house hunting.
  • Oh Napa, I hear you call my name.  Memo to self:  Must go to Napa, ASAP.
  • I love Brazilian amethyst.
  • And Mozambique garnet.
  • And Burmese ruby.
  • Yeah, I’ve gone back to watching jewerly tv and QVC.  Not shopping though.
  • Checked with my retirement fund—I need to increase my contributions, now.
  • A niece and a nephew share the same birthday, Sept 26.  They are second cousins.  Their parents [moms are cousins] also share the same wedding day, June 10, or is it 11.  Nice coincidence.
  • I prefer the cruchy variety to the smooth variety of peanut butter.
  • I have never had nutella.  Want some.
  • I can not remember/memorize my own cell phone number nor my hubs.
  • My niece makes wonderful home-made soaps which she distributes on Christmas and special occasions.
  • I feed blue jays, sparrows, and other birds in the backyard.  This week mom said the wild turkeys have come for the feast.  Yay wild turkey for thanksgiving.
  • In a ten-mile radius, there are about 5 Walgreens.  Yay???
  • In the same ten-mile radius, there are 3 Starbucks.  Who said Starbucks is everywhere?
  • On Sunday, 9/14/08, it was reported that it was the first time in many years when all of the four Bay Area teams won their matches: Niners, Raiders, Giants, and A’s. 
  • Can’t wait for figure skating to open their season.
  • Finally, got to the 100th bullet.
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One response to “100 bullet points for 100th post: part 2

  1. bw

    September 18, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    I am a salad freak – love garbanzo salad 🙂

    Cheering for the cold season? Yay.. I did not get enough this year. Sad to think I’m closing the pool soon 😦

    Not memorize your cell no nor your hub’s ? LOL 🙂 You’ve been relying on autodial too much !


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