Can’t Think Of A Title

18 Aug

When I was pulling up to a parking spot at work this morning, I realized that it felt like a lifetime since I went to work instead of just two days/weekend.  I haven’t felt this satisfied with my weekend before.  I felt refreshed as I was leaving my car and of course the first thing that crossed my mind was to blog about this.  This is a documentation that yes I did have a relaxing weekend just being home.  It simply for my sole purpose, you see.  Hence, this post.

So what happened or not happened this weekend that recharged my batteries?  Help me run through my weekend and probably in the end I may discover the secret to a relaxing weekend.


  • Woke up the usual time–to the Redeem team facing the Pau Gasol-led Spanish five. 
  • Continued to watch as we fix breakfast, typical for Saturday brunch actually is tater tots straight from the package, two eggs over easy, four pieces of turkey bacon, OJ, and coffee.
  • Run to the Asian grocery store with my mom leaving husband home to clean up the house.
  • Called friends to see if beach combing is still on [the expected high is 61 on Sat at Stinson Beach], they said they’d pass, it’s too cold to go to the beach.  Hubs and I agreed.
  • Change of plans but we still needed to get some fresh air so we decided to drive a few minutes from our place and check out Point Molate where we discovered the East Brother Island Light Station.  We couldn’t get there er, we couldn’t find the way to enter the island, but had a good time driving up to the marina and picking dried flowers along the way. 
  • Hubby got a call from the same friends who begged off beach combing to tell us they were already outside the park. 
  • We reached the park in no time.  Our mission today was blackberry picking. Our friends have friends who live a few feet from the park entrance and have never really gone to this trail that hubs and I take each time.  The beauty of this trail is that while it has a climb to it, once you reach a certain height, there is a sweeping view of the bay and the bridges. 
  • We had a fantastic time picking berries.  This is one of my favorite summer activities.  And this park has plenty of berry bushes scattered every where. 
  • Went home to fix dinner and watch some Olympic games.


  • Went to church.  Gospel reading hit me in the middle.
  • Ate breakfast, cereal on Sundays. [we’re a creature of habit when it comes to what’s for breakfasts on weekends]
  • Tackled a mile-high pile of ironing while watching EAGLES FAREWELL TOUR for the nth time.  Hubby was in the backyard sunning himself while surfing.
  • Put on HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY while we both surf.  Very funny movie.  Sometimes, I just want to laugh out loud and not really give a darn tooting to the plot or the believability or even the foul language.
  • Two hours of the movie meant two hours of surfing for me too [wink wink], which meant that I had time to blog!!!!
  • Stop to get IN & OUT burger for snack.  Hubs and I are  not burger lover per se.  But you see my brother gave me a whopping $50 In & Out gift card for my birthday.  Fifty dollars worth of burger and fries!!!!! So we decided to get some burgers, we’re famished by this time.  And lo! I can’t believe that I had forgotten how those freshly cut fries taste like. I used to devour their fries. 
  • After the snack, went to Costco for OJ and cake for my SIL.  Sunday was my SIL’s b/day.  I was 80% sure she and brother went away for the weekend but I was hellbent on delivering her a cake anyway.  I do that every single year.  This time I saw a sinful looking Key Lime Pie which I thought my nephews would love so I picked that up and delivered it to her house.  They were not home, my nephew informed me. 
  • Hubs and I drove around the neighborhood for a bit checking out for sale houses.  We combine online checking with driving around when it comes to house hunting.
  • Went home and decided to make the most delicious pasta ever.  Of course I am biased.  My Iron Chef never fails to impress me with his kitchen skills.  Told him to add chicken breast and enter this recipe in one of those national cooking contests.
  • Watched a portion of the Bob Saget Roast on Comedy Channel.  Hubby left me alone; he’s not into these shows.  He just didn’t get it why I was cackling incessantly.  He took his cue to take a shower.
  • Surf a little [synchronized activity for me and hubby] and visited my fave photoblogs and of course left my mark with comments.


So what was it about the weekend that made me come out of it stress-free?  I still don’t get it, but I ain’t sweating it.  I let it be, enjoy the work week, which as far as I can tell is not particularly heavy on the work load.

Here’s hoping you all have a stress-free work week ahead.


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2 responses to “Can’t Think Of A Title

  1. treu

    August 19, 2008 at 9:27 am

    SIL sends her “Thanks” for the cake! Kids did not tell us how the great looking (and tasting cake) materialized inside our fridge.
    SIL just turned 55. Officially, we’re senior citizens!

  2. bw

    August 19, 2008 at 11:39 am

    I have Harold and Kumar DVD buy haven’t watched it yet , darn 🙂

    Thanks for the well wishing for a stress free week. What I know is, I’ll NEVER have one hehe 🙂


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