I Am A Believer

28 Jul

Six years is a long time.  No amount of watching old dvds of the  series is  enough to curb or curtail the appetite of a one that ended too soon.  Yes, I thought it ended too soon.  There was so much more topics to tackle.  But when the main character leaves, the excitement somehow follows his/her departure. 

So six years after the season ended and ten years after the first movie, the cult tv show X-Files second movie I Want To Believe comes to loyal fans who believes the search for truth by one Fox Mulder is not over yet.  Not by a long shot.  Gross estimates for the weekend, its first, is 10.2 million.  Not bad really.

How can I objectively write a review when I am a loyal fan?  I am not an avid fan, not one of those who can recite by heart what Mulder said to Scully in season 6 on a certain episode.   But I am a fan, loyal enough to own the complete series, which we bought at one time, and loyal enough to continue watching it on syndication, eleven at night on Sci-Fi channel and midnight certain days at TNT. So how can I write objectively?  No way I can do that.  So I will write subjectively.

WHAT I LIKE:  Scully has moved on, left the bureau and continued to pursue and practice medicine.  And has moved in with Mulder, which I really enjoyed.  Yay, I thought I’d never see the day when they would act a little romatic towards each other. 

Mulder has kept his belief despite being an outsider now.  But agreed to help the bureau when his help was needed, inspite of a little hesitation at the beginning.  I like how Mulder continued to be true to the Mulder I knew.

The surprise appearance (at least to me) of Skinner.  Outside of the two main characters, X-files won’t be complete without Skinner. 

I enjoyed the story line.  Yes, it’s true there is less paranormal and more CSI-like story line, but this is the bureau you know and they work on these cases more than x-file cases.  I find no boring moment.  As a matter of fact, I exerted extra efforts I never knew I had to control my bladder.  Same is true with hubby who kept whispering he needs to use the facilities but had never once motioned to stand up.  For us it was that exciting.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE:   It ended too soon.  The movie was too short.  I could go on watch them all day.  Gosh, I miss X-Files.

For objective (?) review, read this.

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One response to “I Am A Believer

  1. Lizza

    July 28, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    I did NOT read a word of this post. Lalalalalaaa….

    (I am an X-files fan, too, and I haven’t seen the new movie.)


    lalalalaaaa (fingers in my ears…errr, eyes.)


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