Cruise Chronicles Part 8

14 Jul

June 3, 2007


     Eighth day and last day.  After showering, we found out that dirty clothes take more space than clean ones and our baggage could not accommodate the souvenirs we bought.  Hubby said we should stop by Metrotown to get a cheap hand carry, so we did.  It took no time to accomplish that.


     Of course it was raining; the whole time it was raining, both in Alaska and here in Vancouver.  We had two things to do today before catching our plane; one, go to Lyn Canyon Suspension Bridge and two, eat at Chinatown.


     Raining heavily at times during the entire visit to Lyn Canyon, we joined kids on school trip and random tourists like us walk the suspension bridge.  It was cold and wet, but it was fun.  I of course had pics to show.  I should say more about this experience but I simply have nothing sensible in my gray matter at this time.


     The Chinatown experience was very limited.  We parked on the street and went to eat, sampled a bit of Chinese cuisine, which is nothing new to us really.  Here too we bought some souvenir shirts.


     I was getting worried that we might miss our flight.  We had enough time, however, as there was enough time to even shop at the duty-free shops. 


     Finally, boarded.  The flight was a bit bumpy in the take-off and a little rough.  But by the grace of God, we landed safe, sound, and relieved in SFO.



Here ends the Cruise Chronicles.

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